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Altam's Special Herbal Cookies

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A snack that Altam gave you. He claims it's good for re-energizing both mind and body. They're cut out into adorable little shapes, though you wonder how tasty an herbal cookie could really be.

  • Can be stored in special inventory.

Inventory icon of Altam's Special Herbal Cookies

2 × 2


Name Altam's Special Herbal Cookies
NPC Resale Value Method Edible Hunger Restored Cooking EXP
0 G - Yes ? -
Purchase Location
No known purchase locations.
Other Locations
Physical Change
Weight ? Upper ? Lower ?

5 Star HP MP SP Str Int Dex Will Luck Min Damage Max Damage Magic Attack Def Prot MDef MProt
- - +100 +30 - - +30 - ? ? ? +30 +30 ? ?

Methods to Obtain



If you still have the cookies during G23's When the Sun Remains quest, you can talk to Altam at the end of the quest, and he will say:

Oh, hang on a moment,

[player], is that... Could that be...

What I gave you... You still have it?

W-whoa... I mean, seriously?

That's the one I gave you before? Right?

Wow... I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Oh, goodness...

I'll prepare something far, far better for next time...

Uh... don't keep that for too long.

I mean, not that I don't appreciate you taking care of it...

I mean, what I'm trying to say is...

Oh, [player]...

(Atlam seems terribly flustered. He's clearly touched)


If you still have the cookies during G25's Three Insignia's quest, you can talk to Altam at the end of the quest, and he will say:

Wait a minute. [player]...are you serious?

(Altam draws very close and looks at you intently, as id he suddenly discovered something of great interest.)

(He looks deeply touched, his eyes welling up with heartfelt tears. His lips tremble as if trying to hold back the surging river of his emotions.)

[player]... You mean that all this time, you've been hanging onto those cookies I gave you?

I-I'm so touched. [player], I didn't realize you treasured them so deeply!

I've decided! Once all this is over, I'll think of something else to make for you!

But wait...then I'd get in trouble with Avelin again...

(Altam's look of excitement is quickly with a sulky frown. He clears his throat a few times before reassuring the stern expression he wore throughout the meeting.)