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Portrait of Angelina
Race Female
Gender Human
Occupation Archaeologist
Location Rano
(Temple Ruins)


Angelina is a member of an archaeological expedition party investigating the correlation between the collapsed ruins and the changes in Iria's climate and geography. She has a horse named Croft.

Daily Quest

[Daily Quest] Supply Delivery
How to Get Quest

Accept the quest from Angelina

Briefing Of the Explorers patroling [sic] the Rano region on horseback, find one that is in need of help and deliver the supplies to him.
Additional Information
  • The Exploration Agents are scattered all across Muyu Desert, though there are none at the east and northeast areas. Some are also located at the Sun Landmark.
    • They may not be on horse back.
    • The NPC that needs to receive the item is completely random. You are not told who this NPC is.
    • The three Exploration Agents at the temple where Dr. Lambert is do not accept the supplies.
    • There are a total of 16 Exploration Agents, not including the ones near Dr. Lambert.
      • A map of all the locations and travel paths of the Exploration Agents can be found here.
        • The one Exploration Agent walking near Angelina accepts supplies.
  • Giving up the quest will not result the Explorer's Supply Box being removed, however obtaining a new quest and then completing it will result extra duplicates of said item being removed.