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Landmarks are large pictures etched into the ground by the ancient inhabitants of Iria. Some believe that the marks were left behind by the Irinid as a curse on the Continent of Iria. Medallions printed with drawings of other landmarks in the same region can be found whilst exploring on a landmark with an L-Rod. There is an individual title awarded for each area (Rano, Connous, Physis, and Courcle) when all of its respective landmarks are discovered. Zardine is the only region of Iria that lacks any landmarks.



Rano, the southwestern area of Iria, has nine landmarks in total. They are the snake and tree marks in Karu Forest, bird and sheep marks in Muyu Desert, the sun mark in Kaypi Canyon, the human and flower marks in Maiz Prairie, the monkey mark in Nubes Mountains, and the star mark in Solea, the area between the cave systems connecting Rano and Physis.

Only seven of the marks must be visited for the "Explorer of Rano" title; the two excluded are the monkey and star marks.


Marked Connous Map.jpg

Connous, the desert area covering the east and southeastern part of the Iria continent, has six landmarks. They are the rhinoceros mark outside Neres Plateau, the scorpion mark east of Rupes Desert, the spider mark in Errans Canyon, and the fish, sandworm, and lizard marks in Longa Desert, which are near the southern shore, southeastern shore, and northeast of Filia, respectively.

Visiting all six landmarks will reward the "Connous Explorer" title.



Physis, the snowy, mountainous region in the north, has a total of five landmarks. They are the whirlpool mark far west of Vales, the reindeer mark southeast of Sella Beach, the winged horse mark in Lunae Valley, the fruited tree mark between Reus River and Vales, and the flightless bird mark in eastern Barba Basin.

Visiting all five landmarks will award the "Explorer of Physis" title.


Courcle Map.jpg

Courcle, the tropical region in mid-Iria, has four landmarks. They are the mountain mark in southeast Cenae Meadows, the dragonfly mark in Pantay Swamp, the dragon mark in southern Lappa Village, and the jungle tree mark in western Herba Jungle.

Visiting all four landmarks will award "Courcle Explorer" title.