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Muyu Desert

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Muyu Desert

A barren wasteland, Muyu Desert is full of wildlife despite its lack of water. It is in Rano, located between Maiz Prairie and Karu Forest, and is home to the bird and sheep landmarks. In the southern part of the desert, near the bird landmark, is a Rano Metallurgy beach.

According to an ancient book, a meteorite fell on this area and the poisonous material started to change the once beautiful land into the desert.

Recently, a ruins of a temple and large dragon bones have been found in Muyu Desert. Their purpose is currently unknown, but according to the archeologists, it may be related to the Irinid's seal breaking.


Field Bosses



  • There are a pair of NPCs that seem to be referencing the Tomb Raider series. One of the explorers is named Angelina, and her horse is named Croft; the explorer is named after the famous actress Angelina Jolie and the horse is named after the protagonist of the Tomb Raider movies Lara Croft, whom Angelina played as.