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Animal-loving Healer

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Animal-loving Healer[1]
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A moving and fun story about a little girl who cures wounded animals and people.

Obtain From Aeira, Glutton Monkey
Price 400
Tradability Tradable
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Other Servers KR JP TW CN
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

A long, long time ago, a little girl lived in Tir Chonaill. With her affable and courteous personality, she was very popular among the residents. She had one thing she loved more than anything else, and that was cute animals.

On her 9th birthday, armed with money given to her by various residents from Tir Chonaill, she bravely trekked her way to Dunbarton, a town far away from Tir Chonaill. The place she was headed to was a school in Dunbarton, and wound up spending all of her money on a Healing Book from Stewart the Instructor (9,800 Gold, tax included). What must this adorable lady have been thinking?

The girl decided not to leave school, and started focusing on the book. Some of the terms were hard to understand, but through constant support from Stewart and other wizards around the area, as well as a Healer in town, she was able to master the book as time went on. Through this hard work, she was able to use the Healing magic. Armed with the skill and a bright smile, the girl decides to make her way back to Tir Chonaill.

While on the way back, she ran into an old lady who was sitting down because she was sapped of energy. She also had to deal with a huge rat making noise, threatening the lady's safety. Seeing the lady about to collapse, the girl instinctively used her Healing magic. What she didn't notice was another huge rat attacking her from behind. The old lady tried to shield the girl with her body, to no avail. When the sharp teeth of the rat spiked through the girl, the lady fell down, her eyes closed. Wait, what just happened here?? The Healing magic by the girl created 5 small balls of energy floating around her, and she wound up being unaffected by the attacks from the rats. The girl didn't realize that the Healing actually increased the defense of the user. Shocked by what they saw, the rats ran away, wanting no part of her. She then used it on the old lady, who was promptly healed. Grateful that she was saved in the middle of nowhere, the old lady held on to the girl's hands, and didn't let go.

The girl then continued her path back to Tir Chonaill. Her legs sore from running uphill, she decided to stop by the logging camp to say hi to Tracy. That was when she discovered a fox trying to hunt a hen when Tracy wasn't looking. The hen was barely standing up after a vicious attack from the Brown Fox, so she ran to the spot, ran the fox away, and healed the hen with her magic. Her healing ability revitalized the hen, and wound up defending itself against the fox. The girl stood there cheering on the hen, and the hen wound up defeating a Brown Fox! Seeing this from afar, Tracy found himself unable to comprehend what just happened, his jaw dropped to the ground.

Since then, she visited different towns, healing the town residents here and there. Doing this has allowed her to dream a little, and she finds one thing that she'd like to see. Her dream is to help a chick defeat a Red Bear! When Dilys heard this, she could only muster a faint smile, but who knows? If anyone can do it, it's her.