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Hot Springs

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Zardine Hotsprings Large Image.png


Zardine's hot springs
  • The Hot Springs is a location in central Zardine. The water is capable of altering a player's appearance and has healing properties.[1][2]
  • A flock of Wyverns inhabits the skies above these springs, so those who travel by flying mount or balloon should be wary.
  • Glutton Monkeys inhabit the Hot Spring's area and may give rewards if fed. For the rewards given, see here.
  • There are many methods of fast travel to the Zardine Hot Springs:

Hot Springs Effects

The area of effect of the springs is within the black outline.
  • There are various colors for each of the springs, and each spring performs a different effect on your character.
    • The color of the sparkle effect corresponds with the color of the Hot Spring.
  • In order for the effects to take place, players must Rest in or near the pool.
    • When resting/sitting in the pools, a "glowing" effect occurs, much like those of Equipment Combination Effects.
    • When you sit in a pool, a brief message appears, stating what effect is occurring.
    • See Appearance for more details about what changes will occur to a player's body.
      • These changes will not occur until after a Tick.

Spring of Tranquility

<Spring of Tranquility>
How did it happen? How come I am completely recovered from my bitter wounds and scars?
I have no explanations, but curse me if there isn't some divine spirit in that place!
- Waboka



"I feel like my wounds are being healed."

Belly Boom Hot Spring

<Belly Boom Hot Spring>
Whew...! That nap was quite epic. But... why does my body feel so sore and swollen?
Whaaat...?! What are these rolls on my stomach?! I look like the mother of an ox! Wait, could this be...?
I do recall, in fact, some mention of a hot spring... which supposedly expands your girth...
Is this the Belly Boom Hot Spring?
- Voight



"I feel like I'm absorbing nutrients from the water."

  • This red colored Hot Spring increases one's weight.

Devil's Diet Hot Spring

<Devil's Diet Hot Spring>
Would you care for a slimmer shape? Or perhaps, a trimmer and well-balanced body?
Well, you're in luck! There appears to be a hot spring with powers rather mysterious,
a place where weight loss is achieved by just one little dip!
- Caravan Joe



"I feel like I'm losing weight."

  • This blue colored Hot Spring reduces one's weight.

The Bestiary Hot Spring

<The Bestiary Hot Spring>
I came here in hopes of leaving stronger.
- Snow Imp



"I feel like I'm getting stronger."

Quick Shrink Hot Spring

<Quick Shrink Hot Spring>
*Ring Ring*
- Ruwai



"I feel like I'm losing muscles."

Glutton Monkeys

Glutton Monkey
  • If you talk and give certain foods to the Glutton Monkeys that sit in the center of each hot spring, they will give you a random item.
    • If you try to gift the monkeys the game will tell you to talk to the Glutton Monkey instead.
    • Glutton Monkeys become full as they are fed and will need to become hungry again overtime.
  • Glutton Monkeys prefer food that is filling and high quality. In addition, they seem to prefer stir-fried, deep-fried, and boiled dishes.
    • Generally, the Monkeys do not like dishes lower than 3Star.JPG 3 stars.
    • Glutton Monkeys seem to be indifferent to most dishes above Rank 9, as well as more recently released dishes Rank 9 and lower.
      • This is likely a result of the Glutton Monkeys being older and not recently updated content.

Food Options

Disliked Food Rewards

Alright Food Rewards

Liked Food Rewards

Loved Food Rewards


  • The disliked food rewards that a Glutton Monkey will give include shrimp and two cooking books, suggesting that the player should try cooking the food first.
  • Prior to Generation 16, Season 2, players would gift food items to the Hot Spring Monkeys in order to obtain rewards.
    • Attempting to do so now will result in the monkeys redirecting you to the Glutton Monkeys.
  • If the player receives a Hot Spring Cap after feeding a Glutton Monkey a Liked Food, the player will also receive the a friend of Monkeys title.
    • The hint for this title will be displayed after feeding a Glutton Monkey for the first time.