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Auto Combat

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Auto Combat is a built-in AI that allows the character to repeatedly Normal Attack they enemy without any input from the user.


It is a passive AI, that is, it will not attack enemies on its own. It will, however, retaliate if the character are attacked. Auto Attack can be initiated manually by manually clicking on a monster.

The AI is fairly unintelligent; it will use normal melee, but no skills. Note that the player may manually prepare skills and some (such as Smash or Icebolt) will be automatically executed. Also note that the player may temporarily disengage Auto Combat by clicking away from the target. Being in auto combat may also initiate a form of Intuition for the player, as such that the player may retaliate monsters that attack them while the player is focused on another monster at a set percent of the time.

Be aware that the default AI occasionally cancels skills as they load.