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Autumn Camping Box

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Banner for the Autumn Camping Box.


Camp to your heart's content with the Autumn Camping Box. This box has everything you need to go camping with your friends, like a Sleeping Bag, Adventurous Backpack, Camping Barbecue Party Set (for 4), or the Special Camping Wear! Check out the full details below![1]

Basic Information

Chair Details

The Autumn Campfire Box introduces several new chairs that allow 3 or more people to sit in them. With this new addition, a new UI has been implemented to allow users to choose their spot on the chair. First, simply create a party with your friends. Next, sit down with the chair by right-clicking it and clicking "Use". Third, players need to right-click the chair's owner to request to sit down. Once approved, the UI will pop-up allowing you to sit where you want. This UI will only appear for chairs for 3 or more people.


Item Details

When you open a Autumn Camping Box, you will receive a Regular, Fine, or Finest Bounty Package and a random item from the list below.

New Items




Additional Items


Appearance Scrolls