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Portrait of BlaanidFile:Blaanid.png
Race Memory Spirit
Gender Female
Location With the Milletian
Track A Whisper of Forget-Me-Nots
For the pet by the same name, see Blaanid (Pet).
For the system, see Memory Book.


A girl with a smile as warm as a summer day is gazing intently in your direction. She's clad in a distinctive robe, with parts of her outfit adorned with mysterious runic letters. Her clear blue eyes call to mind beautiful Forget-me-not blossoms.

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Track  Title
A Whisper of Forget-me-Nots
Speaking to Blaanid
Where Memories Gather
Memory book cutscene
Where Memories Gather (with vocals)
(Unused in-game)


  • Blaanid's name in the Korean server is Blony.
  • Blaanid (also Bláthnat, Bláthnaid, Bláthíne, or similar) is a combination of bláth (meaning flower) and a diminutive (meaning in full: little flower).
  • Blaanid's clothing incorporates actual Anglo-Saxon Futhorc runes.
  • The straps display:
  • The robe displays:
    • is pronounced as "Futhorc", the collective name of the Anglo-Saxon runes.
    • Blaanid's In-Game Model and her Concept Art do not match, and it appears that either the last rune ( or ) is missing in-game.
      • Since is the order of letters from the Anglo-Saxon rune poem, this implies that the symbol is (also written as ).
  • Blaanid's voice actress is Kim Haru.[1]