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Book of Paladin

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Future content.png As of Generation 16, Season 2, the content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
This feature may still be used provided one had access to it before it was altered.
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Book of Paladin[1]
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A book that features the goal of the Paladins. It states that whoever gathers up all the pages of the book, and reads them from start to finish, will finally become awaken to the true powers of Paladin. Use the keyword of 'Book of Paladin' to gather up all the pages from different people in different towns.

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Book of Paladin Tree.jpg

When you truly achieve a deep level of understanding of a Paladin's power this book will have completed its task and will immediately self-destruct.

The Natural Powers that Protect a Paladin

A Paladin's true powers
originate from his union with nature
which then enables him to draw out the powers
from his armor.

However, Man is an extremely vulnerable being
and it is only when he realizes his own goals as well as limitations,
while fighting off his own suspicions
of justice within,
that he is able to truly exercise this power.

The result of this is the power to protect
the one who is blessed by nature.
It is a blessing that is only granted to a Paladin,
to the one whose mind has become one with nature.
There are 3 distinguishable types of Paladin skills.

Paladin Heavy Stander

He, who has focused his mind
and has awoken this power,
shall be shrouded with the power of the stone.
No one can hurt him,
with either sword or blunt weapons.
Should anyone try to attack thee,
he shall lose faith in his own powers
and become a vulnerable soul.

Paladin Natural Shield

He, who has focused his mind
and has awoken this power,
shall be shrouded with the power of the wind.
Arrows and bows
shall fall to their knees in your presence.
Should anyone try to attack thee,
he shall lose faith in his own powers
and become a vulnerable soul.

Paladin Mana Refractor

He, who has focused his mind
and has awoken this power,
shall be shrouded with the power of Light.
The great power of Mana too
shall fold its wings in your presence.
Should anyone try to attack thee,
he shall lose faith in his own powers
and become a vulnerable soul.

You who are prepared
to acquire the great powers of Paladin
shall be face to face with your worst nightmare
in the Dungeon of Coill.

Then go forward
to make that power yours.

However, these three powers
shall display themselves unconsciously to you.
Although you may acquire these powers
you will not be able to use them
of your own free will.

Also, do not fall behind on your training,
so that you may use the powers at all times.
Continuous training is your duty
to Nature that grants you these powers.


Receive a symbol of your
reward which is granted to you
as one who has been enlightened by the truth
of this book.

The power of Paladins shall shine in the depths of the Coill Dungeon.

Book of Paladin: Chapter 1

The first step to becoming a man of honor
is to know and to be able to distinguish
good from evil,
so that you may act out of justice
and not with evil intentions
in all that you do.

How could justice and evil that is found
when you are unable to distinguish
between the two?
You must not confuse
unintentional justice
from a heart that seeks justice without reward.

Book of Paladin: Chapter 2

A Paladin's mission
is to protect justice and to destruct evil.
The mission bestowed upon he who has been chosen by Nature
is to protect the happiness of a multitude
using his ability to distinguish
good from evil.

Unconditionally siding with the weak
should not be considered pure justice,
nor should forcing sacrifice
for the sake of
the happiness of a multitude.
If such decisions
are wearing you down, and you are hesitant,
that too is a sign that you are not being purely just.

Book of Paladin: Chapter 3

If such reservations
cause you to deny the truth
forsake your duty to correct evil,
and that becomes your excuse
how can you call that justice?

Justice that is achieved by power may not be everything,
but justice that does not recognize the existence of power
is no more than an amateur's naive
and shallow understanding of justice.

Book of Paladin: Chapter 4

It is certain that one does not achieve justice
by strength alone,
but do you admit that
denouncing strength with that belief as your excuse
is no more than a cowardly expression of the fear that you have
about becoming drunk with power?

And do you admit that what you are saying
is that you would find your life more peaceful
being a mere spectator
than as a person who takes responsibility seriously?

Book of Paladin: Chapter 5

If you are pursuing justice
with this grave resistance toward strength,
fearing of strength,
that too is not a life of justice.

True justice does not come from fear,
nor does it arise out of resistance toward strength.
It arises from a true understanding of power
with the ability to control
and be responsible for it.

Book of Paladin: Chapter 6

Any hesitance toward carrying out justice
will become an unshakable shadow in your soul.
It will remain in your heart
in the image of Fomors
outside of your consciousness
and eat away the powers that have been bestowed upon you by Natures.

The shadows of Fomors in your soul
will make you an individual that is neither just
nor evil,
you will remain content in the present,
and live your life for the benefit of yourself.
You will not know to be angered by evil,
and all that you will seek is your own
peace and tranquility.

Book of Paladin: Chapter 7

This is the reason that
you must have a pure heart
and be able to distinguish
justice from that which is not.

Those who truly
understand the meaning of this book
will be given a seal,
so use the seal to defend yourself
against your worst nightmare in the Coill Dungeon.
You, who are a Paladin, will then
receive what you wish.

That shall accompany you
on your journey to the destruction of evil.

Book of Paladin Tree.jpg