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Paladin Passive Defense Quest

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Future content.png As of Generation 16, Season 2, the content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
This feature may still be used provided one had access to it before it was altered.


Book of
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Book of
The Charm of
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Shortly after completing Generation 2, Price will send you a request by owl to come see him. Go find him and he'll give you a book called "Book of Paladin" and a Keyword of the same name. You will need to collect the missing pages of the Book of Paladin to unlock the "true power" of a Paladin. Since you finished Generation 2, the book will already contain pages (chapters) 1 and 2, and you'll only need to get the other five pages. Use the keyword and talk to the NPCs below to get the mini-quests for acquiring the pages.

  • Note:
    • You don't have to get the pages in order; just start with whichever page is closest to your current location, or easiest for you to complete.
    • The pages are not tradeable. You may, however, still receive help from friends, item-wise (e.g. Rainbow Trout, T-Bone Steaks).
    • Talking to Price with the “Book of Paladin” keyword will have him ask if you want to give up on the quest. You DO NOT want to give up this quest so say no!
      • If you talk to him again with the Keyword, you'll accept the quest again(?).


  • Page 3- Go to Emain Macha and talk to Del or Delen They'll remark that the Beggar has the page. Obtain three (4-star or higher) T-Bone Steaks. You can make them via Cooking (which can be difficult) or buy them from Gordon (each one is 3,700 gold). Once you have all three, "gift" them to the Beggar by dragging them from your inventory and clicking on him, and he'll automatically give you the third page.
  • Page 4- Talk to Stewart in Dunbarton with the keyword "Book of Paladin." He'll tell you he saw a page from the book somewhere in the library, and that you can have the page if you find it. The page is randomly located on one of the library's shelves, so keep checking all of the shelves until you find it. It may be necessary to search every bookshelf several times.
  • Page 5- Talk to Comgan in Bangor. He'll give you a quest to kill 5 Imps. Slay them, return to Comgan, complete the quest, and you will get the fifth page (the fastest way is to pay 5k and do Barri Spirit Dungeon, though for a slightly slower but easier method, one Imp spawns just North of Dunbarton and can be killed 5 times for the quest. They do spawn on the path to Bangor but it is extremely rare to spot one). Bandit Imps encountered will also count toward the requirement.
  • Page 6- Talk to Shena in Emain Macha. She'll give you a quest asking you to obtain three Rainbow Trout that are 110 cm or longer. Once you have all three, "gift" them to her by dragging them from your inventory and clicking on her. Complete the quest on the scroll she gave you for the sixth page.
  • Page 7- Talk to Galvin in Emain Macha. He'll direct you to Emain Macha's healer, Agnes. Talk to her and she'll give you a quest asking you to gather 10 Bundle of Flowers. Get a Weeding Hoe and go to north-east Emain Macha; you'll see a place full of flowers (indicated by very small round patches on the map). After collecting 10 of them, return to Agnes, then complete the quest on the scroll and you'll receive the seventh page.

Coill Dungeon

Pick up the pages you receive and "drop" them into the book. After putting in all of the pages, open the book and click the reward button. You'll get The Charm of Awakening, a blue Coill Dungeon pass. Use it at Coill Dungeon to enter the Coill Awaken dungeon, where your final test begins; Overcoming your "Fears." This dungeon is one floor, about 30 rooms, and will contain the same monsters as a Normal Coill dungeon. The boss is a Nightmare Humanoid (hence what you were asked to do). If you fail to finish this dungeon, just find Price, and he will give you another pass.

After defeating the Nightmare Humanoid, you will learn the skills Paladin Heavy Stander, Paladin Natural Shield, and Paladin Mana Deflector.