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Campfire Skill : Beyond the Kit

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Campfire Skill : Beyond the Kit[1]
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A book that explains the positive sides of a campfire
created with the Campfire skill rather than a kit.
Read this book carefully to raise the Campfire skill from rank E to D.

Obtain From Aeira, Arzhela
Price 5,300
Tradability Untradable
Effects raise Campfire skill from rank E to D
Reward {{{reward}}}
Crafted Into
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
By Adamnan

If you take a walk around the field, it is fairly easy to see a campfire set up with a group of people gathered around the blaze, gazing up at the sky next to the campfire, sharing their life stories, and building camaraderie and strenghtening friendships. Of course, that's why everything starts with a campfire...

What's more, a campfire can be used to cook and share food with others who are sitting around it. It can also be used as a shield to defend against monster attacks, or as a major weapon for bowmen who use fire to create fire arrows. Truly, campfires can consume much of a traveler's activity in Erinn.

Unfortunately, however, most of the campfires made are from the Campfire Kit. What's the problem? Well, nothing too big. But the Campfire Kit is a useful tool that enables anyone, regardless of whether or not the person possesses the campfire skill, to start his or her own campfire.

But if I ask the young'uns if they ever use the Campfire Skill to start the fire instead of the Campfire Kit, these kids talk back to me like this:

[Why should I work on the Campfire Skill when there's a Kit?]

Now this really irks me. Kids who don't even use the Campfire Skill are belittling the importance of the skill? Ludicrious! As an experienced traveler with hordes of knowledge, I feel like I've missed out on something.

It used to be a privilege for a traveler to start a campfire. Now, with the Campfire Kit, this has become merely a matter of convenience, and they surely do not understand the beauty of the whole process of starting a campfire.

It's an utter travesty for me to hear those insults from kids who can't even start a fire without a Campfire Kit.

As a master of the Campfire Skill, I'd like to express these two points to ensure that everyone knows that the Campfire Skill is, indeed, much greater than the Campfire Kit.

1. As long as you possess the skill, just gather up the appropriate items and start a fire.

Everything included in the Campfire Kit, from start to finish, has to be purchased by someone who would have otherwise taken great pains to prepare those items. Of course, that also means the one who starts the fire has to carry all that heavy equipment to the camping ground. The longer the fire lasts, the greater the number of kits will be used. This would defeat the purpose of camping out and utilizing nature as much as possible.

Imagine a traveler that has to forfeit valuable armor or weapons in order to make room for a Campfire Kit. (I just cannot get over that fact!)

For those who've truly mastered the art of the Campfire Skill, all that is needed is a small gathering axe. Unlike the kids who can't tell the difference in quality between wet and warm trees, these experts pick out only the trees that are perfect for firewood and utilize them to create beautiful campfires.

This is not hinderance. This is a beautiful process that enables you to get in touch with nature. This is a deep concept that somehow escapes the young'uns!

2. You can start a campfire that actually speeds up the recovery.

If the Campfire Kit is used to start the fire, the fire may look the same, but that's the only thing that's similar. Using a limited amount of resources will be evident in the quality of the fire.

There's a big difference between someone warming up next to the campfire built with the kit, and fully regaining the body temperature just by sitting next to the campfire built with the skill. The Campfire Kit is nothing but a quick fix, made to temporarily recreate the effects of a campfire. It's nothing more than a cheap copy of the original!

The ones that have mastered the Campfire Skill is not only aware of when to get additional firewood, but they also know how to place the firewood just right for maximum firepower, as well as a technique required to keep the fire lasting longer. To them, the limitations of the Campfire Kit are simply a joke.

If you desire to regain HP quickly, then throw away that ridiculous knock-off known as the Campfire Kit!

Everything in life has principles. The Campfire Kit is an emergency alternative if there's no other way around it, but if you consider yourself a true traveler, you would not doubt the usefulness of the skill!

Young'uns, please remember this. The more comfortable you feel, the lazier you're getting.