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Portrait of Arzhela
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Librarian
Location Rath Royal Castle - Library, Great Hall


A middle-aged woman wearing a velvet jacket glances blissfully at the books around her. Her eyes seem wise with the knowledge of thousands upon thousands of books.

The librarian of Rath Royal Castle. She is friends with Eluned and Buchanan.

When talking to her with either "who Saved the Goddess" or "the Savior of Erinn", she comments that meeting the Milletian was like meeting someone from a book.

She used to work with Berched in the days of the former king of Tara. Her name, Arzhela, means bear. According to her, it's ironic because she is "deathly frightened" of bears. She does not seem to like Glewyas; apparently, he has been spreading rumors that they are a couple.

You may exchange Ancient Books for gold and experience by selecting the "Donate Ancient Book" interaction


Arzhela's Equipment