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Caravan Joe's O-X Quiz (2017)

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For similar events, see Mabinogi Quiz Show (disambiguation).
For a page with just the answers, see OX Quiz Event/Questions.
Feb 16th, 2017 - March 7th, 2017
Caravan Joe's O-X Quiz advertisement


Upon logging in, find the Orange Wing of the Goddess item in your inventory that will transport you to the Quiz grounds

Enter the Quiz Area before the start of each hour in order to participate in that round of questions. At the start of each hour, the Quiz area will be blocked off and the challenge commences!

All participants will be given a statement that is either True or False, and given a short time to select their answer. If you think the statement is True, then run into the blue O box. If you believe it to be False, get into the red X box!

If your answer is correct, you'll receive between 1-5x Chaotic OX Quiz Coupons, based on the number of Caravan Joe's in the area for the correct area, and you'll stick around for another question.

If your answer is wrong, you receive no coupons and will be removed from the Quiz area.

Stop the numerous Caravan Joes from making his way into the zone for the correct answer with melee attacks. The fewer there are in the correct answer's zone, the more Coupons you'll receive!

Trade your Coupons into the OX Quiz Helper for a variety of prizes.


Gauge with 4 coupons
  • You must be in the event area before the hour begins and stand within the area that will be blocked off
  • There is a total of 10 statements per session both related to Mabinogi itself and unrelated to Mabinogi
    • Determine whether they are true or false by moving your character inside the 'O' if it is true or the 'X' if it is false
    • You have 30 seconds to determine whether each statement is true or false
    • If you move your character inside the square in the last second even if it is correct you will be moved outside the enclosure.
  • Once the enclosure is up Caravan Joes will spawn and a gauge will be displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen
    • The gauge indicates how many Chaotic OX Quiz Coupons you will receive if you give the correct answer
    • Less Caravan Joes within the correct answer spot will fill the gauge higher giving more coupons (you can get 1-5 coupons per round).
    • If you get the correct answer you will receive the 1-5 coupons for that round and move on to the next round
    • If you are incorrect you will be moved from the enclosure and will receive no coupons for that round
  • If you are able to get all 10 answers correct in a single session you will receive a Normal OX Quiz Box in addition to the coupons for that round.
    • You may exchange your Chaotic OX Quiz Coupons for prizes with the OX Quiz Helper (see below).

Tips and Advice

  • Make sure you are in the lines before the timer runs out being on the lines may not count.
  • Sometimes it is better to just let the Caravan Joes go. If they are leaving you may knock them back into the square.
  • You can only use melee attacks during the event and you won't be able to use skills.
  • Use Ctrl + N, Ctrl + P and / to reduce lag during the event this will hide names, parties and minimize characters.
  • Consider doing the event on a less crowded channel rather than a merchant channel to reduce lag.
  • Be careful when having chat windows up as you may type in these instead of walking into the correct square.
  • Accidently starting a conversation with the Quiz Show Emcee in the middle of the area may cause you to walk out of the square.
  • It is recommended you check the list below rather than google search as some correct answers will come up as incorrect.
  • When in doubt follow the crowd. This does not always work however it may be useful if you know someone who normally answers correctly.
  • Some players who have already been eliminated may sneak in the enclosure. They will not do the 'O' or 'X' gesture after each round.


Use Ctrl + F to find statements easily.
Note: Do not correct spelling or the category when adding statements type exactly as it appears in game.
Some statements may be true but show up as false during the quiz and vice versa.

See also OX Quiz Event/Questions.


Normal OX Quiz Box 2017 Prizes

Rare Items

Special OX Quiz Box 2017 Prizes

Rare Items
Free Repair Kits

Chaotic OX Quiz Coupon.png Chaotic OX Quiz Coupons Prize


Chaotic OX Quiz Event
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Caravan Joe's O-X Quiz Event.

Briefing A caravan of Joes is crashing the OX Quiz Event! It's chaos!
Please, help us get rid of him, er, them, er, AHHH!
- OX Quiz Helper
  • 11000 Experience Points
Additional Information

You will obtain a Orange Wing of the Goddess when you log in.