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Crusader (System)

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The Crusader system is a focal point of The Divine Knights chapter, which includes Generation 19: The Divine Knights, Generation 20: The Gate of Sanctuary, and Generation 21: The Guardian's Path.

Players may unlock things related to this system by clearing the mainstream quests of this chapter.

Crusader Level

The Crusader Level is a Level-based system used exclusively for the Crusader Sub-Skills.

  • Has a maximum level of 225.
  • Does not reset on rebirth.
  • One Crusader Point is granted upon leveling up.
  • The player can distribute Crusader Points into the sub-skill passives. The passives can also be reset at no cost.
    • Reset passives will retain all training done for all passives.

Crusader EXP

For the Experience table, see Level#Crusader_Systems.

The Crusader Experience refers to the experience gained when clearing a Raid mission, going towards the Crusader level.

  • It is often confused with Crusader Skill EXP, which instead goes towards the Crusader Skill training.
Alban Knight Emblem.png
  • Crusader Experience is gained from the following activities:
    • Completing Daily and Weekly Crusader Orders related to fighting Apostles. See: Girgashiy Orders, Hasidim Orders
    • Defeating Apostles in their respective raid missions.
      • Each missions have a daily limit of obtainable Crusader EXP, resetting at 7AM Server time.
        • Girgashiy: Easy 100, Normal 200, Hard 300, Very Hard 400 (Limit 800 per day)
        • Hasidim: Hard 600 (Limit 1200 per day)
        • Zebach: Hard 800 (1600 per day limit)
    • Clearing Alban Knights Training Grounds
    • Consuming various Experience Items that grant Crusader EXP.
  • Experience gain can be amplified by various means, for example:

Crusader Skills

For more information on the skills, see Category:Crusader Skills.
For more information on the sub-skills, see Category:Crusader Sub-Skills.

The Crusader System revolves around three skills: Shield of Trust.png Shield of Trust, Celestial Spike.png Celestial Spike and Judgment Blade.png Judgment Blade. Players are encouraged to use them in related Raid missions.

  • The Girgashiy Raid relies heavily on Shielding, Binding and Smiting in proper order.
  • The Hasidim Raid also makes use of the three skills's chemistry together.
  • The Zebach Raid does not rely on this system at all.
  • Divine Link.png Divine Link, while included in the Crusader skills, is not a direct part of the system.
    • It is the same for the Memorial Link.png Memorial Link skill, which has a similar purpose.

The main skills may be backed up by their respective Sub-Skills, which strenghten specific effects when using a crusader skill.

  • For instance, HP regeneration when using Shield of Trust.

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