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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Event (2015)

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March 18th, 2015 - April 7th, 2015


It's St. Patrick's Day in Erinn! Word has it that an evil and greedy Leprechaun has come back to town, and it's up to you to stop him! Visit Alexina in Qilla Base Camp to get your St. Patrick's Day adventure started!

Getting Lucky Four-Leaf Clover

When you log-in, you'll receive a quest from Alexina, travel to Quilla Base Camp to find out what she needs. Alexina will give you timed quest that you must complete in no less than 3 Erinn Hours (5 minutes in real-time). Travel as fast as you can to all the areas marked on the map of Maiz, and talk to Dan O'Callaghan, Will Donnelly, and Matthew McLaughlin. Each of them will reward you with a Lucky Four-Leaf Clover.

Locations of the 3 Soldiers

You can obtain more clovers through the event by talking to these NPC's every 3 Erinn Hours (5 minutes in real-time).

  • Will Donnelly is the most excited for this event, and will give you 5 clovers every time you visit him. Dan O'Callaghan and Matthew McLoughlin will only give you 2.
    • The times to talk to the NPC's are not confirmed, requires more testing.
      • Each NPC seems to have his own 5 minute timer that starts counting down after talking.

Special Four Leaf Clover Dungeon

The Lucky Four-Leaf Clovers are used to enter the Special Four-Leaf Clover dungeon. This dungeon is a version of Rabbie Dungeon. Make your way to the boss room, where you will encounter a Leprechaun Boss! Defeat the Leprechaun to receive all kinds of prizes!

Notable Reward Items

The chest at the end of the dungeon has a chance to drop lots of St. Patrick's Day goodies, Including: Four-Leaf Clover Umbrella (New item!) Saint Patrick's Day Outfit (M) Saint Patrick's Day Outfit (F) Mini Leprechaun Hat Men's Club Suit Women's Club Suit Men's Club Outfit Women's Club Outfit Mini Club Spear Trump Shoes (M) Trump Shoes (F) And so much more!

Note: The more Lucky Four-Leaf Clovers you have, the better the rewards from the dungeon chest![1]


  • When you log in you will receive a quest from Alexina.
  • Head to Qilla Base Camp and talk to Alexina "About Expeditionary Supplies".
  • She will give you a timed quest (3 in-game hours, or 5 minutes real-time).
  • You must ride as fast as you can to all the marked places on the map of Maiz, and talk to the expeditionary soldiers there (Dan O'Callaghan, Will Donnelly and Matthew McLoughlin). Each of them will give you Lucky Four-Leaf Clovers.
  • Report back to Alexina in time and you will receive a Mini Leprechaun Hat and Lucky Four-Leaf Clover.
    • You can obtain more clovers by talking to each of the event Expeditionary Solider NPCs every 3 in-game hours. The reset happens at exactly 3, 6, 9 and 12 o' clock am and pm every Erinn day.
      • Will Donnelly will always gives 5 clovers, while the other two NPCs give two clovers.
  • Lucky Four-Leaf Clovers cannot be mailed, deposited into bank accounts or placed on pets.

Dungeon Rewards







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