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Cethlenn & Vayne Doll Bag

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Inventory icon of Cethlenn & Vayne Doll Bag

3 × 3

This magical bag summons the Cethlenn and Vayne dolls together! It is 9 by 10, offering a total of 90 slots for storing items. It cannot be traded.
You can summon a doll separately from a pet. A set effect activates when the dolls are summoned.

While summoned, the following bonus is applied:

  • +11 Strength
  • +5 Dexterity
  • +5 Intelligence
  • +8 Will
  • +5 Luck
  • +6 Minimum Damage
  • +10 Maximum Damage
  • +5 Critical
  • +3 Protection
  • +5 Defense
  • +10% Combat EXP Bonus


Can only be accessed from a player's inventory.
Only when empty can it be stored in a bank or dropped.
Can be picked up by other players if dropped while empty.
Cannot be stored on pets or traded.
Cannot be used to set up a personal shop.


  • You summon the doll by right clicking the bag and pressing the Summon button.
    • Alternatively, ctrl + click on the bag will summon the doll, if the bag is already open.
  • They will stay summoned for up to (real life) 2 hours and 10 minutes.
    • This time limit resets at
      7:00am PST
  • The doll can be summoned along with pets or partners.
  • Both dolls will pick up dropped Gold.
    • Vayne will also pick up dropped gear, like weapons and clothes.

Methods to Obtain