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  • Item Bags extend the amount of storage capacity of a player's Inventory by adding on another inventory with a certain amount of spaces in them.
  • Item bags can only be accessed while stored in the inventory of a player.
  • Within the exception of Item Bag (8X10), you may not hold more than one Item Shop Bags or Extra Large Item Bags.
  • Item bags can be purchased from any General Store NPC.
  • Item bags can also be used to set up Personal Shops.
  • An item bag cannot be stored inside of another item bag.
  • Item bags cannot be traded or put onto pets.
  • Empty item bags can be dropped on the ground and stored in banks.
    • Empty item bags that are dropped can be picked up by other players who do not already have an item bag.
    • Empty item bags that are stored in a bank can be retrieved by other characters on the same account.

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