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Cookie Wand Event (2017)

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February 16th, 2017 - February 28th, 2017

For similar events, see Cookie Wand Event (disambiguation).
Cookie Wand Event Advertisement


The Cookie Wand Event is back! Grab your Cookie Wands and turn the terrifying and deadly beasts throughout Erinn into tiny, delectable treats. Those treats aren't just for show: Consume the cookie for a powerful buff to keep yourself fighting hard![1]


  • When you login to Mabinogi, you'll receive the "Cookie Wand Event" quest
  • Speak to Tupai in Cor Village to complete the quest
  • Speak to Ruwai to purchase flavored Cookie Wands and Chocolate Ingredients
  • Cookie Wands have the following stats:
    • +50 Max HP
    • +50 Max MP
    • +50 Max Stamina
    • +20 INT
  • Equip the Cookie Wand and use the Cookie Wand Action on enemy monsters
  • Each attack will consume a Chocolate Ingredient and has a chance to turn the target into a delicious Monster Cookie, matching the wand used and providing a special buff for 8 minutes when devoured:
    • Monster Chocolate (Black): +100 Max Stamina, +25 DEX, +25 WILL
    • Monster Chocolate (Pink): +100 Max MP, +25 INT, +25 WILL
    • Monster Chocolate (White): +100 Max HP, +25 STR, +25 WILL


Cookie Wand Event
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Cookie Wand Event (2017)

Briefing Ruwai sells magical chocolate cookie wands. If you're holding one, you can turn monsters into chocolate! - Tupai -
  • Talk to Tupai in Cor Vilage