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Portrait of RuwaiFile:Ruwai.png
Race Otter
Gender Male
Occupation Grocer and Cook
Location Cor
Track Fuzzy Friend

Standing here and cooking all day is so boring that it makes my mind race a mile a minute. "Who is the Great Spirit of Irinid?" "Where did I come from and where am I heading?" "Why did God make me an Otter?"


—Ruwai, when the player is logged in on a pet


This otter is standing with his forepaws neatly folded together. Its gazing eyes are warm and soft, and they remind you of the sunset.

Ruwai is a yellow otter who cooks for the village of Cor, and sells the most basic food items and cooking supplies.

Because Ruwai is an animal, he cannot directly communicate to players, but does seem to understand what they are saying. Ruwai can, however, speak to pets, where he asks many questions, and comments on things such as Connous, humans, and the similarities between his name and Ruairi's.

Mainstream Story



Ruwai has authored a book:


Track Title
Fuzzy Friend
Speaking to Ruwai


  • During the G7 RP Quest Ruwai had Rank F Counterattack, Combat Mastery, Critical Hit, Rank E Defense, Rank D Smash, and Rank 7 Cooking.
  • Ruwai has 45 HP, 89 MP, 45 Stamina, is 9 years old, and is level 49.
    • In his inventory, he holds an L-rod and a cooking pot.