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Portrait of Tupai
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Animal Trainer
Location [[Located in::Cor]]

Track Tupai, It's Like a Wolf


This cute boy is baring his feet covered in dirt. His voice is as pleasant as the sound of water drops dripping on young leaves of a tropical tree.

Tupai is a young boy who trains animals, and has a pet with him at all times. Ruwai is one of his friends.

Tupai was originally raised by a wolf he lovingly refers to as "Mommy Wolf." However, she was killed by Goblins. This caused him to migrate to Cor Village, where Kusina tended to him. Tupai is seemingly unaware that the mother wolf is now deceased. He claims she is asleep and that he intends to stay in Cor until she returns.

Tupai is the only NPC in the game who sells Courcle Taming Bait and the Courcle Taming Cane. These are used for Taming Wild Animals purposes, which is needed for the Taming Journal and a Generation 8 Quest.



  • It is likely that Tupai is based on the character Mowgli, the protagonist of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book.