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Costume Fishing Event (2013)

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Costume Fishing Event Advertisement
June 5th, 2013 - June 25th, 2013


The weather is perfect for a day of fishing! Grab your gear and head on over to Simon to buy the special Costume Bait Feeder. If you need more feeders, talk to Walter and he would be more than happy to help. Once you’ve got your gear in order, visit any of the following locations and fish up prizes until your heart is content!

Fishing Locations:
Iria Sea Fishing

China 7th Anniversary Commemorative Outfit
China 7th Anniversary Commemorative Ring
China 7th Anniversary Commemorative Shoes
China 7th Anniversary Commemorative Headdress
Rabbit Ribbon Suit
Rabbit Dress Shoes
Rabbit Hairpin
Rabbit Hairpin
Cat Cape Outfit
Cat Cape Shoes
Gamyu Wizard Robe Armor
Gamyu Wizard Robe Shoes
Children's Day Memorial Robe
Mushroom Robe
Lace Umbrella
Frog Umbrella
American Umbrella
Panda Umbrella
Sparkling Star Umbrella
Broken Umbrella
Crude Clear Umbrella
Clear Umbrella
Variety of Food Items
Variety of Potions

Start fishing from June 5, 2013 midnight and reel in a big one until June 25, 2013![1]


  • Upon logging in you will receive the quest, Fashion Fishing.
    • The bait you receive in this quest will not stack with bait bought at Walter.
  • You may purchase Outfit Bait from Walter in Dunbarton.
  • Using a Fishing Rod, equip the bait, and use it for a chance to receive any item in the fishing list.
    • Normal items cannot be fished up when using this bait.
    • All items fished will have full durability.


Fashion Fishing
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Costume Fishing Event.

Briefing My new clothes will make a big splash! Can you catch them? - Simon

Fishing List








Food (4 Star)