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Portrait of SimonFile:Simon.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Tailor
Location Dunbarton
(Inside Clothes Shop)
Part-Time Job Clothing Shop
7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Report From: 12:00 noon
Repair Tailor Repairs, 98%
Track Lacks Beauty
Well, fashion not only show your exterior look but reflects your soul. Did you know?



With a long face, narrow shoulders, and a pale complexion, this man crosses his delicate hands in front of the chest and sways left and right. His demeanor is exaggerated and the voice nasal. He seems to have a habit of glancing sideways with those light brown eyes. His fashionable shirt has an intricate pattern and was made with great care.

Simon is the tailor of Dunbarton. His bizarre dancing and habitual cursory glimpses around his surroundings provoke awe out of many. Some even go so far as to mock him for his nasally voice and feminine manner of speech.


Simon, from very young age, worked in the fashion industry. During his studies in Emain Macha, he befriended Ailionoa, a faithful apprentice. Following an unknown incident, however, he was forced to leave Emain Macha and open a boutique in Dunbarton.

Not only is he savvy of the delicate art of tailoring, but also he is well aware of how to make clothes fit perfectly and comfortably to one's body. While there are some people in the town who are repelled by the idea of a male fashion designer, they are often proven otherwise upon wearing outfits personally tailored by Simon.

In the past, in recognition of his finesse, Simon had the honor of designing ball suits and dresses for the royal palace. Furthermore, he claims himself to be "one of the top fashion designers in the Kingdom of Aliech." Perhaps his flamboyancy and hints of arrogance are excusable granted his extraordinary ability to mend and weave clothes.


Favorite Items

NPC Intimacy

Desired Gift Price Sold by
Flowerpot (150 G) 150g Endelyon, Kristell
Flowerpot (200 G) 250g Endelyon, Kristell
Bouquet 300g Endelyon, Kristell

Gifts Returned for Gems

  • An item (randomly chosen from a small selection of items) will be received as a returned gift by giving Simon a desired jewel.
  • The chance to receive some returned gifts may only occur if the desired jewel given to Simon is above a certain size.
Ruby Size
Thin Thread Ball x 5 1 cm+
Belt Buckle Boots 4 cm+
Sandra's Sniper Suit Cap 10 cm
Vine-print Hunting Boots 2 cm+
Diamond Size
Thick Thread Ball x 5
Chinese dress 1 cm+
Elven Glove
Leo Shoes


Part-Time Jobs

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  • All Intermediate and Advanced jobs that require Tailoring have a report time of 5:00pm, Delivery quests and Basic Jobs have a report time of 12:00pm.



Track Title
Lacks Beauty
Entering the Dunbarton Clothing Shop


  • Simon's animation was originally created by a novice programmer in the game's developing team during the Korean closed beta phase while he was familiarizing himself with Pleione Engine. Testers began affiliating Simon with his unique dancing, and the animation stuck with him.