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Crystal Defense

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Crystal Defense

Crystal Defense is an Attraction within the Frontier Zone of Festia in which you defend a central crystal within the Tara jousting arena with 5 types of monsters attempting to attack the crystal as well as yourself. The goal is to reach the highest wave without you or the crystal losing all HP. Every five waves, starting at six, your progress will save at a checkpoint and you can use another VIP pass to continue from that point until the following real life day (7am PST).

Basic Information

  • Speak to Crystal Defense Staff in Festia with a Festia VIP Pass in your inventory to start playing the attraction.
    • The attraction uses your own equipment and durability will be used.
    • You can not take pets or party members with you. If you die within the game, you have the ability to revive in the steps of Festia.
  • Monsters will spawn with each wave, appearing in each corner of the area cyclically, and then attacking the crystal in the center for 30 waves.
    • It's recommended to use different types of attack styles, as some monsters may have lv 3 heavy stander, mana deflector, or natural shield.
  • The crystal will fight back with thunder and lightning with a cooldown shown as a blue bar.

The first 9 waves will have a total of 20 monsters per wave. The 10th wave seemed to only spawn 10 enemies, but they were much stronger. From wave 11 until 19, the enemies loop back to the kind in wave 1, except they are stronger, and 30 enemies appear per wave.

For the purposes of the leaderboard, your score is determined not by how many waves you clear in one attempt, but by the highest wave you get to (exact details of scoring are unclear). If you're aiming for the leaderboard, you should definitely use the checkpoints. The confirmed checkpoints so far are at waves 6/11/16/21/26.

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4

Wave 5

Wave 6

Wave 7

Wave 8

Wave 9


Items normally do not drop. However if you have Ingredient Hunting, leathers and ingredients can drop. Using Phantasmal Sight will also give monsters a chance to drop Phantasmal Remnants.

  • If the Crystal is destroyed, you are killed or the final wave is defeated, the minigame will end and you will be rewarded with:
    • a Festia Commemorative Gift Box
    • 10,000 CEXP per wave cleared during the run
    • 7,000 Gold per wave cleared during the run given in gold bags
    • 10,000 CEXP per checkpoint you started from (ie starting at checkpoint 3 (stage 16), gives you 30k CEXP) if you defeat at least one monster
    • 7,000 Gold per checkpoint you started from (ie starting at checkpoint 2 (stage 11), gives you 14k Gold) if you defeat at least one monster