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Phantasmal Sight

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Technique Phantasmal Sight.png

Phantasmal Sight Icon.png

By seeing things you cannot usually see, you can find more advantageous points in various situations. Finding the weakness of the enemy and giving a bigger blow, receiving bonuses when collecting, etc. It can be used in battle and throughout life. When activated, your party can enjoy the technique effect too.


Phantasmal Sight is a Technique that grants an effect on monsters, gatherable objects, and artifacts within a certain range from the player, and allows for special crafting recipes to be seen.

  • The effect applies every 10 seconds.
  • Enemies will be marked for additional damage.
  • Gatherable spots will be marked for bonus effects.
  • Artifacts within range will be discovered.
  • Allows you to use special crafting recipes.
  • Party members will see the effects of the skill and beneficiate from them.
Red effect on monster.
Green effect on a herb patch.
Yellow effect on a herb patch.
Purple effect on a herb patch.
Blue effect on a herb patch.
  • Some places, like Math Dungeon, have a color filter that may affect the hue of gathering nodes.
Green effect in Math Dungeon.
Yellow effect in Math Dungeon.
Purple effect in Math Dungeon.
Blue effect on in Math Dungeon.

Effect on Enemies:

  • Red Effect:
    • Additional damage on attacks base on Technique Level.
    • Chance to drop Phantasmal Remnant on defeat.
      • The chance is based on the monster's max HP (up to 30 drops per use of this Technique).

Effect on Gatherable Items (Randomly Applies One):

  • Yellow Effect:
    • Guarantees that a set number (based on Technique Level) of the next successful gathers will be a Huge Lucky Bonus.
  • Green Effect:
    • Gathering Speed is boosted based on Technique Level.
  • Purple Effect:
    • Gathering Success rate is 100%.
  • Blue Effect:
    • Allows gathering without consuming a gathering spot's resources
      • If the gathering node remains gatherable even while empty, this effect will allow the player to still gather at that gathering node.
      • This also applies to gatherable pets, where gathering from them will not deplete the pet's MP.


Does work on the following:


Does not work on the following:

Effect on Crafting Recipes:

Effect on Artifacts:

  • Discovers nearby Artifacts within range when the skill refreshes.
    • Similar to an L-Rod, also applies to hidden objects like Ice Mines.


Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Additional Damage (%) 1 1.5 2 2.5 3
Gathering Speed (%) 1 1.5 2 2.5 3
Max. Huge Lucky Bonus 1 2 3
Green Effect Chance (%) 40
Yellow Effect Chance (%) 10
Blue Effect Chance (%) 25
Purple Effect Chance (%) 25
Max Remnant drops 30
Sight Reset Timer [sec] 10
Effect Range (cm) 500 600 700 800
Duration Time [min] 2
Cooldown Time [min] 5

Obtaining the Technique

  • Unlocked during the G23 quest "The Relic of Vales".

Requirements for activation


  • Phantasmal Sight can affect gathering objects where Empty Bottles are used (e.g. Wells, other sources of water, gathering sites in Mag Mell). Accordingly, Huge Lucky Bonuses are possible when the gathering spot is granted a Yellow Effect, even though multiple products aren't granted.


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