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Future content.png The content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.


This page will be used to document a set of changes taking place on the wiki. The main goal of all of these changes is it improve usability and maintainability. The name DeadEiry is based on the strong association with the starter weapon, and all things that are annoying about being new at the game.

Introduction to the Project

The point of templates is to have data in one central location, and from there be able to show the same data on several pages. For example, all of Mayonnaise's food info is on one single template, Template:DataMayonnaise, and this info is used on many different pages. If a change needs to be made, instead of editing 50 different pages referencing Mayonnaise, you just have to edit the main template.

Helpful external links for more info on how this all works:

Argument Guidelines

Monster Template

Usage: See Template:StyleMonster/doc

For Food

Usage: See Template:StyleFood/doc

For Weapons

Usage: See Template:StyleWeapon/doc

For Equipment (not weapons)

Usage: See Template:StyleEquip/doc

For Misc Items

Usage: See Template:StyleItemEtc/doc

For Potions

See Template:StylePotion/doc.

For Enchants

See Template:MetaDataEnchant.

New Data Page

Each data page should have the name structure "Template:DataItemName"

Delete parameters that do not apply. Leave parameters blank if it's unknown.

Put the data template into the correct subcategory of Category:Data.

Incomplete Pages / Templates

Each page / template will include these "please finish me" categories at the bottom; delete the ones that are properly done.


See Category:Data to see the subcategories for the various subprojects.