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Defense Guidebook

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Defense Guidebook[1]
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A guidebook that explains the Defense skill in detail.

Obtain From Alexina, Krug, Go to School quest, Deliver the Holy Water of Lymilark quest, ask Ranald about Skills as human who has not learned Defense
Price 120
Tradability Untradable
Effects learn Defense
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Other Servers KR JP TW CN
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
The Defense Skill is one of the most important fighting skills you should know. The Defense skill blocks your opponent's attacks as well as creates timing for you to attack. This book will briefly discuss how to use this skill.

How to use the defense skill

You can find the Defense skill in your Skills window.
First, open the Skills window. Either press 'S' or click 'Skills' on the bottom of your screen..


Now, click the 'Use' button to use the skill.


The icon that appears above your head indicates the readiness of the skill. Once the icon is at its full size, there will be a sound letting you know that the skill is ready.


Using hotkeys for quicker access

It is impossible to open the Skills window and press 'Use' each time in the midst of battle.

By place the skill icon on the Skill Bar, you can instantly access the skill.

The Skill Bar refers to the empty slots located on the upper left corner of your screen.

Guidebook defence 2.jpg

From the Skills window, drag the skill icon to an empty slot on the Skill Bar. By pressing the corresponding button (F3, for the image above), the skill can be instantly used.

When do I use the Defense skill?

The Defense skill will block an attack from your opponent, decreasing the inflicted damage.

Guidebook defence 5.jpg

Once you successfully block an attack, the opponent's guard is let down. Then you are able to attack safely.

Guidebook defence 8.jpg

It is a good idea to use the Defense skill immediately after your attack.

You have to take turns attacking in Mabinogi's battles, which means that after you attack, your opponent has the chance to attack.

By quickly using the Defense skill while your opponent recovers from your attack, you can block your opponent's next attack.

Guidebook defence 6.jpg

Even in the case where you are attacked first and you fall to the ground, don't panic, but quickly use the Defense skill.

Guidebook defence 7.jpg

Then, you will be able to block subsequent attacks.

Canceling the Defense skill

Sometimes, there comes a time where you need to cancel the skill after you activate it.
Foe example, if your opponent is coming at you with the Smash attack, the Defense skill is useless, so you will need to cancel the Defense.

One is to click the icon above your head. When you click on the Defense icon above your head, the skill will cancel. This applies to all skills.

Guidebook defence 4.jpg

Another way is using the 'ESC' button. To use this option, you need to first select 'Cancel skill using ESC' in the Options window. (If you don't have this option on, pressing the ESC button will not do anything)

Master this important skill and be on your way to become a great warrior in Erinn!