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Portrait of DelenFile:Delen.png
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Florist
Location Emain Macha
(Town Square)
Part-Time Job Unknown Secret
Part-Time Job
Track Twin Stars
What kind of flowers are you looking for?


Website Description

Delen is the younger of the twins. She gets irritated because Del keeps nagging about how much older she is by a couple of minutes. You can tell that Delen likes Aodhan, she thinks he's handsome, has good manners and is a good character. Delen even pretended to be Del and flirt with Aodhan, but...could she be after his money instead? She loves sweets but has a fear of knives because she once cut herself while using one.

Delen is actually really lonely. Most guys assume she already has a boyfriend because of her beauty, thus causing no one to approach her and she isn't the type to ask a guy first.


With a basket of flowers in one hand, she wears a constant smile on her face. Wearing a long apron and lace-trimmed dress, she looks like a beautiful flower. Her long shiny hair is tied over to one side, gently touching her bare shoulder. As soon as our eyes meet, she gives me a friendly smile and starts a conversation.

Delen is a florist in Emain Macha, alongside her twin sister Del.







Track Title
Twin Stars
Speaking to Delen


  • Delen's quote on the defunct NPC section of the Mabinogi website: shi~ Always preference for my sister... Just because of a few minutes...
  • Prior to the Skill Advancement Renewal, Delen had a Secret Part-Time Job that could be accessed using one of the original Dan Titles.
    • Little is known about it presently.