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Dungeon Guide

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The Dungeon Guide is a great tool for Milletians having a hard time with dungeons. It tells you all about what kinds of dungeons there are, what you can get from them, and which dungeons are appropriate for your level. All really great info, right?




Mabinogi dungeon guide.png
  • The Dungeon Guide system is a guide that displays several Dungeons and Shadow Missions across Uladh, as well as possible rewards that are available from that area.
  • It displays the recommended dungeon that the character should be able to run, however the exact formula for this does not clearly reflect the character's ability to complete it with ease.
  • The Dungeon Guide system allows player's to collect repeated rewards after clearing the dungeon multiple times.

Dungeon Rewards

Main Rewards

  • The Main Rewards listed in the guide are possible core item drops from the selected dungeon.
  • There may be other less valuable item drops that are possible from a dungeon or mission but are not listed in the guide. i.e. Infernal Blade Fragment, HP 100 Potion etc.
  • Although displayed in the guide, these rewards are not obtainable through the UI. These are only available by actually running the dungeon itself.

Repeated Clear Guaranteed Reward

  • Clearing dungeons or missions multiple times will have guaranteed rewards.
  • These guaranteed rewards are obtainable through the Dungeon Guide system UI.
  • However: each mission or dungeon can only be repeated up to 10 times a day, any repeats after will not count towards the Guaranteed Reward counter.
    • This counter resets at 12 AM PST (server time).

Support Boxes

  • Clearing certain dungeons for the first time will reward support boxes, the four dungeons and their respective boxes are as follows:
  • The clothing items you receive will be determined by the gender of your character when opening the box.
  • If the titles or skills received from the support boxes are already obtained by the character opening the box, they will not be re-obtained.
  • Support boxes can only be obtained once per account per server. For example, if a character on the Nao server gets a support box, the other characters on that same account and server cannot get a support box again. However, a different character on the Alexina server on the same account, can get a support box.
  • All support boxes and items in the support boxes are untradeable, and the equipment cannot be exchanged between characters on the same account via bank.
  • Pets from the support boxes cannot be stored in Pet Medals.

Dungeon Vouchers

First Voucher.pngSecond Voucher.pngThird Voucher.pngFourth Voucher.png

  • Vouchers are a currency used to purchase items from Eavan's Voucher Shop.
  • Vouchers can be transferred between characters via the Bank.
  • To obtain Vouchers, register a main character at Eavan at the Dunbarton Town Office. Completing dungeons or missions with the registered character may yield you additional Vouchers.
    • The registered character cannot be a character still under the beginner restrictions.
    • You can switch your registered character once per day after registering.
  • Up to 100 Vouchers can be obtained per day and the Voucher count resets at 12 AM PST (server time). However, this only resets once you have relogged.
  • Once you obtain a Voucher, you will see a counter on the left side of your screen that will let you know how many you have obtained for the day.
    • This is the only method in checking how many vouchers you have obtained for the day.
  • Vouchers are stored in the Currency tab.
  • There are 4 types of Vouchers that you can obtain in different dungeons and missions.
    • The voucher type is determined by the difficulty of the dungeon or mission in the guide, and a given dungeon will only award one to two types of vouchers.