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Sidhe Finnachaid

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Sidhe Finnachaid Banner.


You must visit Sidne Finnachaid yourself in order to imbue the Echostone with the power of the Ancient Music Box. I should tell you that Sidne Finnachaid has changed much since you were there retrieving my memories. You can travel with up to six people as long as you're in the same party, but I can't send you anywhere that might be too dangerous.




  • Sidhe Finnachaid, pronounced "shee fi-nuck-ade", is a dungeon area that takes place underneath the surface of Lake Neagh. In there resides cubes that contain Enn's memories, several powerful monsters, and the Ancient Music Box to power up Echostones.
  • To enter the dungeon, the player must have completed the Memento questline, have at least a Naive talent of any level, and be at least current level 40.
    • The player needs a Naive talent to enter Beginner, an Expert talent to enter Intermediate, and a Master talent to enter Advanced.
    • The player may travel with up to 5 other players, with the party size limit cap of 6.
  • There are 3 different versions of Sidhe Finnachaid, each with 3 difficulties (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). The following are the different types of Sidhe Finnachaid and their mechanical differences:
    • Curiosity
      • Only one color of Forms of Strife and Forms of Doubt spawn.
      • 2 Shapes of Horror appear as the miniboss. When one of the Shapes of Horror is defeated, the remaining Shape of Horror will begin to respawn the other Shape of Horror after 30 seconds.
      • The Song of Grief boss at the end has no spawns and can be attacked directly from the beginning of the battle.
    • Fear
      • 3 colors of Forms of Strife and Forms of Doubt spawn.
      • 3 Shapes of Horror appear as the miniboss. When there is only one left, the remaining Shape of Horror will begin to respawn one of the other Shapes of Horror after 30 seconds.
      • At the boss, there will be 6 spirits that resemble Enn that the players have to take control of to damage the boss down to 70%/60%/50% (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) in order for the player to directly attack the Song of Grief. The spirits are randomized, but will always contain one Close Combat, one Magic, one Archery, and one Gunner spirit to damage the Song of Grief with.
    • Sorrow
      • 3 colors of Forms of Strife and Forms of Doubt spawn, and they cycle between targetable and untargetable (similar to many Iria dungeons)
      • 4 Shapes of Horror appear as the miniboss. When there is only one left, the remaining Shape of Horror will begin to respawn one of the other Shapes of Horror after 30 seconds.
      • The Song of Grief will spawn Forms of Doubt that run in a straight line across the battlefield. If the player runs their character over them, they will be debuffed with a Bleed effect, which saps Strength, and the debuff can stack. However, the Song of Grief is weak against the Forms of Doubt as well, so it can take the debuff if any Form of Doubts run across it.
  • Any skills that make the player invisible do not function (Shadow Cloak, Elf Hide, and Crystal Deer Hide).
  • Upon successfully clearing Sidhe Finnachaid, the Echostone tab's duration will be extended depending on the difficulty it was cleared at.


Sidhe Finnachaid Map.

Cube Spawn/Miniboss Details

  • Note that, with the exception of the Disconnect Cubes for the third cube, the party only needs to clear one of the few cubes per set of cubes in that row.
  • The cubes and enemies (that did not spawn from the cubes) will automatically be marked on the map.

The First Cube

  • The party can choose between one of three cubes to clear.
    • The central cube causes multiple waves of Form of Rage to spawn. These monsters are incredibly fast, but they do not normally attack the player back. In order to proceed, all waves must be defeated.
      • The number of waves depends on the party size. For instance, a solo player will only have 2 waves spawn.
      • Some Forms of Rage are black colored. Defeating these will slow down the remaining Forms of Rage for a brief period of time.
    • The two edge cubes will spawn several hordes of spawns. The number of waves depends on the party size.
      • All waves must be cleared to proceed.

The Second Cube

  • The party can choose between 4 cubes. For any choice, an Offering Circle will appear, along with monsters that spawn endlessly wave after wave until a certain number of monsters, depending on the party size, have been sacrificed into the circle.
    • If one of the central cubes is chosen, these monsters can range from Form of Nightmares in 3 of its different colors to the Form of Emptiness.
    • If one of the cubes on the edge is chosen, half the spawns will be replaced with red Form of Rage. Sometimes upon killing one the player is granted a movement speed buff.
    • Note: Blue Form of Nightmares cannot be Shadow Binded and cannot be put to sleep by Nimbus pet.

The Third Cube

  • After the second cube, the party has 2 options to clear the third cube. Depending on the choice, the fifth cube will have different options to clear it.
    • Disconnect Cubes
      • These cubes appear in the middle of several different Forms (Form of Gloom, Lament of Agony, Form of Silence) that debuff the player if the player runs over them. Debuffs depend on the Form that the player comes in contact with (such as Silence, Slowed, and Bleed), and all apply a "Disconnect" debuff that prevents the player from summoning pets and hitting the cube successfully. Debuffs will last for 1 minute.
      • The player may attack and be attacked in melee without getting a debuff. For it to "contact" the form's model must physically cross into the player's model.
      • If a Form is attacked and survives, it will grow, making it harder to avoid getting hit.
      • The player may defeat the Forms, but if too many are defeated, more will spawn.
      • The goal of these orbs is to break the cube in the middle. If the player is afflicted by any of the Forms' debuffs, the player won't be able to break the cube in the middle.
      • The party might consider clearing the waves of Form of Harmony around the trees to obtain Powder of Harmony, which prevents the Forms from aggroing the player that used it for a short period of time. The number of Forms of Harmony that must be defeated is based on party size.
      • All 3 Disconnect Cubes must be cleared to move onto the next cube.
      • Be warned, even once you've cleared the orb, walking over these on foot or by pet, will still cause debuff.
    • Offering Cubes
      • Plays almost the exact same way as the second cube cleared.
      • Although there are 4 different Offering Cubes to choose from, only one of these needs to be cleared.

The Fourth Cube

  • Several hordes of spawns will appear. The number of waves depends on the party size.
  • Defeat all of the enemies to proceed.

The Forms of Doubt

  • This is the first part leading up to the miniboss. There will be several Forms of Doubt that have very high amounts of Protection and Magic Protection.
    • The Protection stats can be shaved off by defeating the Forms of Strife around the area and obtaining their Sword of Strife, which reduces the Protection of the Form of Doubt when struck. The color of the Sword must be matched to the color of the Form's fins (either light blue, blue, or dark blue).
    • Alternatively, the player can use any form of fixed damage to bypass the Protection stats (such as Dance of Death, Life Drain, pet summon effects like the Battle Pegasus) and defeat them that way.
  • The Form of Doubt Self-Destructs when defeated. Defeat all of the Forms of Doubt to move on to the next stage.
  • Will hide after a period of time in Sorrow dungeon, it cannot take damage and it will not regen health during hide.

The Shape of Horror

  • Number of dragons varies depending on dungeon.
    • Curiosity -> 2
    • Fear -> 3
    • Sorrow -> 4
  • The dragons possess:
    • Heavy Stander Rank 7 (recommended to not melee, has a 30% damage resistance which also reduces Dance of Death damage)
    • Mana Deflector Rank 5 (note: magic protection is very low)
    • Natural Shield Rank 5
    • Note: Depending on difficulty protection can be as high as 280 protection, a 92% damage reduction.
  • These have Bone Dragon exclusive skills, like Petrifying Roar and Devil's Cry that they will actively use on the party.
  • They also possess full charge Fireball and 1 to 2 charge Thunder; see Chain Casting.
  • They are also susceptible to the Sword of Strife defense debuff. Striking a shape with a skull color that matches the sword will reduce its Protection.
    • Final Hit with a sword in hand is an effective way to eliminate multiple Shapes' Protection quickly.
    • More Forms of Strife spawn in this phase too, and are always of the correct color for the Shapes.
    • The Shapes are all the same color, color dependent on level chosen (Curiosity for Light Blue, Fear for Blue, or Sorrow for Dark Blue (Needs testing))
  • Magic appears to be particularly effective against the Shapes of Horror.
  • If there is only one Shape of Horror alive, it will attempt to resurrect the other Shapes of Horror after 30 seconds.
    • If the party fails to defeat it in time, all Shapes of Horror will respawn with full HP.
  • Upon defeating the last Shape of Horror, each player has a chance to receive a Motif card that can be used to alter Dance of Death's aesthetic effects.
    • The Motif cards are tradable among players.
    • The number of Shapes of Horror defeated has no affect on the drop rate of the Motifs, as it is dropped after defeating all of the Shapes of Horror.

The Fifth Cube

  • There will be 2 to 3 different cubes that the party can choose from, depending on the choice made on the third cube.
    • If the party decided to do the Offering Cubes, there will only be two cubes to choose from. However, these cubes act the same way.
      • For this cube, some waves will either spawn Forms of Awakening and some Forms of Chaos or Forms of Nightmares and Forms of Emptiness.
        • The Form of Chaos can only be damaged by the Form of Awakening's Self-Destruct, which activates upon defeating the Form of Awakening.
        • However, Life Drain is still effective on the Form of Chaos, but the final hit will not be struck. This can be used in combination with Rain Casting's Lightning Damage, which can connect on the Form of Chaos, to defeat them without luring Forms of Awakening over to it.
      • Upon clearing all of the waves, the boss area will open up.
    • If the party decided to do the Disconnect Cubes, there will be a third option that involves one Disconnect Cube. If the party clears the single Disconnect cube, the boss area will open up.

The Song of Grief

  • Boss Protection
    • Easy: 10 (16% damage reduction)
    • Int: 15 (22% damage reduction)
    • Adv: 20 (27% damage reduction, Bone Dragon and Mir are enough to reduce to 0 protection)
  • After a certain amount of HP has been shaved, it will start regenerating but will not heal wounds.
  • Power of Conquest, a Spear of Light-like move that has infinite range and reduces your defenses. It is concentrated in a small area but will deal AOE if you are within range. A divine linked pet out of your range would be ideal. Keep in mind this move also ignores the invincibility frames when divine linking a pet.
    • Basic: Defense 50, Protection 30 reduction.
    • Int: Defense 80, Protection 50 reduction.
    • Adv: ?
  • Divine Power, black shadow that will follow your character. It is slightly faster than base human speed but can be outrun if you're faster than it yet will take a few moments to disappear. Ignores mana shield.
    • Basic: 250 damage.
    • Int: 350 damage.
    • Adv: 400 damage.
  • Unholy Power, short ranged attack around boss, that behaves like a narrow-ranged Shockwave.
  • Padist Movement, when health is below 50%. Boss will get invincibility frames before summoning circles on the ground that will explode after a small period of time.



Sidhe Finnachaid: Curiosity

Sidhe Finnachaid: Fear

Sidhe Finnachaid: Sorrow