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For dungeons not yet officially implemented on the NA server, see Category:Future Regions.
  • Dungeons, also known as Rath which meant "a strongly built palace" according to several books, are instanced maze-like zones filled with monsters and treasure. They are scattered all across Erinn, though none are located at Belvast.
    • According to the books, the Raths were originally created and used by Humans as a form of shelter from the Fomors, designed and expanded by magic to defend against intruders and/or confuse them. After the wars between the two races, the Humans stopped using the Raths, but for an unknown reason they are currently inhabited by Fomors.
  • To enter a dungeon, give any item or a pass to the Dungeon Altar located at the dungeon's lobby.
    • All party mates who are also standing on the square will also enter the dungeon with you.
    • If someone drops the exact same item that you dropped, they will enter the same exact dungeon that you are in.
      • There is no limit to how many people can enter the same normal dungeon.
      • If you use a Dungeon Pass, the dungeon you enter will be completely instanced; even when other people drop the same pass, they will not enter your instance.
  • There are many difficulties to a dungeon, usually containing more floors, rooms, and stronger monsters. They are Beginner, Normal, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Abyss, with Beginner as the lowest difficulty and Abyss Advanced as the highest.
    • Not all dungeons have a difficulty.
    • Intermediate, Advanced, and Abyss may limit the amount of players for a dungeon. For example, "for Four" requires no more and no less than four players.
  • Some dungeons may have a "back door" in their lobby, leading to a Hard Mode Dungeon.
  • All dungeons are generally structured to have multiple rooms with a treasure chest that spawns one or three waves of enemies when opened, a room or hallway with prespawned enemies and/or a treasure chest containing key, and/or a room with four orbs that either spawn enemies or open the locked gate. Within the exception of the orb rooms, a Dungeon Key always dropped and is needed to open the locked gates that lie ahead.
  • All original partymates who were present in the dungeon when the Boss Room is initially opened will receive a reward chest at the end.
    • Keys to the rewards chest are tradeable but disappear once you leave the dungeon.
    • These keys cannot be brought between floors.

For the hardmode dungeons go to Hard Mode Dungeons.


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