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Portrait of Elsie
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Squire
Location Avalon Gate


Her thin, youthful frame hides a nervous energy. Wide eyes peer out through sky blue hair. When she meets your gaze she instantly looks away, blushing. Her rosy cheeks are a stark contrast to the battle hammer she wields.


Strawberry Milk
How to Get Quest

Get Elsie's Likeability to 99,7% at level 2.

Briefing That... Strawberry Milk you told me about last time... I want to try it. - Elsie
  • 10000 Experience Points
Additional Information
  • This quest allows you to get her likeability to level 3, receive her Keyword on your Journal and be able to recruit her.


  • She hates Dai.
  • Elsie despises green peppers.
  • She has been training since she was two years old.
    • Logan states that Elsie had already been "smashing things" with her hammer, while he has only been exposed to practicing with wooden swords.
  • She admits that she actually pretends to be scared. However, she is not scared of anything that she can crush [with her hammer].