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Portrait of Elsie
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Squire
Location Avalon Gate
Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5
30 300 100 200 100
Specialty: Squire Luck.png Luck


Her thin, youthful frame hides a nervous energy. Wide eyes peer out through sky blue hair. When she meets your gaze she instantly looks away, blushing. Her rosy cheeks are a stark contrast to the battle hammer she wields.

Elsie is a shy person who hardly says anything. Despite her age and small body frame, she is strong enough to wield a giant hammer. As the player becomes closer to Elsie, she seems to become possessive and more affectionate.


See Here for more information.


For the script of Elsie's quests, see Elsie/Special Quests.

Elsie's Equipment


  • She hates Dai.
  • According to Logan, Elsie despises green peppers.
    • Elsie generally likes food that most young people get to enjoy, such as cookies and popcorn. She's also fond of strawberries, although she might not like them as much in dishes that seem more mature.
  • She has been training since she was two years old.
    • Logan states that Elsie had already been "smashing things" with her hammer, while he has only been exposed to practicing with wooden swords.
  • She admits that she actually pretends to be scared. However, she is not scared of anything that she can crush with her hammer.
  • Eirlys considers her third in terms of strength, but she said Elsie will never compare to her skill at that age.
  • At Level 5 Likeability, Elsie will begin to recognize if you've talked to the other Baltane Squires that day.