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Avalon Gate

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This is the gateway to the sacred land of the ancient Alban Knights.

Basic Information

The ancient temple of the Alban Knights hidden behind the giant mountain of the Scathach Caverns, where trainee Knights are selected as squires to train and become real Alban Knights.

  • Here players can meet squires and become friends with them and then:
    • Build a team;
      • Choose a name for the team
      • The name is permanent
    • Recruit a squire;
    • Train a squire;
    • Interract with a squire;
      • Daily conversation
      • Go out with a squire
    • Assign missions to squires
    • Dismiss a squire.

Conversation Answers

There are only answer sheets for Kaour, Elsie, Dai and Eirlys because Kanna and Logan always tell you what they want to talk about. To find your place on the chart, you have to rely on one of three things:

  • Truth Notes to get three answers, which you will then write down or otherwise make note of in order.
  • Shuan, who will give you one hint per in-game day. You can augment his hint with method #3 to speed up the process.
  • Guess and check. To put it simply, every correct answer, you will write down in order. Every incorrect answer, you will check off the list and ignore until you get another correct answer.
    • The reason this works is only successes progress the sequence. Failures will cost you likeability in the short-term, but it's only 0.3% per failure compared to 1% (or up to 3%, depending on the squire and their current likeability) per success. If you're looking for Missions > Training > Playing, and you get Missions right from Shuan, but miss the next two, the next day in-game, you'll get Training as your hint, and Playing will still be next in line. The failures don't matter.

Since failures don't matter, write down your successes. In order. Manually glance through the spreadsheet to find a match to your pattern of successes.

  • The exception to this rule is special conversations. They do not count as part of the regular sequence. When you reach a certain likeability%, you'll have to refer to the special conversations chart instead of the regular chart. This will take the place of your current point in the sequence. Using our Missions>Training>Playing example from earlier, let's say you just hit 30% likeability, and the chart says you have to talk about Cooking. The sequence says Training. Instead of training, talk about Cooking, then move on to Playing.
    • Another exception to this is if you do not immediately recruit a squire upon reaching level 3 likeability and instead grind them up to 3.90, where they cap until a quest is completed which is only possible while the squire is recruited. At this point, you'll have all of that level's special conversations in a row, then you'll receive the quest to progress to level 4.


Avalon Gate.jpg

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Arthuan Knight Gate (After G20)
Arthuan General Gate (After G20)
Baltane Squire
Baltane Squire
Baltane Squire
Baltane Squire
Baltane Squire
Baltane Squire
Baltane Special Unit Secretary In front of the entrance

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