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Avalon Gate

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An overview of Avalon Gate.

This is the gateway to the sacred land of the ancient Alban Knights.


Description and Geography

Map of Avalon Gate.

The Avalon Gate is an ancient temple of the Alban Knights that guards their holy sanctuary, Avalon. Connected to the Beach of Scathach, the path to the gate is invisible to those who do not possess divine light, but with the Prophets' breakthrough of their unholy light their creatures are able to breach the temple.

It has suffered many attacks from the Alban Knights' enemies over the years, and this shows in how weathered its walls are.

In addition to approaching from Beach of Scathach, one may enter and exit the Avalon Gate remotely through the "Enter/Exit Camp" button in the Special Unit tab of the character screen after the player created their Alban Knights Baltane Special Unit.

Avalon Gate is counted as a solo instance, and cannot be entered with as a party.


Areas of Interest


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Areas Connected


Track Title
Standing Before the Gate
Avalon Gate
Standing Before the Gate (Orchestra)
FILMHarmonic Orchestra version


  • The Round Table has exactly 13 seats; 3 seats for each squad of the Alban Knights and 1 seat for their Commander.
    • The Round Table is likely based off of the Round Table from Arthurian legend.
      • Historical representations on the number of knights vary, though 12+1 is referenced in some texts such as the Didot Perceval.
        • In contrast, modern media representations (such as video games or animations produced in Japan and Korea) will often feature the number as 12+1.
    • The Round Table may also be based off of the Christian Last Supper, where representations of the supper commonly feature 12+1.