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Enchanting Sequences/Staves

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Name Rank Enchants Onto
Intricate Prefix, A Weapons
Fearless Prefix, A All
Reliable Prefix, A Weapons
Bear Hunter Prefix, A Weapons
Hesitant Prefix, A Weapons
Colorful Prefix, A All
Lion Hunter's Prefix, A Weapons
Firm Prefix, A Two-handed Weapons
Hidden Prefix, A All
Desert Spider Prefix, A Two-handed Weapons
Untamed Prefix, A Two-handed Weapons
8th Anniversary Water Drop Prefix, A All
Hamster Prefix, A All
Incubus Prefix, 9 Weapons
Stunning Prefix, 9 Weapons
Nostalgic Prefix, 9 All
Contemplate Prefix, 9 All
Stiff Prefix, 9 Weapons
Magical Prefix, 9 All
Dice Battle Prefix, 9 All
Oblivion Prefix, 9 All
Engineer's Prefix, 9 All
Strange Prefix, 9 Weapons
Mana Needle Prefix, 9 Wands, Staves
Amnesia Prefix, 9 All
Pain Prefix, 9 All
Demi Lich Prefix, 8 Two-handed Weapons
Awkward Prefix, 8 Weapons
Land Prefix, 8 Weapons
Edgy Prefix, 8 All
Secretive Prefix, 8 Weapons
Brainstorm Prefix, 8 All
Golem Hunter's Prefix, 8 Weapons
Lich Prefix, 7 Two-handed Weapons
Spiritual Prefix, 7 Wands, Staves
Deadly Prefix, 7 Weapons
Mana Conjurer Prefix, 7 Wands, Staves
Fantastic Prefix, 7 All
Industrious Prefix, 7 Weapons
Elven Prefix, 7 All
Scholarly Prefix, 7 Wands, Staves
Necromancer Prefix, 6 Two-handed Weapons
Admirable Prefix, 6 Weapons
Arc Lich's Prefix, 6 Weapons
Fatal Prefix, 6 Weapons
Shadow Hunter's Prefix, 5 Weapons
Respectful Prefix, 5 Weapons
Yellow Scar Prefix, 5 Weapons
Clashing Prefix, 4 Two-handed Weapons
Green Scar Prefix, 4 Weapons
Conqueror Prefix, 4 Two-handed Weapons
Duke Prefix, 4 Weapons
Banshee Prefix, 3 Weapons
Scrap Prefix, 3 Weapons
Golem Prefix, 3 Weapons
Strange Prefix, 3 Staves
Arcane Prefix, 3 Staves
Red Scar Prefix, 3 Weapons
Black Scar Prefix, 2 Weapons
Encyclopedic Prefix, 1 Staves
Name Rank Enchants Onto
Barbarian Suffix, A Two-handed Weapons
Merciless Suffix, A All
Water Drop Suffix, A All
Energetic Suffix, A Weapons
Shining Suffix, A All
Hawthorn Tree Suffix, A All
Tragic Suffix, A All
Breeze Suffix, A All
Poison Hunter's Suffix, A All
Earnest Suffix, A All
Supernatural Suffix, A Wands, Staves, Mana Knuckles
Fierce Suffix, A Two-handed Weapons
Thief Suffix, A All
Healer Suffix, A All
Violent Suffix, A Two-handed Weapons
Cruel Suffix, A All
Stimulating Suffix, A Two-handed Weapons
8th Anniversary Droplet Suffix, A All
Fighter Suffix, A All
Tireless Suffix, A Weapons
Cherished Suffix, 9 Instruments, Weapons
Intuitive Suffix, 9 Wands, Staves
Gamer Suffix, 9 All
Rainbow Suffix, 9 Weapons
Crow Suffix, 9 Weapons
Island Suffix, 9 Wands, Staves
Agile Suffix, 9 Weapons
Truthful Suffix, 9 Wands, Staves
Destruction Suffix, 9 Two-handed Weapons
Embracing Suffix, 9 All
Lethal Suffix, 9 Two-handed Weapons
Prophetic Suffix, 8 Weapons
Counter Suffix, 8 Weapons
Rough Suffix, 8 Two-handed Weapons
Nature Suffix, 8 Weapons
Windmill Suffix, 8 Weapons
Raging Suffix, 8 Weapons
Girgashiy Suffix, 8 Two-handed Weapons
Smash Suffix, 8 Weapons
Poison Ranger's Suffix, 8 All
Possibility Suffix, 8 Weapons
Restorative Suffix, 8 All
Camellia Tree Suffix, 8 All
Mana Witch Suffix, 8 All
Weaving Suffix, 8 All
Ardent Suffix, 7 All
Mana Wizard Suffix, 7 All
Dreamlike Suffix, 7 Staves
Rising Star Suffix, 7 Weapons
Foretold Suffix, 7 Staves
Burst Warrior Suffix, 7 All
Wyvern Suffix, 7 Weapons
Electric Suffix, 7 Weapons
Frostbitten Suffix, 7 Weapons
Crocodile Suffix, 7 Two-handed Weapons
Crackling Suffix, 7 Weapons
Wizard Suffix, 6 Weapons
Burst Fighter Suffix, 6 All
Cavalier Suffix, 6 Weapons
Charismatic Suffix, 6 Weapons
Complete Suffix, 5 Weapons
Spike Suffix, 5 Weapons
Stamp Suffix, 5 Weapons
Used Suffix, 4 Staves
Downburst Suffix, 4 Two-handed Weapons
67th Floor Suffix, 4 Two-handed Weapons
Nightfall Suffix, 4 Wands, Staves, Mana Knuckles
Meteoroid Suffix, 4 Two-handed Weapons
Corrib Suffix, 4 Two-handed Weapons
Divide Suffix, 3 Two-handed Weapons