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Final Class

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For other missions, see Beginner Battle Class Board.


  • This is for the quest Final Class, it's your final test of what you've learned from the Beginner Battle Class Board.
  • Simply defeat every wave of monsters. You can control when the wave spawns by hitting the orb when ready.
    • Note that you must defeat the current wave before summoning the next.
  • When you fight yourself, two can aggro at a time. It's recommended to lure one away as they spawn far enough apart from each other.

Mission Information


The enemies are in the center of the room

Minimap tara castle entrance kor.jpg

Monster Spawn Patterns

Note that these are in order. Each time you hit the orb the next group spawns. Each group has 999 hp. Defensive and Protection Stats are about 2-4x higher on Training creatures than normal creatures. Yourself uses melee only and deals approximately the same amount you would using melee and shield.