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Flame of Resurrection

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Flame of Resurrection.png If the player dies within an hour of using the skill, the player automatically revives. If there is a Fire Erg Crystal inside the pet's bag, a powerful flame will burn nearby enemies when the player revives.


  • Possessed only by the Phoenix.
  • Buffs the master, causing them to resurrect immediately upon being knocked unconscious.
    • If the Phoenix possesses a Fire Erg Crystal, the reviving animation causes nearby enemies to be knocked back and all of the player's equipped items to be blessed, as well as fully recovering the player's Health and Stamina. In addition, the buff will not expire when a Fire Erg Crystal is consumed until the player resurrects again.
  • Has a cooldown time of 36 minutes.
  • The buff will expire after one hour, and will persist through logging out and rebirthing.