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Basic Information

Blessing Action.png
  • Holy Water of Lymilark is used to bless Equipment.
  • To bless an item, right click a Holy Water of Lymilark and select "Use" or Ctrl + Left Click the holy water, then select the desired item to bless.
    • Blessing success rate is 100%.
  • Blessing is also acquired through:
  • Blessed items:
    • Lose Durability at half the normal rate.
    • Have an increased Repairing success rate.
      • The shown repair rate does not change.
  • Blessings are lost from:
    • Being Knocked Unconscious while wearing blessed equipment. Blessings are lost at random; one may lose none, one, many, or all blessings.
    • Failed repairs.
    • A negative effect through blue fountains, removing one or all blessings from equipped items.
  • Spirit Weapons can only be blessed with a Spirit Liqueur of Blessing.
  • Brionac, Full Balloon, and all Marionettes cannot be blessed with Holy Water of Lymilark.
  • Blessing does not stack with Holy Flame's sanctification effect.

Blessed Item Repair Rates

Original Repair Rate Blessed Repair Rate
80% 90%
90% 95%
91% 96%
92% 96%
93% 97%
94% 97%
95% 98%
96% 98%
97% 99%
98% 99%
99% 99%