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For the Theatre Mission he acts in, see Fortinbras's Expedition.
Portrait of Fortinbras
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Prince of Norway
Location Globe Theatre (Denmark)


Prince Fortinbras, also known as Fortinbras the Second, is the Prince of Norway. He plays both in Hamlet and Fortinbras's Expedition.

Story of Hamlet

Act 1 Scene 2

King Claudius mentions how Prince Fortinbras has failed to appeal surrender. Claudius then sends a letter to the King of Norway, to be delivered to Prince Fortinbras.

Fortinbras welcomes Claudius's messenger, and tells Claudius had assumed a misunderstanding as monsters have appeared and the military had to defend themselves. Fortinbras agrees to halt his activities to prevent giving stress to Claudius.

The New King's Request

Prince Fortinbras, who is now heir to the throne since the tragedy of Hamlet, has acknowledged the remaining monsters since the Grim Reaper's defeat. These monsters have savagely attacked citizens of Denmark, thus, leading him to summon warriors to deal with the threat.

Fortinbras's Expedition

Somewhere in Denmark, Gavron says that monsters have been viciously attacking the town and its citizens. Fortinbras was ordered to arrive and support them.

Fortinbras' Equipment