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Gem Upgrades

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  • A Gem Upgrade allows one to enhance equipment using Gems.
    • Most weapons have two possible gem upgrade choices. Only one of the two can be applied.
    • Most shields have three gem upgrades choices. Only two of the three can be applied.
    • The only clothing/armor that can be gem upgraded are the Languhiris Chaser Armor, the Bhafel Slayer Guard, and the Royal Knight Armor. All three only have one upgrade choice and can only be applied once.
  • In the case of weapons, upgrades can be only be applied after the maximum amount of normal upgrades have already been applied to the item.
  • All Gem Upgrades require three gems and most require 100 proficiency.
    • The Gem sizes must be at least equal or higher than the stated requirements.
  • This type of upgrade does not personalize your equipment.


Collected tables of all possible Gem Upgrades.