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Once Personalized, a piece of equipment will be permanently bounded to the character. As a result, the player cannot trade/sell personalized equipment, store them in pets, store them in the dressing room, or place them in another character's Bank tab. However, it is possible for a character to drop the item (there are exceptions to this), or store it in their own Bank tab or their Me Inventory tab.

A personalized equipment will display "{Player Name}-only item" on it.

This should not be confused with sealing an item.

Personalizing Equipment

Equipment can be personalized in different ways:

Once the upgrade, enchant, or special upgrade is applied, the item immediately becomes personalized, even if the player does not equip it right after.

Personalizing Enchants

Below is a list of all of implemented enchants that personalize equipment upon success.

If a piece of equipment comes pre-enchanted with one of the personalizing enchants, it will not be personalized until it is equipped. For example, obtaining Weekend Gathering Axe as an end chest reward will not make it personalized to the one who picked it up unless they were to equip it.

The item will remain personalized even if the personalizing enchant is overwritten. However, if the personalizing enchant is overwritten before the item becomes personalized, then the item will no longer personalize. For example, if the Weekend Gathering Axe above is enchanted with Wolf Hunter's before equipping it (thus personalizing), the axe will not personalize if it is equipped.

Removing Personalization

Personalization can be temporarily removed with a Trade Unlock Potion, purchasable from the Web Shop for 6,000 NX. However, the item will re-personalize if another player receives the de-personalized item and then equips it, although this does not happen to the person who de-personalized it.