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Guide:Catering Done Easy

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You wanna get catering benefits without doing anything even remotely difficult? Me too! Here you go.

So if you're anything like me, you'll have seen Catering, ranked it up, looked at some of the cooking foods, and then gone "eh, this is too much effort". Like- making a steak pizza requires five separate uses of the Cooking skill. But what if there was a way to skip all that, and only cater with easy-to-make food that still gives good results? Because there is. Here's what you'll need.

  • Rank 1 Tasting: This makes Cooking way easier, and you'll be doing some Cooking still. Just way less than usual.
  • Rank 1 Catering: Kinda hard to make big catering dishes without this. Just make chocolate dishes (i.e. fill every slot with chocolate) if you still need to get R1.
  • Rank 1 Cooking + Master Title: Not required, but it helps. It adds quality, which makes it easier to get high-star foods, which give better benefits.
  • Cooking Quality reforged Cooking Knife and Ladle.
  • A cooking ruler overlay: There's a few of these, but I like MabiCooking by YukiTsuki. It'll make it so much easier, and it's 100% legal as it doesn't interact with your game in any way.

Easy-To-Cook Food

So we'll start by listing the food that don't require Ingredient Hunting, Fishing (or even fish at all), or multi-step recipes. Aside from one notable exception, everything here can be made using shop ingredients and Water.

  • Sorted alphabetically by default, click the name of the item to see more information on how to make or obtain it.
  • Contains information on the highest stats given by edible 5-star dishes that can be made using the Cooking skill.
    • Table edited from Food Status Effect List to only have 'easy' recipes (ones that don't require multiple steps or complex ingredients).

But That's Still A Lot...

Yeah, we can trim it down even more. Most of the food on there is 'eh' at best. Let's go over the highlights.

  • Bacon Burger, Cheeseburger and Shrimp Burger. These are basically the same food; Shrimp Burger is the cheapest. For a total cost of 96 gold and a very easy Mixing recipe (knife/table), you can make a pretty solid burger that gives, at 5 stars, +50 HP, +50 MP and +60 SP. Now imagine ten of those in a catering dish, and realise it took you less than five minutes. Use these for general catering dishes.
  • Cocktails, especially Vales Fire. These all give pretty similar bonuses: +HP +STR +LUK, but -INT -DEX. Use these for Close Combat, since the STR boost they give is pretty significant. (They're also not half bad for Ninja and Fighter.) A Vales Fire is Mixed with Vales Whiskey and Ice, which costs a total of 1140 gold. Worth it.
  • Hot Chocolate. This one uses Boiling, so get out your Ladle. It's real simple, though, with a total cost of 570 gold, and gives +HP +STR +INT, perfect for Dual Guns.
  • Iskender Kebab. Now, this one requires Plain Yogurt, which is made from 100% Milk, so it's the most complex on the list - but if you're a Mage, it's worth it. +HP, +MP and +INT for the cost of 906 gold, including the bottle used for milking the cow. It also uses Julienning (and Fermenting for the yogurt), so keep that in mind.
  • Beef Steak. Probably the weakest item suggested here, but for just 1520 gold, you can get decent boosts to +HP, +STR and +WIL (notable for Ninja and Fighter). Get out your Ladle again, since this uses Baking.
  • Club Sandwich. One of the more expensive items at 1539 gold, but possibly one of the most useful as well; it gives huge bonuses to +DEX, perfect for Chain Slash and Puppetry. We're back to Mixing again, too.
  • Plain Yogurt. We saw this one earlier as an Iskender ingredient, but on its own, it's great too: it gives solid +SP and +LUK boosts (equivalent to Vales Fire, but much more reliable), great for Chain Slash when you're at the DEX cap. Nine of these and one Highball makes a dish useful even into lategame.
  • Highball. For a staggering 2235 gold, you can make this little cocktail, which gives +1-2 max damage. Doesn't sound like a lot, until you take into account the +10 from Tasting. This bypasses the 1500 stat cap, too! Add one into every combat dish.

Can We Make This Easier?

I- I guess??? I mean, you don't technically HAVE to do any Cooking to make a decent Catering dish... You can use three-star vendor Hot Chocolate and BnR; Hot Chocolate gives +HP +STR +INT, and BnR gives +HP +STR +LUK -DEX -INT. Thyme Tea is an option for +HP +WIL +LUK (not much, but with ten of them in a Catering dish??), and Lemon Tea can provide +HP +DEX +INT. Everything I've listed is available from Wanst in Vales.

Your results won't be as good as having made them yourself, of course, but what do you expect when it takes literally 20 seconds? This is Catering Done Easy, not Catering Done Well!


So there you have it: five minutes (ten for mages) for a delicious Catering dish that can feed a whole party and give them universally great stat buffs. Catering is absolutely worth it... as long as you take shortcuts like these!