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Halloween Event (2010)

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October 20th, 2010 - November 2nd, 2010

Event 1


Some of the Emain Macha townspeople have reported seeing ghostly apparitions around the city. If you wander around town in the evening hours, you may even see the ghosts yourself! Anyone who hasn't visited a dungeon in Erinn won't believe a thing you have to say about ghosts, so you'll need to provide incontrovertible evidence of your findings! What better way to prove what you've seen by sketching your findings? If it works in frontier of Iria, it'll work on a mere city street, right?

Get to work sketching those ghosts! Sketch them in a specific order then turn in your drawings to the only thing that would believe ghosts are roaming the streets: the Grandfather Ghost! [1]

Basic Information

Upon logging in, you will receive a quest to start the event.

Help Grandfather Ghost
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Halloween Event of 2010.

Briefing I came to Emain Macha for a picnic with my family, but I am too old to get around. Please take my place, and stay with the children. Later tonight, bring me back a sketch of the children's picnic. -Grandfather Ghost-
  • Sketch the Father Ghost
  • Sketch the Mother Ghost
  • Sketch the Sister Ghost
  • Sketch the Brother Ghost
  • Talk to the Grandfather Ghost
  • 1,111 Exploration EXP

The ghosts appear in their own respective places around Emain Macha between 6pm and 6am game time.

  • The Grandfather Ghost is in the square.
  • The Father Ghost is outside the entrance to Bean Rua Pub.
  • The Mother Ghost is inside the restaurant.
  • The Sister Ghost is outside the castle.
  • The Brother Ghost is wandering around the auditorium.


Event 2


While Mabinogians are busy chronicling the ghost family in Emain Macha, those off adventuring in Iria may notice pumpkins falling from the sky like shooting stars! Areas around Qilla, Cor, Physis, Connous, and Renes will see pumpkins aflame, falling from the skies.

Gather the celestial Pumpkin Star Fragments and carve them up! [2]

Basic Information

The pumpkins will fall during Eweca hours near Qilla Base Camp, Cor, Physis, Connous, and Renes. Right-click the pumpkin and select "Use" to perform the Fossil Restoration minigame. If you are successful, you will receive a Pumpkin Box.