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An overview of Connous.

Description and Geography

Map of Connous.

Connous is one of the major regions in Iria that was discovered by Humans and is the native home of the Elves. It is located directly east of Rano, on the southern corner.

  • Nares Plateau is the first place in Connous where you land when coming from Rano. It is located in the west of Connous, and the stark contrast it offers from other desert regions in Connous render Nares Plateau special. Lutra River flows through it.
  • Most of Connous consists of Longa Desert. It separates the elven town of Filia from the rest of the continent. This vast sand dune desert is filled with dry heat, and lacks vegetation.
  • Rupes Desert is a much smaller desert with cracked earth, and leads to Metus.
  • Errans Gorge, located at the north of Connous, also is the exit of Longa's underground maze and connects to Courcle.
  • Connous has multiple beaches linking the desert to the sea; one them has been used to build Port Connous, while the other only serves Metallurgy purposes.

The Ifrit and Black Dragon Raids occur in this region.

Stepping on all landmarks will reward "the Connous Explorer" Title.


  • The Scorpion Mark, east of Rupes desert
  • The Rhino mark, where Nares Plateau becomes Longa Desert
  • The Spider Mark, in Errans Gorge
  • The Fish Mark, between the Oasis and Port Connous
  • The Lizard Mark, south of Shyllien Reserve
  • The Sandworm Mark, south of Filia


Areas of Interest


  • Note: The dead-looking trees in Longa Desert will only drop branches.
Resource Obtained From Location
Berry.png Berry
Branches.png Branches
Tree hitting Any Tree*
Firewood.png Firewood (Tree) (Gathering Axe equipped) from Trees Any Tree


  • None


  • None



Areas Connected

Exploration and Artifacts


  • Despite there being a sandworm mark, the sandworm does not in fact spawn in Connous.
  • The dunes in Longa desert will dynamically shift over time.
  • Errans is the Latin word errāns (meaning wandering).
  • Metus has erroneously been written as Metes on the Connous map as of the Great Era of Commerce update.