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Hero Support

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Hero Support is a special feature that can be accessed upon having a Hero talent active.


  • After selecting a Hero talent via rebirth for 39 Pon or an Ace, Hero, or Elite Hero Character Card, you will be given a window containing a list of all characters on the account after a successful rebirth or creation of a character.
    • The server that the character is on does not matter.
    • More than one character can support a single character, but the maximum amount of Ability Points is 50, regardless of the total levels gained.
      • For example, Character A and B support Character C. Character A gains 25 levels in one week and character B gains 26 levels in the same week. Character C will only gain 50 Ability Points for that week.
        • If the supporting character no longer has an active Hero talent, they will no longer use Hero Support.
        • Ability Points accumulated will be carried over after rebirth between Hero talents
    • You can change the character chosen by rebirthing and selecting a Hero talent for 39 Pon.
  • Every week, when you gain levels or exploration levels, the supported character will earn 1 Ability Point per level, up to 50 levels.
    • A message will appear every time you gain levels that will tell you how many Ability Points are gained for the week.
    • On Saturday (Samhain) at
      12:00pm PST
      , the supported character will receive the Ability Points and the counter resets back to 0 to allow more Ability Points gained for the next week.