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For the currency used in Commerce, see Ducat.
For the game's main currency, see Gold.


Pon.png Beauty Shop Window Pon.png Pon.gif Pon (Large).gif
Item Shop Image Beauty Shop Window Image In-game Image In-game Image (Large)
1 × 1
Stack: 50,000

Use Pon in the Beauty Shop[sic] in order to customize your character and build items in your Homestead!

Basic Information

  • Pons are a currency used to construct Homestead items, purchase the Style Equipment Tab, or customize character appearance in the Dressing Room.
  • Pon balance can be checked by opening the Dressing Room tab.
  • Pons are shared across the account.
  • Pons are obtained from:
    • Bought in the Item Shop, the Web Shop, or by opening the Dressing Room tab and selecting "Charge Pons". They can be purchased in quantities of:
      • 10 Pons = 1,000 NX (0% Discount)
      • 50 Pons = 4,700 NX (6% Discount)
      • 100 Pons = 9,000 NX (10% Discount)
      • To receive Pons after purchasing, open the Item Shop menu to withdraw them.
        • After withdrawing, this message window will appear: "You have made a purchase. You have # pons remaining."
    • Using a Pon Coupon.
    • Logging in 21 days during the Attendance Check Event (2013).
    • Reaching Cumulative level 50 and 100.