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Homestead Kit

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For more information on homesteads, see Homestead.


Inventory icon of Candy Tree Seed

1 × 1
Stack: 100

Use this on your Homestead to plant {Homestead Item} for {Gold Fee} Gold. Description: {Homestead Item Description}


  • Most animals, ornaments and products become a kit when removed from a homestead.
  • Kits are used to install objects on the Homestead which usually costs gold.
    • Installing from a kit does not require materials or Pons.
    • The price of using the kit is listed in the item's description.
      • Most Ornaments cost 80 gold.
      • Most Products cost 2000 gold.
      • Most Animals cost 3000 gold.
    • The homestead must meet all normal eligibility requirements regarding level and location.
    • Kons are not earned when installing from a kit.
    • Herb patches made with these kits will start out empty, even if the kit came from one that was full.