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For the private farm or its constructed house, see Homestead and Homestead Housing.
Stump Square in Housing Districts

General Info

  • Players may rent their own personal house from one of the four housing zones. They used to be overseen by a Guild Castle, but are now handled by Nexon.
  • You must have Premium Service in order to rent a house.
    • You cannot use beginner's extra storage service to rent a house.
    • Even though you can bid and win a house with beginner's service, you cannot enter or store items in the house. You may only deposit gold.
  • The house is shared between all characters on the account.
  • You may keep your house for 4 weeks.
  • If you visit a specific housing zone and gather a Moon Stone Piece from that area's Moon Stone you can return there at any time. Moon Stone Pieces can be gathered with a pickaxe.
  • The housing zone is managed by Nexon


Note: To bid on another house, you must first recover or destroy any items that you left in your previous house after your lease expired and cancel any bids you already made. Both can be done at the town's banker. The "Retrieve Furniture" and "Cancel Bid" options are located under the Resident Menu.

  1. To buy a house, first find an available house by accessing the Auction Bulletin through one of the Information Offices or mousing over the signpost in front of it.
    1. The cursor will read "Auction in Progress" if the house is available for bidding.
    2. "Empty" means that the house is unoccupied, but is not up for auction.
    3. If it says "[Name]'s House," then the house is owned by that individual.
  2. You will need to travel to the house, and it will be marked as a blue square on your mini map. Click on the signpost in front of it, a detailed window will open.
  3. Click to bid, and type in the amount you wish to bid.
    1. Your bid must be over or equal to the minimum bid amount specified in the pop-up window.
  4. After you're done, you will be given a 2x2 house bid receipt that tells you the ending time of the auction and your bid amount.
    • You may drop the bid receipt as it serves no purpose. Other players cannot pick it up, securing your bid amount.
  5. The highest bidder after 7 days wins the house.
    1. It is a silent auction, meaning that you will not know if anyone has bid higher than you during the auction period.
  • You will be notified in-game if you have won a house.
    • The money you have bid will be automatically taken from your bank.
  • A pink beacon will appear on your mini map signifying the location of your home until your lease expires.
  • The total amount of gold you must pay as a house owner has two parts: Bid Money and Weekly Tax.
    • You will lose 10% of your Bid Money when you win a house auction. For example if you have bid 500k, you will lose 50k. The other 450k is guaranteed to return to you at the end of your lease period.
    • The Weekly Tax has to be paid starting from the moment that you win a house, and then exactly every week after that until 1 week before your house owning period end. In fact, if you want to own a house for 4 weeks, you will have to pay taxes 4 times.
      • The amount of weekly tax you pay depends on the model of the house.

Maintenance and Rent

  • When you first enter your new house, the house bank management window will open up. If you close out of it, you may open it again by simply opening your character's inventory.
  • Closing this window, you will see a Brownie (NPC) standing in the center. He will be your key to maintaining a happy home.
  • Talk to the brownie and a number of options will be listed in conversation.
    • "View Message Board" opens your house's message board. Players who have visited your house can leave comments. It's useful for contact and negotiations with potential house shop customers.
    • "Obtain House Key" places a house key into your inventory. The house key is basically a Wings of the Goddess that takes you directly to your house (and forces you into the House channel). By using the key, you will be given a Coupon of Return which you can use from the House channel to return to where you were before you used the key.
    • "Manage Payments" will open your house bank and payment options. Your house's tax is based on your initial bidding fee, as well as a tax rate set by the guildmaster who owns the guild castle. The tax rate is set to a fixed amount and is not expected to change.
    • "Rent a Brownie" allows you to rent a brownie specialized with high ranked life skills. See Brownie (NPC) for more information.
  • You can set the brownie to automatically pay the tax each week. This requires you to have money in your house's bank. Note that this is separate from your player's normal bank! You can put money into your house's bank by dragging and dropping a filled moneybag into your house's inventory.
  • You may pay the rent manually as well.
  • If your extra storage service expires, you will not lose your house. You will simply not be able to enter your own house and access its functions.
    • You can still access any functions from the sign in front of your house, including your housing map.
      • You can retrieve your items but not put anything in your house.
      • You can still change the price of items in your house or put them on sale or stop selling.
      • You will still retain any remaining flyers you have printed before your service expired and you can restock your flyers normally.
      • People can still enter your house and buy from the house shop.
  • Another note is when you do not win an auction, you must go back to the bank manager in the housing zone (like Erhard) to reclaim the money you put in to bid. You must click on Resident menu, after which there are options to Cancel your Bid, follow those through and Cancel bid the money will go back directly into your bank.
    • Beware, should you not reclaim your bid money for too long(~ 3 days), you will have to reclaim it under the "retrieve furniture" tab. This will forcibly create a trad-able check with your bid money and in result you lose 5% of it.

The House as a Player Shop and Bank

  • By using the house inventory window, you can place items into the house's bank. These items will appear visibly on the ground of the house where you have placed them on the bank grid. Only you may pick up these items, and they will not disappear.
    • You can also access house's bank outside of your house. Simply by clicking the sign in front of your house then click "Open House Map."
  • You may set a price for these items. Any player entering your house will be able to see the items and buy them.
  • Unlike the normal bank, there is no size limit to the items placed in the bank. There is, however, a number limit. Only 41 items may be placed in the house bank.
  • When someone enters your house, your house inventory window will pop up on their screen so that they can see the items you have for sale. They will also be able to see the items that aren't for sale.
  • To help advertise and sell items, you may make flyers.
    • Flyers cost 20 gold each and can be purchased in blocks of any amount from 1 to 100. When purchasing flyers, a timer is set for one real world day. When that time has passed, all unused flyers will expire. You can extend this timer by purchasing more flyers before the time is up.
    • Having flyers available will allow players to see your items via the housing board available in towns.
    • From the house board, a flyer only shows the items that you have marked for sale and will allow the customer to see full information about the item, such as durability and stats.
    • The flyer can be used to teleport the player to the advertiser's front door, like a house key. When used, it is replaced in the person's inventory with a return coupon, which can be used to teleport the player back to where s/he used the flyer to teleport to the house. The return coupon will then disappear from the player's inventory.
  • The revenue from sold items goes into your house's bank.
    • Money can be withdrawn from your house bank into your inventory.
    • Money can be transferred from the bank to your house or from your house to the bank. When transferring money from your house to the bank, the standard 10% bank deposit fee applies.
    • Note: You can only store up to 5,000,000 gold in your house safe.
      • If selling an item exceeds this total value (amount for item + amount currently in house's bank), a message will appear upon attempted purchase and the sale will not be allowed.
      • You can, however, put items at a value that exceeds the max, they just cannot be bought via the house shop.


  • You may decorate your house in many ways. You can change the outer appearance and the color of the flooring and crossbeams by using the Remodel button of the housing interface. Of course, such decorating costs gold. Please note that the cost of remodeling will factor into the cost of your weekly rent.
  • Ornaments may be bought from Lorraine in Dugald Residential Town, Elain in Sen Mag Residential Town, Marcellus in Cuilin Residential Town, and Ailbhis in Abb Neagh Residential Town. These include decorative statues and curtains which serve no practical use.
    • Note: These items take up space in your house's bank, leaving less room for items to be sold.
  • Some ornaments may be created with Handicraft.
  • Looms, Spinning Wheels, Cooking Stoves, and Furnaces can be used for life skills. Each has 100 uses.
    • The owner can choose allow other players to use the equipment for a fee or for free.
    • The owner can also rent Brownies to use the equipment.
  • Other ornaments, like closets need to be purchased from the in-game Item Shop.
    • Currently, the closet has been removed from the item shop due to a bug.

House Loss

  • If you fail to pay the rent, or when your rental period is over, you will no longer be able to use your house.
  • You will forcibly lose a house if you do not pay your tax for 2 weeks.
  • Delinquents who did not pay their tax will have the tax money paid from their bid money at the end.
  • The Housing channel's bank NPCs, Erhard in Dugald Residential Town, Leslie in Sen Mag Residential Town, Bernardo in Cuilin Residential Town, and Clodagh in Abb Neagh Residential Town, all manage this phase of house ownership.
  • The items that were in your house bank will be placed into a sort of temporary inventory. It works much like recovering a lost item from the authorities.
  • The money will be returned in the form of a check. You will also gain back 90% of your initial bid.
    • 5% of the money returned from the house bank is taken as a fee. This is lower than even Alban Heruin's transfer fee (7.5%) from the house bank to your bank during the rental period.


  • First, guilds no longer bid to own castles, instead these are managed by Nexon.
  • The castles no longer break down.
  • The houses are put up for auction automatically, presumably by an automated service.
  • If any house remains unsold during an auction, it is automatically re-auctioned by Nexon.
  • Housing tax rate is fixed at 10%.
  • See Guild Castle for more info.