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Housing Channel

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Houses are player-owned shops that exist in a separate hidden channel that players can get to either manually by travel, or via teleporting there by use of Housing Flyers distributive via the Housing Ad Board. The Return Coupon that gets created can teleport players to the location where the player used the flyer; a player can hold more than one Return Coupon


Inventory icon of Flyer

1 × 1

Inventory icon of Magic House Key

1 × 1

Inventory icon of Return Coupon

1 × 1

  • A House Flyer is used to transport the player to the Housing channel.
    • Flyers can only be used once.
      • Flyers expire 24 hours after the seller starts the ad.
        • However, if the seller starts a new ad, the expired flyer will become usable again.
    • A Magic House Key is identical to a Flyer except that the Key does not expire.
      • Using a Magic house Key after a House expires will still return you to that House.
    • You can only have one Magic House Key, and one Flyer per seller at a time.
  • Using a House Flyer in a non-Housing Channel area will create a Return Coupon.
    • Using a Return Coupon will teleport the character to the location the Flyer was used.
      • This however, only applies to the housing zone that the flyer goes to, it does not apply to other housing zones.
    • Both flyers and Magic House Keys create Return Coupons.
    • It is possible to create more than one Return Coupon if you have the inventory space for it, however the Return Coupon is not labeled where it will send you, and is destroyed once used.
  • Flyers, Magic House Keys, and Return Coupons cannot be traded or stored. They can only be destroyed or used.
  • Flyers can be searched via Housing Ad Boards or when one enters a House.
  • Flyers can be used in both Iria and Uladh, and will always create the Return Coupon.

Housing Board

How to use the housing ad board to receive a flyer:

  1. Open a housing board. They are located throughout towns in Uladh and Belvast.
  2. Search for an item or seller, if you don't know what you want, just click search with nothing entered.
  3. Click the "Receive" button beside the item, this will put the Flyer in your inventory. You can take one flyer per seller listed.
  4. Click "Go to the Seller's house" to visit the seller's house immediately. It can also be used at a later date. Flyers expire 24 hours from when the ad was placed.
  • The house owner must have at least 1 item for sale for the flyer to be available from the housing ad board.
  • The owner can ban users or entire guilds from being able to enter the house if they choose.

Places of interest to use the Return Coupon

Bugs and Quirks

  • The return ticket holder must not mount the pet. Doing so will cause both the return ticket holder and the passengers to unmount. This is not a bug, but intentional, since the pet would normally be unsummoned on channel change.
  • There is a high potential for being logged out when using the flyer during busy periods of the day (especially on Saturday during guild battle times.)
  • Players on the pet will be sent to the least busy channel of numerical order (1 if not busy, 2 if 1 is, 3 if 1 and 2 are, etc.) at the moment the player with the return coupon selects a channel. If all channels are listed as Busy or none are, this will be channel 1. All passengers will arrive on the same channel.
  • If attempting to use a Flyer is used in a homestead the notice, "It can't be used in the Shadow Realm." will appear.


For privacy purposes, the Username and prices on the items has been erased to ensure the privacy of the player.