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Portrait of Ibbie
Race Human
Gender Female
Location Bangor
(Sitting on a cliff)

Track The World Painted by the Girl


Ibbie... I want that!


Under the wide brim of the Mongo hat, her lovely blonde hair dances in the gentle breeze. Her delicate neck stretches out of the lace collar of her intricately tailored rosy-pink dress. Her big, bright jade eyes twinkle and her round face, like porcelain, is so fair that it looks pale.

Upon entering Bangor, you might notice a little girl sitting near the entrance. This fragile looking girl is Ibbie, the only daughter of Bryce, the banker. After losing her mother when she was very young, she moved here with her father from Emain Macha. Her weak health causes fits of coughing and occasional bouts of dizziness, and because she's still a child doesn't always behave properly. But in Sion's eyes, she's perfect.

Ibbie pretends to be oblivious to Sion's feelings, but don't mistake her as a bratty girl playing games! She's just learned about the heartache of loving someone and depending on them.

Keyword Responses

Ibbie's Equipment


  • At high NPC Intimacy Ibbie's Private Story Keyword reveals that her hometown had an abundance of narcissus (which includes daffodils and jonquils), suggesting that harvestable flower patches are primarily made up of them.
  • Nexon once considered giving Ibbie and Bryce a secret Role-Playing Questline similar to those of other NPCs. A single image[1] was included in promotional materials that showed Ibbie and Bryce with Ibbie's Mother at Fiodh forest.
    • Rumors suggest that Ibbie was supposed to have accidentally wandered off searching for narcissus flowers to give to her mother, only for her mother to die defending Ibbie. A few keyword responses collaborate this, such as the above Private Story response.
    • Narcissus appear as unharvestable props in Fiodh and Coill dungeons. They also appear elsewhere as harvestable props.