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Private Story Keyword

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Private Story
Talk about a topic that is a bit more personal.

How to Get It

Automatically given to every character.

NPC Responses

NPC Pic Location Gen Response
Soul Stream 1
  • (before Generation 1?) My full name is 'Nao Mariota Pryderi'. I know it isnot the easiest name to pronounce. Don't worry, CharacterName, you can just call me Nao. [Learn "Gift to Nao" keyword].
  • (before Generation 1?) If you right-click and drag your cursor during the conversation, you can view different angles. You are staring at me while we're talking, and honestly, it's a little embarrassing. Please roll down the mouse wheel to zoom out and take a few steps back.
  • (before Generation 1?) I believe everyone should cultivate his or her own unique style instead of simply following trends. I'm not just talking about hair style or fashion. I'm talking about lifestyle. It's about doing what you want to do, in a style that's uniquely yours.
  • (before Generation 1?) I have a pet owl. He's a great friend that takes care of many things for me. [Learn "Nao's Owl" keyword].
  • (before Generation 1?) I love to exchange gifts. I can tell from the gift how the other person really thinks of me. The people in Erinn are very fond of exchanging gifts.
    CharacterName, what's your opinion on exchanging gifts with others? Do you like it?
    [Of course, I do!] : Wow! I knew it! I think you and I have something in common. Personally, I feel that people from other worlds are generally not so used to the idea of exchanging gifts. I even heard it from some people that they were surprised to hear such a question.
    [I like receiving gifts.] Hahaha, you're greedy. You'll learn over time that giving gifts is just as rewarding as recieving one. Tell you what, when I get a chance, I will give you something, CharacterName.
    [If it is someone I like, then yes.] : That's an interesting answer. If you're currently with someone, then I definitely envy that lucky person.If ''[sic]'' not, then I sincerely hope you'll find someone soon.
    [I think it is a waste.] : What? Really? I am sorry. I shouldn't have asked.
    [No, not really.] : Oh, I see. But I'm sure you will change your mind if someone surprises you with an unexpected gift.
  • (before Generation 1?) A few years ago, I was locked in a dungeon by the evil Fomor. I do not ever want to go near a dungeon now... I don't even want to think about it. Fortunately, a friend of mine rescued me from there.
    Dungeons are very dark and dangerous, but some claim that they are some of the best places for training and adrenaline rush. The power of the evil Fomors can change a dungeon every time it's visited, but that is the exact reason why the daredevil adventurers who prefer constant changes are that much more attracted to dungeons. [Learn "A Friend of Nao" keyword].
  • (before Generation 1?) Perhaps those that aspire to quickly become the most powerful usually end up unhappy and unsatisfied as their lust for power grows. My friend was one of those that constantly pursued limitless power, and he had it at the very end. Unfortunately, that was the seed that brought his downfall in the end.
  • (before Generation 1?) There are some people who suspect I might be one of the Fomors because of my black dress. I mean, what I wear is none of their business, but someone even speculated that I was the messenger of death. Honestly, I felt really weird when I heard that.
    These days, I don't even know who I am anymore. Maybe I really am one of them, you know.
    Please don't tell me you believe that...
  • (after Generation 1?) Thanks for helping the Goddess and my friend.
    (Character Name), I thank the Gods for bringing you here to Erinn.
Qilla Base Camp (Tutorial) 4
  • I'm Ffion! Please accent the front part of the name.
  • A lot of people ask me about my age... Hey, you've met Tin before, right? Well, just know that I'm at least 3 years older than him, so... You catch my drift?
Vales (Giant Tutorial) 6
  • One time, as I went down Nubes Mountain all alone to see Ffion, I almost got in real trouble.
    I came face to face with a gigantic dragon I've never seen before, I was so scared, all I could do was cry.
    Luckily for me, Taunes happened to be passing by the area and saved me. He first calmed me down, put me up on his shoulders, then blocked the scary dragon's attack.
    If it wasn't for him, what would've happened to me? Even now, I get chills just thinking about it.
  • I do feel what I'm doing here is very special. However, I've never thought of myself as being a special person.
    Since Physis is a special place, I figure even someone like me could be part of something meaningful.
  • Once, I went to a magic school with Humans. I was so envious of the normal life Humans led. Some people get the wrong idea when I say this, but I actually wasn't really good in school. I didn't go to magic school because there was something in particular that I wanted to do,
    I just wanted to hang out and have normal friends. But, adjusting wasn't as easy as I thought.
    Since I'm a little slow and don't have Ffion's bright sociable personality, I'm not good at making friends.
    Because of this a lot of kids made fun of me I was brutally harassed.
  • Ffion once told me that rebirth is like a shadow reflected from the container that holds the spirit's original form.
    But you know what? As I've lived here I realize that the real meaning of rebirth
    is probably two or three times more complicated than that.
  • When he gets lonely, Zeder says he plays music... I don't have talent like that. Instead, I'll sing a song now and then.
    There's this song Ffion taught me. I'm not any good, but you want me to sing it for you? You can sing along with me too.
    Mmm... Cute little forest lizard is rubbing its shiny tail. Washing its golden scales in the Lutra River. Laughing and smiling, spreading its claws.
    How was it? Why are you giving me that look? I knew I shouldn't have sung...sigh...
  • I started this job pretty recently compared to Ffion or Tin. To be honest with you, there's still a lot I don't know.
    But thankfully, Ffion lives nearby, so I ask for her help quite often.
    Ffion is always worried that I'm too young and that I won't do a good job.
    Although she looks younger than me, she is actually quite older than you can imagine, CharacterName.
    She has that much more experience, and she knows a lot of the mysterious secrets, such as rebirth. For me, there are still more things that I don't understand.
    I've been trying hard to learn more things, but I'm still far behind her.
Tir Chonaill (Forest of Spirits) 1
  • You better not judge people by their appearances. You may not believe it, but I have been around this world for a long time.
    Now that I think of it, I lived far too long in my previous life. It's gotten to the point where I got so tired of counting my age that I decided to be reborn.
Filia (Elf Tutorial) 5
  • Hello! I'm Vena.
    You want to know how old I am? It's quite rude to ask a lady her age, don't you know?
  • My name is Vena. Don't ask why. It's always been Vena, ever since the beginning.
  • When I was young, people used to go crazy saying that I looked so pretty, just like a fairy. And then one day, I was looking at myself in the mirror when I realized something.
    I was like... Wow, my beauty definitely far exceeds the level of beauty that can be attained by humans. I'm wondering if I am somehow related to fairies...
    That's why I started on this adventure in search of my fairy family from whom I had been separated as a baby.
    Anyway, that's how I ended up all the way here in Connous where I met the elves. I guess I'm kind of like the unfortunate poor heroine with a secret birth story? Haha.
  • Well, I don't know if there's much I can say about Ffion or Tin. Just because I'm sitting around here giving out color dyes, that doesn't put me in the same category as them. I've got my own colors and my own style, you know.
With the Milletian 21
  • (during First Memoir) Umm, a private story...? I'm not sure if I can really tell you anything that fits that description.
    Umm... I can tell you one thing. I like Forget-me-not flowers! Heehee.
  • (during Second Memoir) Oh, (Character Name)! Can I ask you why you decided to go adventuring with me? Is it...because you think I'm pretty?!
    Y-you can just say no if that's what you really feel! You don't have to look at me like that! Hmph!
    I feel so lucky to have met you. You're so warm and kind... I just feel happy whenever I talk with you!
    I hope I can still talk with you, even after I recover all of my memories.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • My name? I am Alissa. I work here at the mill, helping around with chores. Have you seen my sister? She's at the School. If you happen to go there, go inside the left building. She'll be in the magic class.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • My name is Bebhinn. Don't forget it!
  • Allow me to introduce myself. I'm the head teller of the Erskin Bank, but you can just call me Bebhinn.
  • Excuse me! Did an item just disappear from your Inventory? Please press 'I' and check.
    Did you really press it? Hahaha... So gullible!
  • (at low Intimacy) On the day this bank opened, the bank president, Erskin, came by. He said he was looking for a clerk to work at the new bank. I applied for the job and was hired on the spot. I was hoping to go out to the city... But so it goes...
  • (at low Intimacy) It's important to have a good memory when you work at a bank, not to mention I must always maintain good relationships with the people in town.
  • (at low Intimacy) Why do you want to know so much about me?
Tir Chonaill 1
  • My grandmother named me. I work here at the Grocery Store, so I know one important thing. You have to eat to survive! Food helps you regain your Stamina.That doesn't mean you can eat just anything. You shouldn't have too much greasy food because you could gain a lot of weight.
    Huh? You have food with you but you don't know how to eat it? Okay, open the Inventory and right-click on the food. Then, click "Use" to eat. If you have bread in you[sic] Inventory, and your Stamina is low, trying eating it now.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • Yeah, yeah. I'm a mere shepherd...for now. But I will soon be a mighty warrior!
Tir Chonaill 1
  • A healer's job is to treat sick people. Don't hesitate to come to me if you ever feel sick.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • Once again, welcome to Tir Chonaill.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • I don't have much knowledge, but I am here if you need help.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • I'm the blacksmith of Tir Chonaill. We'll see each other often, CharacterName.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • Lassar means 'flame'. My mother gave birth to me after having dreamed about a wildfire burning the field.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • I run this General Shop. I sell various goods.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • I am Priest Meven. It's so nice to see someone cares for an old man. Ha ha.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • My name is Nora. Please don't forget it.
  • I take care of chores at the Inn. I sometimes get tired of it, but after trying other jobs, I realized this is the job for me. It allows me to daydream.
  • (at high Intimacy) Have you noticed that Malcom is way too friendly with me? I don't know how to treat him now. I appreciate his kindness, but...
  • (at high Intimacy) My mom and dad rest in the graveyard just behind us. My mom died while giving birth to me and my dad died from a disease. If only we had a healer like Dilys in the town back then...
    Sometimes...I'm bitter about it.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • I might sound too proud, but I put a lot of effort into making this place as comfortable for my guests as possible. Please visit us when you need a place to stay.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • Hello, there. I teach combat skills at the School in Tir Chonaill. If you're interested, talk to me with the 'Classes and Training' keyword.
    Hey, hey... This is not free. You'll need to pay tuition for my classes...
Tir Chonaill 1
  • Hmm... Have something to ask me? I'm nothing but a regular fellow from this town. I am but a humble servant of Lymilark, whose duty is to protect this town.
Sidhe Sneacha 1
  • ...Don't try to find out too much about me.
Tir Chonaill (during Chef Exam) 6 (unknown)
Tir Chonaill (Alby Arena) 1 -
Dugald Aisle 1
  • Yes, Tracy is my name. The lumberjack... Hey! Why are you giggling while you ask?
    ...Ha! CharacterName... Your name sounds no better than mine. Actually, yours is even worse.
  • Hey, hey. You're thinking about my name again? I don't like it myself.
    Stop grinning. Don't give me that look any more. It's really disturbing.
Dugald Residential 3
  • I'm Erhard, working part-time for Erskin Bank. I was traveling from place to place in Erinn, until I found myself in need of money, so I'll be working here until I save up enough to travel again.
Dugald Residential 3
  • Oh my,
  • Heehee. You're embarrassing me with your stare.
  • ...Why are you looking at me like that...? Oh my eyelashes, they're not fake.
  • Well, what do you think? Pretty, no? People tell me pretty often, that I'm "Miss Most Humbly Dressed"... Ailionoa from Emain Macha made this dress for me.
    But that Ailionoa, she's... she's quite a finicky person and can be hard to talk to at times. If only she'd be a little more approachable, she'd be really popular.
  • My favorite feature on my face is...haha... Well, some people say that my eyes have a mystical look about them...
    but for me, it's my ears... When I'm bored, I'll rub my ears with my fingers, which is kind of quirky I know. Sometimes, I feel like I can hear the sounds of the ocean.
  • Then some others would say some other things. Let me try to remember... Oh yeah.
    They'd say how I look like a very good girl...
  • And some people ask me if I'm cold, just by looking at the way that I'm dressed. I used to think that maybe they wanted to give me some free clothes or something, but that wasn't what they'd meant. So then, I started talking back to them and said this.
    "Oh, it's because I've got a lot of heat in my body, so I'm fine." Haha.
  • Actually, Lorraine isn't my real name. I used to go by a different name.
    ...But don't you think Lorraine is quite a pretty name? I wanted a name that sounded Milletian and I really like my name a lot.
    Anyway, people here have all sorts of interesting names. I can't think of any specific names off the top of my head but just watching from here, there are so many interesting names, really. (Giggle, giggle).
  • Actually, my head is pretty funny-shaped, I've got a bit of a bulge on the back of my head...
    ...I guess my mother forgot to turn me around while sleeping to shape my head when I was a baby.
Cuilin Residential 13
  • I'm Bernardo, of Erskin Bank. I'm only here on temporary assignment, but I enjoy my work nonetheless.
Cuilin Residential 13
  • I'm taking a break from the stage, but I landed a good role recently. I was prince Fortinbras. I had plenty of lines, but the action scenes are what took the greatest toll...
Dunbarton 1
  • My name? It's Aeira. We've never met before, have we?
  • Hehehe... I may not look the part, but I own this Bookstore. It's okay to be casual, but at least give me some respect as a store owner.
  • [High Favor] My father runs the General Shop near the Square. Have you met him before?
  • [High Favor + Memory] Tee hee hee... You know, my father may seem aloof, but he actually has a big heart. You may find it hard to believe, but it's true!
  • [Low Favor?] Hmm. We may be talking too much. I wonder if that's OK...?
Dunbarton 1
  • Let me introduce myself. My name is Aranwen. I teach combat skills at the Dunbarton School.
  • If you are looking to learn combat arts, it's probably better to talk about classes or training rather than hold personal conversations. But then, I suppose there is lots to learn in this town other than combat skills.
  • (at high Intimacy) Hey! Is that what people say? That I am not a typical woman? This is who I am, and I don't feel the need to change for anyone.
  • (at high Intimacy) I was once a part of the Royal Guards in Dunbarton. At one point, I collected bounties or carried out unofficial requests from the city of Dunbarton. Now, I am content to be a school teacher.
Dunbarton 1
  • My name is Austeyn. Your name is? CharacterName, huh? Ahhh. CharacterName... CharacterName...
  • That's right. I am Austeyn, the manager of this Dunbarton branch of the Erskin Bank. Nice to meet you.
  • Welcome to Erskin Bank, the Dunbarton branch. I am the manager, Austeyn. Ahem.
  • (at high Intimacy) Have you, by any chance, seen a cute lady who's looking for a bank teller position? If you see one, please make sure to let me know.
  • (at high Intimacy) Banking is all about location! The location is really important for a bank. First and foremost, a bank should be established in a place where the traffic is ample and frequent. I had to go through lots of things just to build a bank here.
Dunbarton 1
  • You said your name was... CharacterName, right? Tell me what's going on.
  • I've been kind of busy lately. There are lots of people looking for work.
  • (at high Intimacy) You must be curious about the inside of the Town Office. Heehee... That's where the Lord and the Captain of the Royal Guards are, so you can't just walk in.
  • (at high Intimacy) Thank you for dropping by often. If there is a decent job, I'll set it aside and let you know for sure.
Dunbarton 1
  • Oh, my! Don't be so formal but just call me Glenis!
  • What do I do for a living, you ask? Ha ha. I own this Restaurant, and my name is Glenis. I thought I told you all of this.
  • (at high Intimacy) Bored? Do you want me to keep you company? Ha ha.
  • (at high Intimacy) Ha ha. I really like you. If you are single, I'd love to have you meet one of my kids.
Dunbarton 1
  • Nice to meet you, CharacterName.
  • I am the priestess at this Church. Have you ever heard about Lord Lymilark's deep love and compassion towards humans? You probably have.
  • [High Favor] It is good for you to come to the Church often. It is a sign that the lord is guiding your soul.
  • [High Favor + Memory] I thank Lymilark for my encounter with someone like you. I hope to get to know you more in the future.
  • [???] The gleaming appearance of humans only fades away in time. The only thing eternal is the love which the lord pours out on humans.
  • [Low Favor] There are many people who would ask why I became a priestess amongst other things. Is that so important? Hehehe.
  • [Very Low Favor] It is good that you are asking so many questions but... Somehow, I feel that you are more interested in me than the grace of Lord Lymilark. I feel slightly uncomfortable.
  • [Very Low Favor + High Stress] Pardon me, but I have an appointment with someone else. May we speak later?
Dunbarton 1
  • My name is Manus.
  • I am the healer in this town. I'm good at what I do, so feel free to come by if you get sick.
  • (at high Intimacy) Ha ha! It's always satisfying to restore the health of those who visit here.
  • (at high Intimacy) Actually, I used to be weak as a child. Your body depends on how you take care of it. It's not easy to recover health once you lose it.
Dunbarton 25
  • It's so much fun to sit with the other members of the Society discussing and debating all the latest studies and discoveries. It's so invigorating when a discussion gets heated and we end up shouting across the room and someone tosses a stack of research reports into the air!
    Do you like debates too, CharacterName? I feel like a debate with you would be stirring and dramatic!
  • I can tell you find it hard to believe someone like me could be a member of the Royal Society of Astronomy.
    Not surprising...I'm used [sic]that by now. Still, it's not particularly pleasant when someone as renowned as you looks at me with such incredility.
  • It feels funny to say this, but when I first passed the exams to join the Society, all the members were talking about me. It felt kind of awkward to be the center of attention like that.
    I think it might be in part because of my family. Our house has quite a few notable individuals, but I've never thought I was of particular intelligence.
    When they refer to me as a 'genius' or the 'youngest member of the Society,' it just sort of...doesn't make me feel that good.
    I'm not sure what qualifies one as a true genius, but I'm fairly certain I'm not it.
    Ahem... Sorry, I got off track there. Let's talk about something else.
  • (if it's Raining?)It's so hard to keep my hair tidy on rainy days. My nanny used to do it for me at home, but out here I have to do it myself. I'm doing the best I can, but it's harder than it looks.
    I do just enough so that it doesn't look like a bird's nest every day. I don't want to take too much time away from work and my personal research--it just needs to be managed enough so it doesn't get in the way when I'm poring over papers.
    Hm... I'll bet if my family saw me now, they'd feel a bit sorry for me. They tend to pride themselves on always being quite put-together.
Dunbarton 1
  • I'm Nerys, the owner of this Weapons Shop. Nice to meet you.
  • Aren't you here to buy weapons? Well, I guessing having a chat buddy doesn't hurt.
  • (at high Intimacy) There are actually few weapons built here. They mostly come from Bangor. But if it's something simple, I can repair it...
  • (at high Intimacy) I think the beauty of a weapon is in bringing out the functionality and practicality to its fullest potential. Usually, the more beautiful the weapon, the better it is.
    ...By the way, why do people look at me like that whenever I say this?
Dunbarton 1
  • I don't think we've met. I'm Simon.
  • So, are you saying that you don't know the only Clothing Shop in Dunbarton that happens to be mine? You're denser than you look.
  • (at high Intimacy) I've been too busy lately to make any decent clothes, but feel free to take a look. I may even give you a deal on some.
  • (at high Intimacy) Well, there are some people in this world who take the work of others and pretend that they made it themselves. I guess you could consider them street smart. I don't really like it, though. How about you?
  • (if combined base value of clothes <100,000 Gold but >500,000 Gold)So shallow! You have no taste whatsoever!
    I've seen people like you who spend some money on clothes to show off their uniqueness, but then quit midway through, ending up looking like you.
    You can't impress me with that, so put some effort into it and show me your true beauty.
Dunbarton 1
  • Yes, I'm Stewart. And you are? Hmmm... CharacterName? I teach magic to students here. That makes me a... magic teacher.
  • Mmm... many of the people in this town came from other towns. But some like me or Walter at the General Shop have been here for a long time. I'm not saying there are any particular advantages to that but...haha...
  • (at high Intimacy) Haha... You mean these spectacles? My eyesight is kind of bad. It's because I got into an accident a long time ago... You need to be careful with your eyes, CharacterName. Once they are damaged, it is hard to treat.
  • (at high Intimacy) I was born and raised in this town. I live near that Square. Please stop by when you have time.
  • (at high Intimacy) Haha... You're funny! That's something I lack. Maybe my students got bored because of that... You should try becoming a teacher someday...
Dunbarton 1
  • You a traveler...? I'm Walter.
  • I'm the owner of this General Shop. Take a look around.
  • (at high Intimacy) The girl at the Bookstore near the School is my daughter. ... ...Don't even think about it.
  • (at high Intimacy) Hm!...I'm not proud of starting the General Shop at this age... but, I was once a carpenter before... I'm sure my items are better than most of the tools you'll find elsewhere.
Dunbarton (during Chef Exam) 6 (unknown)
Dunbarton (Rabbie Arena) 3 -
Port Cobh 14
  • You want to hear an exciting adventure story, you say? Hah hah, then you've asked the right person! You see, t'were I that inspired the attack on Belvast isle. Admiral Owen used my information to prepare his Hot-Ait Balloon strategy.
Port Cobh 14
  • There's something amazing about memories. I've endured so much in the past 50 years. Now though, I've forgotten the misery. All that's left is beautiful memories.
Port Cobh 14 -
Abb Neagh Bard Camp 16
  • Listen, I like talking, but it'd take me a month to tell you my life story. You think you have time to sit still and listen? Think carefully before you answer!
Abb Neagh Bard Camp 16 -
Abb Neagh Residential 10
  • The houses around here seem quite expensive. Hopefully, one day I'll have enough money I can afford a nice house, too. A home of my own. Mmm, wouldn't that be lovely? Oh! Heh, just talking to myself.
Abb Neagh Residential 10
  • I'm Clodagh
    I'm in charge of the Abb Neagh branch of Erskin Bank. As I'm sure you've figured out by now, I am a soldier.
Taillteann 9
  • I have no memory of my birth parents and I have no memories prior to meeting my adoptive parents.
    The broken Emerald Arrow inside the Tikka tree is the only clue regarding my birth.
  • Until the Iria Continent was discovered and the Elf race became widely known, I struggled with my identity. I looked so different from everyone else. But it no longer matters. I'm a soldier now.
  • Being a member of the Tara Royal Guards is an honor. This was not only my lifelong dream, it was my parents' wishes as well.
Taillteann 9
  • CharacterName, when I see another youngling like you, it reminds me of my granddaughter Lena. From her birth she suffered from chronic ailments, and she eventually passed away at a very young age. Ah, such a heartbreaking tragedy. I still miss her just as much every day.
  • Once upon a time, I held a government post in Tara, but it wasn't by choice. The Pontiff's Court demanded it. But about the time the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh was winding down, I retired from government and moved here to Taillteann. There were many reasons, but mainly it was because of failing health of Lena, my granddaughter. When I think of the happy times we had here in Taillteann, I don't have any regrets.
  • I knew it would be difficult for Lena to recover, so I was against Cai and Lena's engagement from the start. But ah, what's an old man to do when two people love each other that much?
  • Yes, yes, I know people talk about my wild hair. But I assure you, it's not a wig. Hehehe! You don't believe me?
Taillteann 9
  • Welcome, it's nice to meet you. We have products that have just arrived from Tara, so take your time and look around!
  • The head office of this shop is in Tara, so I guess you can consider this a branch.
  • I may be a tad clumsy, but I am good with my hands. Even Simon's complimented the clothes I make.
  • I grew up in Taillteann, so I'm a little bored of the place. Magnificent dresses, parties every night, my Prince Charming... I've always longed to live in a big city!
  • What do I think of Pierrick? Hmm, why do you ask?
  • Sometimes I want to adopt the same hairstyle as a random customer. Tell me, where do you get your hair done?
  • A woman is like a flower that withers unless it receives a bit of love and care every single day.
  • I don't know what love is yet. I'm so embarrassed! Hehe. Hehehe.
  • I think beauty is a woman's most important trait.
  • A person's clothing reveals much about a person. If I were better with dyes, I'd be wearing a trendy black-and-white outfit right now.
  • Some people think this mole is an imperfection on an otherwise divinely perfect face. But I think it's what makes me extra special!
  • I've been on a diet recently. Can you tell? You don't think I need it, right?
Taillteann 9
  • The raid started by Fomors in Coil Dungeon left the entire Emain Macha in ruins. I believe I first met Jenna around that time.
  • My right eye was injured during the Mag Tuireadh War. Ever since, my vision hasn't been very good. I'm accustomed to it now, so it doesn't hinder my daily life, but I have difficulty judging distance sometimes.
  • I was raised in a family highly devoted to Lymilark, so religion is second nature to me. I suppose that's why it felt right to enter the priesthood.
  • Taillteann is my first appointment as a priest. It was a bit strange to enter the priesthood at such a late age, but the people here have been very helpful.
  • I realize that I am a human being as well as a priest of Lymilark. There are times I get sentimental about members of the opposite gender.
  • Putting on a priestly robe can be quite hassle. It requires many little steps.
  • It's been a little over a year since I was appointed as a Priest of Taillteann. Before that, I worked for the Pontiff's Court in Tara.
Taillteann 9
  • Me? I'm Devi. By your name I'm guessing you're from a rural town up north, right? Haha. No, don't try to explain. I don't really care.
  • Don't think I don't have a brain just because I know how to enjoy life...
  • Being nobility isn't always a good thing.
  • I have loud, crowded places. In that respect, the bank's kind of interesting. It's like my own private show. The same people stop by, day in and day out, with a different story to tell. Heh.
  • If you look at the order of succession to be King, I'm about tenth in line. Of course, that doesn't mean I'll actually be King one day. I wouldn't even want to, to be honest. I'd rather do something fun.
    Rumor has it that a war is brewing. When it does, I'll be on the battleground. Given me status and brains, I'll naturally become a hero, like Lugh Lavada.
  • I wonder what I should do once my military service is over...
  • Sheesh, I'm bored. Did they draft me into the military to bore me death? [sic]
  • You really believe Elves and Giants are equal to Humans? Wow. Just, wow. Even amongst just Humans, there are clear differences in status and classes...
  • Where'd you hear that? Well, yeah, my father's an important guy. So what?
  • If you ever get a chance to visit Tara, go into any pub and tell them you know me. You'll be treated like a VIP. No, no, you don't need to thank me. Consider it my charity work for the month.
Taillteann 9
  • I never found it very difficult to live my life single. Alchemy is my passion, my source of both joy and pain, bliss and agony.
    Hehe, but don't get the wrong idea! That doesn't mean that I've never dated. Truth is, I kind of enjoy having a man around.
  • There is no reason to fear anything in life. There's nothing that can't be understood with the principles of Alchemy.
  • Changing hearts is more difficult than changing substances through Alchemy.
  • I received a title from the Royal Family for being a great Alchemist. It was a great honor, not just for me, but for all Alchemists. Another happy moment was when Leymore, my prized pupil, also received a title.
Taillteann 9
  • I used to live with my mom when I was younger. My dad? I've never met him. He passed away before I was born.
  • There are days when I wonder what it'd be like to live with my mom and attend school like normal kids. Ah, it's just a passing thought.
  • If you happen to visit Tara, can you say hi to my mom for me?
Taillteann 9
  • Elves are a race known to forget things easily. I can't seem to remember.
  • Although our personalities may be quite different, Granites and I are brothers. He is older by a few hours but many assume that I am the older one.
  • Granites's archery skills are second to none. I certainly cannot compete. I have stepped upon many a battlefield and have yet to meet anyone with my brother's precision.
    But Granites lives his own life now and I will not breach the quiet he has earned. But I admit, with the threat of the Shadow Realm looming overhead, his archery skills are sorely missed.
    Granites was not always so cynical. His personality changed after fighting the Giants when Gepard invaded Connous.
    Granites used a mere scouting party to successfully impede the path of the Giant army, earning great renown in the process, though he did not seem pleased about that.
    Afterwards, he was no longer the brother I had known. I do not know what Granites went through during the war. He will not speak of it.
Taillteann 9
  • The person who's most excited that I'm out of Physis has got to be Kirine. My brother, Krug, wouldn't like me saying this, but I absolutely hate her. My brother sent me another gift, just a few days ago, because he's worried about me. But I've been here for a month, and I've yet to get so much as a letter from Kirine!
  • My subordinates tell me that my beauty transcends race, and that even Humans and Elves find by features alluringly irresistible. Of course, I don't particularly care what the other races think. But what else can I do? I was born this way...
  • Not to brag, but I could probably hold my own against Taunes, the greatest warrior in all Physis. At least that's what people tell me... Then add in my beauty and my awesome critical hit rate... Heh heh... Only a fool would dare stand in my way!
Taillteann 8
  • The secret to my good looks is getting eight hours of sleep every night.
  • I love the colors purple and white. What? How did you know that already?
  • Until recently, I was a free spirit that traveled all throughout Erinn.
  • What did I do with my sheep and pigs? How do you think I could afford this store?
  • I think it's only natural to be attracted to beauty.
  • I know, I know, I'm very pretty. But don't be deceived. I'm 100% male!
  • My clothing is always custom made. I can't reveal who designed it though. That's [sic] my little secret.
  • Only someone who's tried on white stockings can truly appreciate them. I know! I was skeptical at first, too, but once I slipped on a pair, oh baby, there was no going back.
  • Doesn't my house look similar to Brenda's house? It's just a coincidence, though. I didn't carefully pick the materials and colors to perfectly complement her house or anything... Hehe.
  • The people in Taillteann used to have a hard time because there was no General Shop or a Grocery Store. That's why I decided to be a martyr and settle down here, haha!
  • You don't have anything against men with earrings, do you?
  • The whole town is talking about whether to support the Pontiff's Court or the Royal Family, but I couldn't care less. As long as my business isn't affected...
  • Geez, despite what you may think, I've never been married before.
Tara 10
  • Money explains a lot of things. It tells you about a person's background, how they were raised, their current life, and it can even show you a glimpse of what they'll be like in the future.
  • Once, I tagged along with Countess Eluned to a ball that was held in the Rath Royal Castle. I can still remember it. The chandelier was sparkling above my head and the bright reflections from the carpet dazzled my eyes. I was also wearing a plum-colored velvet dress I had borrowed from the Countess...and for that short moment, I, Cliona, felt like a real star.
  • To be honest with you, I'm not too big on soldiers. If anything, when they are marching arrogantly with their oversized longswords as thought they are important, they look silly and pathetic. There's even a saying that might capture this feeling. It says that patriotism is the last refuge for thugs with nothing else to do...
  • I believe in the saying that dreams will someday become a reality. And that reality will give birth to more dreams. If there is something you truly desire, you must dream about it. Then one day, that thing will be sitting on your lap. And for that moment, it will be the beginning of another dream.
Tara 10
  • I love riding horses during the little free time I have! I'm still learning, though. Recently, Keith suggested that I take lessons. They were fantastic! I was able to learn in a systematic way, which is exactly what I prefer.
  • One of the responsibilities of the priests is to make sure the holy flame of Lymilark never goes out. And it hasn't yet!
  • The situation today isn't anywhere near so dire as the days of the Mag Tuireadh war. Yes, the Shadow Realm is a threat, but we're not totally at war. Still, the doesn't meant the Temple Knights have become obsolete. Even in this changing world, I am sure they can find a way to serve.
  • As the Chamberlain of the Pontiff's Court, I must restrain myself from making personal statements. There is always a chance that they may be misinterpreted as official positions of the Church.
  • Many people ask me what the duties of a Chamberlain are. Well, I aid the Pontiff by handling the financial affairs of the court. I am also in charge of assigning monastic orders. Unofficially, I am in charge of the Temple Knights, too.
Tara 10
  • I've been interested in fashion ever since I was young. I loved trying new outfits every day. My mother had a large dressing room, and it was packed with accessories and dresses that she received from my father over the years. I would play in the room the entire day and finally come out in the evening.
  • My ideal type of man? I would say... a man with attractive brain. I would actually hate to be with someone like Padan. To give you a specific person, maybe someone like the late Marquis Allestru, who recently passed away from falling from a horse. He was exactly my type... It's unfortunate.
  • Even the best makeup money can buy can't hide my age. I can feel my skin sagging more and more each day...
  • Although not as often as during the time of the late king, a ball is hosted at Rath Royal Castle every once in awhile. During that season, I would receive orders a month early, and it would be overwhelming having to handle all the orders, even when I enlist the help of all the boutique designers for a week.
  • You can have 99 colors, but if you're missing one, all the colors could become worthless. That's my definition of fashion.
Tara 25 (unknown)
Tara 10
  • Drawing might seem hard at first, but when you just try it once, you'll see that it's not so bad.
  • Before I chose the path of an artist, I spent some time wandering. I traveled throughout Erinn and experienced all sorts of things. I once even worked aboard on ships at Port Ceann. I worked under a captain named Carasek, a talented man who played the lute. Although it was a different area of art, his artistic sensibility was quite astounding, and I learned a lot from him.
  • I once traveled all throughout Iria alone for over a year with nothing more than a sketchbook. I wanted to see with my own eyes, all the unfamiliar scenery, the vegetation and the animals, and capture it on paper. When I look back at it now, although there were some difficult moments, I cherish those experiences because they helped shape me into the person I am today.
  • My sister was the biggest influence on me becoming an artist. There's something my sister always used to tell me. She told me to always ask myself what I really want and why I wanted it. That bit of advance has become my fuel for inspiration. My sister works as a priestess at the church in Tir Chonaill, and although we are far apart, we write each other often and keep in touch.
Tara 10
  • By any chance, have you heard of a kid named Eabha from Taillteann? Apparently, he's this little boy with amazing alchemy skills. I've only heard rumors about him, so I've been curious to know if this alchemy prodigy really exists.
  • If I knew alchemy would require much studying, I would've just gotten married or something.
  • Teacher Dorren once stopped by our shop while she was visiting Tara. If only I made a good impression on her, I would be studying under her... I was so nervous that when she asked for a Fire Crystal, I gave her a Water Crystal instead... Sigh, I was making mistake after mistake.
  • To be honest with you, CharacterName, I haven't even completely mastered the Water Cannon. It's pretty embarrassing.
  • I know there are customers that come here that aren't alchemists. I guess even these plain alchemists clothes can't hide my beauty, hehe.
  • Everyone was shocked when I told them I was going to be an alchemist. I wasn't the best student when I was young, hehe.
Tara 10 -
Tara 10
  • I've never really counted all my money, so I don't know exactly how much I'm worth. But because the Erskin Banks in Iria have surprisingly been doing well lately, I heard that my total worth is almost even with King Ethur Mac Cuill's!
  • Although I can have any item I want at the Erskin Emporium's boutique, I don't like any of the designs there. I usually get my clothes from Ailionoa, the Emain Macha designer, at her shop called Tre'imghse Cairde. Actually, she made the jacket that I have on right now!
Tara 10
  • Although Andras is my adopted daughter, I have always treated her as my own. When I think about it now, I regret the fact that I didn't reveal the truth about her birth and race a little earlier. If I had, her hurt and confusion might've healed faster. In the end, I'm just grateful that she grew healthy and well.
  • Because of my strong interest in ancient relics and antiques, ever since the dawn of the Iria era, everyday has been new and exciting because of all the rare relics I've discovered on the new land. I am paricularly interested in this Irinid figure that the Elves and Giants regard as God.
Tara 10
  • Let's keep this between us, CharacterName, but I have a dilemma these days. I'm dropping weight like crazy because I'm stressing over this! Sigh. That doesn't help when my growth is already stunted! Err...solve my dilemma please! (Triggers the quest Lileas' Worry.)
  • My dream is to export my Honet Drink to other cities such as Bangor, Dunbarton and Emain Macha. Then one day, I want to go across the ocean to Iria and market my Honey Drink to the Elves and Giants as well.
  • Lileas's Honey Drink is a healthy and nutritious drink made from pure, rare honey extracted from mother nature in Tara.
    It's made with the secret recipe that began with my grandma and has now been handed down through the generations. My grandpa even drank this drink and knocked out a bear with one hit.
    Even Karpfen, who has a 29-1-1 record at the Jousting Tournament always has a Honey Drink before games.
    Do you want to buy one? Then press the 'Shop' button now!
  • I've actually trained a lot of the players. Karpfen, the Ice Man of the Jousting world, was trained under me and players like Adair, Gornevez, Melor and Lota have all started their careers under me.
    I would say the most important thing a player needs is 'hunger'. Not the kind of hunger your stomach experiences, but a psychological a strong sense of desire.
Tara 10
  • I once had a dream about becoming a Jousting Tournament contestant. I even played a few matches and won. If it wan't for my freak accident, when I fell off the horse, I might be leading a completely different life right now.
  • My shoulder still gets dislocated once in awhile because of the injury when I was a player. It doesn't affect my daily living, but I get worried that it could be a fatal weak spot in the heat of the battle.
  • I go see some jousting matches once in awhile, but each time I go, I can't help but feel nostalgic.
Tara 10
  • The Pontiff's Court has no choice but to keep its distance from alchemy. Especially concerning attempts at life alchemy, it completely goes against the ethics of the Lymilark's teachings.
  • I know some are critical that the church is too conservative, but I don't think the Lymilark church is too narrow-minded.
  • In orders to free ourselves from the shadow that's been cast on the entire kingdom and to eliminate the Fomor threat, the Holy Knights must be resurrected. Everyone acknowledges the fact that the Holy Knights were behind the scenes at the victory of the Mag Tuireadh war. However, following the war, the Holy Knights became a political scapegoat and were buried in darkness. But today, with the escalating threat of the Shadow Realm, the resurrection of the Holy Knights might be our last hope.
Tara Rath Castle 12
  • Lileas and I may be siblings, but our personalities are completely different. I'm quiet and introverted while she's outgoing and even loves talking to strangers! She may be young, but she's a great businesswoman. She's made quite a bit of money selling honey.
  • My mother passed away shortly after Lileas was born, so I basically raised her on my own. Our father lived in this city, earning money for us, so Lileas and I spent our childhoods at my grandfather's farm. Gradually, I learned to love trees and flowers. Naturally, I became a gardener!
  • I was overwhelmed with I first came to the Royal Castle, but I've since picked up most of the etiquette. Sinead's been a great help with that.
  • I spend a lot of time under the sun, so I always wear a hat. This particular one is old, but it holds a lot of sentimental value.
  • If a gardener is lazy, even for a single day, it will show in his work. No, gardeners must be diligent and meticulous.
Tara Rath Castle 11
  • The Royal Library boasts the largest collection of books in all of Erinn! Some are quite rare, too! Managing this place is no mean feat, so I'm thankful to have people like you help out, CharacterName.
Tara Rath Castle 11
  • I was born in Emain Macha, but my father's taken me all around the world to perform. Since I've always been on the road and now I'm here, I don't really have many memories of my hometown...
  • Thanks to a recommendation from Bishop Wyllow, Leopold, the Tara Cathedral Music Director, took me as a student! He used to scold me a lot, but I suppose that's what it took to get me to where I am today!
  • People are so surprised when they see how young the Royal Court Head Musician is. I used to feel bad about that, but I'm used to it now. It doesn't bother me anymore. Not much, atleast.
  • The Erskin family used to regularly sponsor concerts in Tara. One time, the King was there, and he must've liked my performance because he appointed me the Royal Court Head Musician, even though I was so young! My dad and Leopold were more excited than I was...
  • Before I fall asleep at night, I let my imagination run wild. I love the crazy things my imagination comes up with!
  • No matter how sad or depressed I feel, I never let it show. I always smile. I don't want others to feel sad because of me.
Tara Rath Castle 11
  • When I was younger, I served as a chef for the Royal Guards. Let me tell you, I broke the hearts of quite a few female soldiers! Of course, not I'm older and losing my hair. Those days are but a distant memory. Plus, I have Arzhela.
  • My daughter's name is Edna. She used to be so obedient. Now, she's gotten so headstrong. She refuses to study and stays out until all hours! Last night, she didn't come home until the Moon Gates closed! I was so worried I filled a report at the Town Office...
  • When my wife divorced me, I was too depressed to cook. No spice in the world could tempt my sense. All seemed lost, but I, Glewyas, never gave up! I clung to my cooking. I forced myself to cook! I even slept with my ladle some nights. Finally, my efforts paid off. I created a dish so tremendous, the human mind can barely process it. It's like biting right into Tir Na Nog.
  • Sacrifice everything for the perfect dish!
  • Sacrifice everything for the sake of cooking! Money, fame, girls, you name it. Trust me, once you taste a beautiful dish you created with your own hands, you'll understand.
  • Even on the day the Shadow Realm overtakes our world, have no fear! Dessert will be here! Yes it will, because I will cook it! See, my cooking makes the world a better place.
  • Don't live a medium rare life! Real men like it RAW! Live life to the fullest. Let nothing go to waste.
  • A stew that does not boil can't be considered a stew at all. A dish that hasn't been completed is simply not a dish.
Tara Rath Castle 11
  • Oh, I beg your pardon. Have I introduced myself? My name is Sinead. I assist His Royal Majesty by serving as the Royal Court Secretary.
  • I've assisted His Royal Majesty King Ethur Mac Cuill II since he was just a prince. Although he is the king and I am merely his servant, he often talks to me as if we were old friends.
  • My maternal grandfather also served as Royal Court Secretary. I suppose it must run in the family...
  • My job puts me in the spotlight. I have to constantly watch what I say. At times, my words have been taken out of context and purposely twisted to suit someone else's agenda. So I must always be on guard. Perhaps that's why people in the castle seem uncomfortable with me. But what can I do? Such is the nature of my job...
  • Although His Royal Majesty has ruled for quite some time, the kingdom is still in a period of transition. The growing animosity with the Pontiff's Court... The threat of the Fomors... Yes, His Royal Majesty is making it his utmost priority to strengthen his position on the throne. I've no doubt things will stabilize soon.
Emain Macha 2
  • Hehe... Am I that pretty? Whether a man or a woman, people seem to always ask me at least one personal question.
Emain Macha 2
  • I run this Clothing Shop. Please, feel free to take a look around.
Emain Macha 2
  • I am the Captain of the Guards. It is the responsibility of the Royal Guards to protect the Lord and his family but since we don't have a separate army, we are also in charge of protecting the city.
Emain Macha 2
  • I'm the leader of the Paladins, and I'm in charge of the training program here. If you want to dedicate your life to fighting Fomors, please sign up for the Paladin Training Course!
Emain Macha 2
  • Ah, people keep confusing me and Delen... and Delen seems to enjoy it... Last time, she was flirting with Aodhan pretending to be me. I was so embarrassed...
Emain Macha 2
  • Grr. All Del does is nag, nag, nag. Just because she's older by a couple of minutes... Always trying to act like she knows so much more than me, like she's sooo much older than me.
    ... I don't think she even understands half the things she says...
Emain Macha 2
  • Me? I'm the second best Chef in Emain Macha! Although I'm still learning.
Emain Macha 2
  • Where are you from, CharacterName? I'm from the mining city renowned for Adamantium! I'm from B-A-N-G-O-R!
Emain Macha 2
  • People say I'm obsessed with cooking. But, if you're not obsessed with something, you can't really achieve anything!
Emain Macha 17
  • Why don't you tell me about yourself, first?
  • I prefer to share such things with my friends.
  • My family's run this place ever since my great grandfather founded it. It even survived the Tragedy of Emain Macha. My father and I think it's the pride of the city, though not everyone will agree...
  • All of our best-selling puppets are father's old designs. I've designed plenty myself, but they're not exactly popular with most performers.
  • Macaulay's worked here the longest out of anyone. He doesn't really care for puppets; he just likes working with his hands. He's been here even longer than father. He's like family at this point.
  • Father has always been good to me, but sometimes I wonder if things would have been different if mother had lived longer. Neither of us got enough time with her. Though I'm sure the gods had a reason for taking her from us so soon...
  • Everyone who works here is like family to me. Even our newest employees have been with us for atleast three years.
  • No matter what the healers try, father isn't getting any better. I'm thinking of taking a trip to Iria and meeting the chief of Cor. He has magical remedies better than any of the medicines of Uladh.
  • I don't know why I can't find a woman to go out with me! All I want is a wife who wants to follow my family tradition, who has amazing carpentry and handicraft skills, who can synthesize and fragmentize with ease... Who can fish and wrestle fishes with me out at sea, and who can pick out the right herbs and brew potions, and of course who loves puppets and puppetry! I'm not asking too much, am I? It sounds reasonable to me.
  • Have you met my father? He's quite a prankster. He'd dress his marionettes like ghost and chase me around in the middle of the night when I was little! Thanks to him, I'm fearless now. Nothing's scarier than that man's puppets!
  • This face of mine has caused me lots of trouble. People are slow to trust me, and I can't say I blame 'em. Sure, I did when I was little, but I get it now.(Huw shrugs and smiles bashfully.) How'd I get to such a strange topic of conversation? I'm sure you'd rather talk about business.
Emain Macha 2
  • The Church here has dominion over affairs of all the other churches in central Uladh. There is much more work here as a result, but I have to say that it is definitely more fulfilling too. I am very happy in my position here.
Emain Macha 2
  • You'd rather talk about personal matters instead of business... You are a random person, CharacterName. Hahaha...
Emain Macha 2
  • How do you like this place? I'd like to hear your honest opinion on it. Well, I think you are smart enough to know what I'd like to hear...*chuckle*.
Emain Macha 2
  • My name is Nele. It means "Clouds"... I go wherever the wind blows... wherever my feet lead me... With my name, don't you think it fits that I am sort of a wanderer?
  • Do you beleive in destiny, (Character Name)? Well... I do. I am sure you have a very unique destiny awaiting you. How do I know this? I just do... I just do.
  • For some reason, whenever I talk to you, (Character Name), you remind me of this girl... who'd left me a long time ago. She was very nice and easygoing just like you.
    Hehe, I think I just caught a cold. Why do I keep getting a lump in my throat?
Emain Macha 2
  • Heeheehee... Osla, that is my name...
    Heh... You already knew...? Are you interested in me? That makes me feel so gooooooood...
Emain Macha 2
  • It's my job to look at your horoscope as consult and chat with my clients.
    It's better to have hope in the future rather than worrying about tomorrow, right? That's what horoscopes are for.
Emain Macha 2
  • Wait, are you trying to hit on me? Hahaha!
Emain Macha 2
  • Me? I'm Tyron, and I've been here for a few years now, still taking Paladin classes. Which means... I've been here longer than you!
    Well, that doesn't really matter. Wanna be friends?
Emain Macha 2
  • I am merely a Priest who spreads the knowledge and words of Lymilark. If you, too, give your all to him, then you won't need to be scared or struggle with your current quests. Plus, your eyes will be opened to the truths of this world...
Emain Macha (during Chef Exam) 6 (unknown)
Emain Macha (G2) 2
  • I have given up my life for the rebuilding and prosperity of Emain Macha...
    Anyways, the Lord is very tired, so please don't bother bringing up such trivial things right now.
Emain Macha (G2) 2
  • [Esras:] How dare you! Your insubordination is beyond the pale! Please, put in some thought before you ask my Lord any more questions!
Ceo Island 2 -
Ceo Island 2
  • I am... only the Spirit of water...
Sen Mag 2
  • My name is Fleta. I come out here when I get bored.
Sen Mag Residential 3
  • I'm Elain. I own a general shop. But then... Some people confuse me with my sister Lorraine and they'll call me Lorraine sometimes, but I think that's just plain, outright rude. ...That's my sister, not me. So what if we're twins, you should be able to tell us apart. Don't you think that's just so rude?
Sen Mag Residential 3
  • Who, me? Ahh, my name is Leslie. Erskin Bank opened up a branch office here for all you adventurers in Sen Mag. Hmm, and I...uh... I recently got an incredibly beautiful, cute and kind...and really really loyal, attractive...woman. But only months after our wedding, I was sent to take over this post here all by myself...Augh... Elsie... I miss my wife so much...
Gairech 1
  • My name is Seumas... *Pant* I'm the Director of this Dragon Ruin excavation site... *Pant*
    Put simple, I'm like an on-site construction manager. *Pant*
  • Hahaha... You got a good impression from me? (gasp, gasp)
    I guess I hear that often... (gasp, gasp)
Bangor 1
  • My name is Bryce. I take care of bank duties here. Is there anything I can help you with?
  • I have a daughter. Her name is Ibbie... Would you mind playing with her... If that's okay?
    It's a shame that her father is too busy with work to be there for her.
    ... In the end, nothing has changed even after moving to Bangor.
Bangor 1
  • I told you my name a while ago, right? My name is Comgan... I'm the priest of this town... Everyone is rather puzzled at my young age, but I am a priest who has been officially ordained with a certificate of approval from the Pontiff's office. I am not a shady character so please don't look at me so suspiciously.
  • As a matter of fact, since childhood, I felt peace whenever I was in the Church...
    But I never thought I would become a priest like this. I, too, used to think that only those mature in age could become a priest...
Bangor 1
  • My name is Edern. I am the blacksmith in this town. I own the Bangor Blacksmith's Shop. And you, who ask such obvious questions, are CharacterName. There are plenty of spaces to handle metal, so feel free to use the available space.
  • You wonder if this long hair bothers me when I work? Grrr... You don't understand. Hair is the symbol of power and wisdom. Cutting it simply because it's annoying won't win the respect of the customers.
    Having long hair is not for everyone.
Bangor 1
  • I'm Elen. And you are...CharacterName? I see. Nice to meet you.
  • Many travelers come to this town. After all, you seldom find places that make metal products as meticulously as we do. There are also many people who come to learn the trade.
    What brings you to this town?
Bangor 1
  • ...Kids these days have no manners. Don't you think you should introduce yourself first before you ask the name of your elders?! What are they teaching the kids at home these days? Hopeless...
  • I've been in this town for a long, long time. Yep. I know everything about how this town has changed over the years and came to be where it is now. Everything.
    ... Someone like you could never know it. Nope. Never.
Bangor 1
  • My name...? Didn't I tell you? Ibbie...Just call me Ibbie.
  • ...I moved to this town with my daddy. He works at the Bank.
    I think he's been really busy lately...
Bangor 1
  • My name? It's Jennifer. Ha ha. Welcome to my Pub.
  • You seem to have the wrong idea about me simply because I work at a pub. But we actually started off as a grocery store at first.
    Huh? You don't believe me, do you? It's true. This place was just a grocery store. But the item that sold the most was beer. The revenue for beer was higher than anything else. So we just changed the store into a pub. Hehe...
    You gotta give what the people want, right?
Bangor 1
  • My name is Riocard. Rio. Card. I work here. If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to call me.
  • When I see people stuck in the daily grind, I can't help but wonder why they live like that...
    I know I'm not that old or anything, but I think there's more to life than that.
    If you have a dream, then you should reach out and seize it! What do you think?
    ...This job is only temporary. I have bigger dreams, you know?
Bangor 1
  • My name is Sion, hehe. I manage this awesome water mill. If you want to refine ore, make sure you come talk to me.
  • Have you met my dad yet? He works at the excavation site over there. *Sigh* I miss him...
Port Ceann 3
  • My name is Shenon! A future captain! I'm just a seaman right now, but someday... ha haha!
  • Oh, and do you know Sion from Bangor? Yeah, he's my cousin!
    Well... he's not a close cousin... he's actually a bit far from our immediate family... but it's complicated. Cousins are cousins, you know!
Port Ceann/Connous Boat 25
  • I may not be much to look at now, but I was once considered one of the finest mages in all of Filia. I served proudly in the war against the Giants, though that campaign would end up being my last.
    After the war, I instructed children in magic until I eventually found work here, aboard this ship. Now that those children have grown up and come into their own, I can rest easy knowing Filia is in good hands.
  • Back in my rather hot-blooded youth, I sought out fights. If I heard word of a battle, I’d be there. I’ve little to show for that time in my life, though, save for a jagged scar on my back.
    It looks worse than it actually is, though it makes my daughter upset when she sees it. If I’d known it would be such a problem, perhaps I would’ve acted with a bit more restraint back then.
    ...Why are you giving me that look? Surely you, too, have a few moments in your life that you’re not exactly proud of. Everyone does!
  • If you’re curious as to whether I like working on a ship… To be perfectly frank, it’s not that pleasant.
    I struggled a great deal with the nausea in the beginning. Even now, I can just barely keep it under control. But…this is the job I signed on to perform, so I may as well do it to the best of my ability, right?
    ...Let me know if you start to feel queasy. I have some tea that’s very effective at quelling a bout of seasickness.
  • Since I retired from my former duties, I’ve been helping teach magic to the children of the town. The memories of the war still linger; at times strongly enough that I would doubt my own efficacy in a pitched battle.
    It was around that time when I noticed a child without any friends or family. It was obvious that she had been wandering in the desert wilderness for a long time until the accursed effects of transmogrification had finally waned.
    I still don’t know how she was able to survive for so long alone; how she was able to bear the burden. But the moment I saw her face, I knew I couldn’t turn my back on her.
    Her resemblance to the only family I ever knew was…striking, to say the least. It was as if my dear sister had been reborn into the world.
    I took her in, vowing to give her the best life I was able. For her sake, I would gladly bear this monotonous voyage, Castanea’s reproach, and more.
  • Sometimes, I feel afraid of meeting people, or of making new acquaintances.
    It’s just…all those I ever cared for are gone now. All I have left in this world is my daughter.
    There’s nothing I wish for more deeply than to see her made well. That’s why, with every voyage, I do my best to suppress my seasickness and tough it out aboard this ship.
    Someday, though, my many travels will bear fruit and I’ll find a way to restore her to health. I can…and I must.
  • Perhaps all who live long enough experience this, but I often find my thoughts wandering to idle “what ifs” when things are slow.
    Because I brought that child into my home after the Memory Tower was demolished, I didn’t realize she was sick until it was too late…
    Back when everyone in Filia shared a communal memory, I surely would have found out sooner. If I had, things wouldn’t have ended up like this.
    I… I could not bear to lose her. Not when I’ve already lost so much…
  • Why does this keep happening? First my sister, and now this innocent child who bears so similar a likeness. If only I had been quicker…
Port Cobh/Dominion of Belvast Boat 4
  • I'm Carasek, the captain of this ship. I used to be a pretty respected bard back in my day. People used to call me the 'Lute-playing Hottie'...That was my nickname... I can still feel to this day, the warm passion that I used to feel on my lute.
Port Ceann/Sella Boat 25
  • If your impression of me is as a woman who cares little for weaponry, you have the right of it.
    I prefer to avoid causing harm if possible. Yet if one must, is it not more efficient to get someone else to do it?
  • Do you think I style my hair, dress in fine clothing, and maintain a polished appearance out of mere vanity?
    If you present yourself seriously, you pressure your opponent to regard you as such. If you reveal one chink in your armor, it’s as though you’ve already lost half the battle.
  • There were more than a few who viewed me with contempt, believing I lacked all pride as a Giant.
    But I refused to give up. Even if I was no good with weaponry, I vowed to bide my time, searching for a path I knew I could walk.
    When we struck a deal with the merchants of Uladh, I was the only one able to steer the negotiations toward protecting our people’s interests without being swayed by ulterior motives.
    Perhaps they have finally realized brute force is not the only kind of strength worth having.
  • What I like most about Port Sella is the beautiful lighthouse that stands there alone, lighting the harbor. Something about it speaks to me.
    You would miss it sorely were it gone, but people do not always notice how important a thing is until they experience its absence.
    Hoho… Rather like me, I would say. Do you, too, ever wonder if your presence is like a lighthouse for others?
Port Connous 15
  • My name is Karis, and I'm the captain of this ship. I was made captain when I received this ship from my brother Carasek. People often confuse me with "Handsome Lutist" Carasek, but they learn once they see how different our personalities are.
Port Cobh/Qilla Boat 25
  • Do you have any brothers or sisters, (Character Name)? I actually have two older brothers AND a younger sister. Siblings have a way of keeping you on your toes.
    My little sister is such a cutie, so of course I dote on her. Speaking of, I’d better remember to get some of her favorite snacks after work. Seeing her face light up will make it so worthwhile!
  • Huh? You want to know more about me, (Character Name)? I dunno…that feels like it could swerve into my private life!
  • Gazing out at the sea always makes me feel better. Do you feel the same, (Character Name)?
    It’d be even nicer to be here at the sea with a special someone. …Wouldn’t you agree?
  • Sayiv is so pretty, and a real sweetheart to boot. Sometimes, I wonder if she doesn’t get lonely working by herself at the port…
    But when I take some time to pay her a visit, I always end up seeing her having a lively chat with someone or other about work! Do I really just have bad timing, or does she know…?
    Haha. Still, I guess Sayiv’s unflagging work ethic is part of her charm. I remember being smitten with her even back when I was working at that clothing shop.
  • When I was younger, I never would’ve dreamed I’d find myself working on a ship. I used to get seasick so easily. Now? I’m totally fine. I don’t think I’d be able to do this job otherwise.
    Uuugh, I wish she’d never seen how seasick I used to get… Thinking back on it now makes me cringe so hard. I’d love to wipe the entire experience from my memory… and maybe her memory too, while I’m at it.
  • I’ve always grown fast, even since I was a kid. These days, I’m actually taller than both of my older brothers.
    I think it’s ‘scause my brothers always let Sheena and me have first dibs if we got some good food or snacks. Kind of weird, but I wasn’t complaining.
    Even though I’m grown up now, it’s like they still see me as their kid brother, even though I look more mature than they do. Er…in my opinion, of course.
  • Turns out, I have pretty big hands. I always thought they were totally normal until I started comparing them with other people.
    ...Hey, (Character Name), you wanna compare hands? Let’s see who’s got the bigger palms! The longer fingers!
  • I have a younger sister named Sheena, though there’s quite a few years between us compared to me and my brothers. A while back, when I was first getting acquainted with Igerna and Caoimhin, I mentioned her in passing.
    Caoimhin usually looks so aloof, and that was the first time I saw his expression actually soften! I think Caoimhin’s daughter must be around the same age as Sheena. Or whatever the Elf-equivalent age range is…
    It sounds like she’s got a frail constitution like Sheena, too. Caoimhin was a bit light on the details, but that’s the impression I got hearing him talk about her. Sheena’s health is a lot better than it used to be, though, so I hope his daughter’s condition will improve too.
  • The Port Cobh Pub seems pretty popular with sailors of all stripes. To be honest, though, I’ve always wondered what all the fuss was about.
    Their beer is too bitter, and it tastes awful! But Igerna’s always telling me it’s because I haven’t tasted the bitterness of life yet.
    Huh? C’mon, (Character Name), don’t tell me you actually agree with her… I’ve been through plenty, I assure you!
    ...H-hey, I’m being serious! Don’t laugh!
  • Heh… I used to be more fair-skinned, but I guess getting a tan is unavoidable when you’re out on the open ocean most days.
    I figured, if I’m going to get tanned, I at least hope it looks good on me. Sayiv always says that healthy-looking guys are the most handsome, so I’m all for achieving maximum health!
    Haha… to be honest, I’ve been working out in the evenings, after my shifts are over. My biceps and my abs have got some serious definition going on now, but… the, er, ‘relevant parties’ I had hoped to impress haven’t seemed to notice yet.
    *sigh* …Even so, I won’t give up!
  • I’ve become pretty good at household chores. Cooking, dusting, cleaning the fishes…you name it! Pretty impressive, eh?
    You have no idea how messy the house gets without me around. My eldest brother has a real knack for making a mess, and I’m the one who’s always been there to swoop in and clean it up!
    ...Though, these days we’re living apart, ‘cause he’s on some sort of long-term assignment. Anyway, our house was always a comfy and lively place to be, even if things did get a bit hectic at times.
Various 2 (unknown)
Redire Various 2
  • Everything's changed... since that day. It was after the tragedy of Emain Macha.
    ...I don't know what had exactly happened... Even as I think about it now, I don't know where it went wrong.
Tech Duinn 25 (unknown)
Tech Duinn 25 (unknown)
Tech Duinn 22 (unknown)
Tech Duinn 25 (unknown)
Tech Duinn 22 (unknown)
Qilla Base Camp 4
  • I'm Alexina, the Expeditionary Leader of this camp. I'm helping out here temporarily but I too am an explorer just like you.
Qilla Base Camp 4
  • Well, my name is... Effie... As you can see... I have a General Shop.
    Exploring and going on adventures are dangerous... So if I can be of any help to other people... That's all I wish for.
Qilla Base Camp 4
  • As you can see, from the 'determined' look of my outfit, I used to be quite the feisty gang member back home. Granted I was sent out to this land of nature by my high-and-mighty father who'd had enough of me running around with the gang.
    Anyway, I find the wide open nature of the prairies to be quite a bit more provoking to test my determination. I have to say, even more so than in the crowdedness of city life.
    So what do you think? Wanna go riding with me?
Qilla Base Camp 4
  • Hi, I'm Heulfryn. I take care of all sorts of little minutiae of things around this camp.
    Excuse me...? Why is a priest not in a priest's robe? Well... I was wondering when you were going to ask me.
    I'm actually not officially a priest. I've studied to become a priest so I can make you the Holy Water of Lymilark, but I guess I'm more like a Healer slash Magician, per se...
    There aren't any churches around here, and a lot of people are always looking for the Holy Water of Lymilark, so I've decided to make some available to people even though I'm not an official priest.
Qilla Base Camp 4
  • My name's Nicca. You should know that. Look, I wanted to explore ruins dungeons, which is why I'm here. I don't know how, but it's just my luck, I somehow ended up here repairing armors and weapons... Man...
Port Qilla 25
  • My father is one of the greatest merchants in Uladh, and ever since I was a child, I’ve heard the story of how he started with nothing but the clothes on his back and a pocket full of dreams and put in the hard work to ride to the top. I could probably recite some version of it in my sleep at this point.
    He really IS amazing, though. My mom died not long after I was born, and it can’t have been easy for him to make money like he did while having to raise a baby on his own.
    I guess that’s why so often, at the dinner table, he’d tell me how important it is not to forget the hard times, and to always be humble and eager to learn.
  • Have you stopped by any of the Iria Trading Posts? We really gave our blood, sweat, and tears negotiating with the Elf and Giant representatives to secure the permission to build these outposts.
  • When I get really curious about something, it’s like there’s an ember burning in my mind–so much so that it’s hard to even fall asleep at night!
    I have this, uh, compulsive need to see things for myself and touch them with my own hands. The folks at the Commerce Association tell me I remind them of my dad in that way.
    Hehe. But it’s only natural for a daughter to take after her father, right?
  • I wonder what it would’ve been like to grow up with my mom around…
    Would we have been close, like my dad and I are? Would we have had ‘girls day’ shopping trips on the weekends, looking at nice clothes and eating little sandwiches at some trendy cafe?
    Are you close to your mom, CharacterName?
  • Bwah… I think I’m going to get myself a nice, hot bowl of soup once I’m done for the day. What do you like to eat when you just want to chill and decompress, CharacterName?
    I like stuff that’s spicy. It jazzes me right back up! Oh, and I really like hot pot dishes, too!
    I know a good place. We should go there sometime!
  • I make regular visits to Sella, Connous, and even Port Cobh and Port Ceann. Having to travel by ship so often does get tiring sometimes, but I guess it comes with the job.
    Huh? Why don’t I use the Moon Gate or Mana Tunnel? So I can mingle with the people aboard the ship, of course!
    I just love meeting new people. Don’t you, CharacterName?
    • [Answer: I feel the same!]
      I figured you might! Maybe that’s why we get along so well. Hehe… I’ll bet we could become pretty good friends!
      There’s just something about meeting all sorts of different people that puts life and everything in perspective. And when I experience all that, it helps me understand myself better too, you know?
      That sounded pretty cool and mature, huh? Haha, I was just kinda channeling my dad for a second there.
    • [Answer: I prefer being alone…]
      Huh. Really? Doesn’t it get lonely, though?
      I always feel really lonely when no one’s around and I’m just standing here by myself. Sure, it’s fun to people-watch, but the hours always pass so much more quickly when I have someone to chat with.
      Still, I guess it’s nice to be able to go somewhere quiet when you’re trying to focus or you have something on your mind.
      …Ugh. It really does get lonely out here sometimes. Some days, I just look forward to finishing my work so I can go eat something yummy with my friends and lounge around at home.
Fishing Boat (Muyu Desert) 4
  • I can get around without my glasses, yeahh. But my right eye, which is near-sighted, gives me a little bit of a headache sometimes. That's why I wear my glasses while I'm working. I've grown pretty accustomed to wearing glasses all the time at this point, so much so that some people think I look a whole lot better with glasses, than without.
  • Well, you know your hair is a type of skin too. You need to take good care of your hair. People like me who dye our hair should probably take even better care. I've been washing my hair using the juices squeezed out of seaweeds and kelp.I know there's all sorts of rumors flying around about Captain Petra and myself. Granted, our relationship is strictly professional, I can see why people might have their suspicions since we're all alone out here, just the two of us. But actually, when you think about it, there's not much to be said about out relationship, really, since I'm just a hired hand, I end up being very careful around Captain Petra, who is my boss. Not only that, Captain Petra is so far from my ideal type of woman. I mean,I just don't like women who elicit fear in others.
  • Well, you know how they say... the seabreeze is not so good for your skin. I'm thinking it must have something to do with all the salt in the air. I've been feeling the repercussions of that a lot nowadays. Ever since I've started working here, it seems that my pores have gotten bigger. Do you have any suggestions for me?
Fishing Boat 4
  • Everyone in my family, from my grandfather, father, uncles and brothers were all seamen, and they all lost their lives at sea, unfortunately. They were such great people...We couldn't recover most of their bodies. I don't know if that's what it is, but the memories of my middle brother, who died at sea in the midst of a huge storm are still so vivid. It just seems like it was yesterday. His corpse was wrapped in a soaking wet blanker and was moved to our house. But I just couldn't allow myself to check his face and identify him. I was just staring into a corner of the blanket covering his body, counting the water stains. Life is... You know, life is so unpredictable. It's just like how you just never know how things are going to turn out and which way your life will go. You might come across an amazingly rich fishing ground completely unexpectedly, or hit a hidden reef that might turn your life into complete despair in just one moment.
Cor 7
  • We feel the wind on our fingertips. The wind carries the history of our ancestors that once lived in this realm. In the beginning, everything was created from the mind of the Great Spirit of Irinid. Her mind itself was the universe. The wings of a dragon shaded the sun like a thick curtain, and the breath scorched the land of Courcle and dried up the Mother River Suytu, revealing its cracked bottom. As the sound of grief echoed in the air, Irinid, the great spirit brought the first light, appearing from the ocean where the sun rose. Irinid gave wisdom and sharp Coyote fang to the Par Giants so they could overcome fear and fight the dragon.
  • Always be thankful for the blessings of the Great Spirit of Irinid. Nothing in this universe lasts forever. Everything comes and goes: even gold eventually rusts and diamonds shatter. Like old pictures, we all fade away. Like old flowers, we wither up. Like aging birds with long, vulnerable necks and shedding feathers, it is obvious that we are all fated to meet our end.
  • Bravery is necessary for us to assert control in our lives and reach our limits. The truly courageous are never consumed by despair, fear, anger, or fury because they know how to control themselves. We breathe, and wind flows through us. When the wind stops moving, our lives end.
Cor 7
  • Have you seen the Lipai garden at the front yard? I use Lipai Flowers to make dyes for clothes. CharacterName, if you're interested in dying clothes, I can teach you. You'll find that it's very fun.
  • I haven't seen the desert of Connous - where the Elves reside, or the snowfield of Physis, the land of the Giants. But somehow I wasn't too surprised when I saw Elven and Giant visitors for the first time. It might be because I've heard the legends in Courcle about the Elves, Giants, and the Great Spirit of Irinid, which grandfather Kousai used to tell me when I was young.
  • From generation to generation, we in Cor Village have never left Courcle throughout our entire lives. Despite the deadly threat of bloodthirsty Goblins, we can't leave this place because we're destined to fulfill our duty. We must protect and preserve Courcle in the honor of the Great Spirit of Irinid. Irinid promised to return someday before she left Iria. As the symbol of her promise, she left the mysterious ruins in Herba Jungle. It's been a long time, but we still believe in her and are waiting for her return.
Cor 7 -
Cor 17 -
Cor 7
  • Kusina taught Tupai how to speak like a Human. Kusina made Tupai a comforter that is as warm as Mommy Wolf. But Tupai likes talking in the Wolf language. *Howl* Arooo! Arooo!
  • Tupai has itchy feet like wolves. Tupai sleeps like a wolf. Tupai likes sticking out his tongue like a wolf. You know, the jungle is filled with animals, and Tupai knows many animal languages.
  • Tupai can smell delicious things like elephants do. Tupai want to become a hippo when he's grown up. Tupai need a hippo's pouched belly to eat a lot of delicious food.*Howl* Arooo! How many nights must Tupai sleep to become a grown-up?
  • Kousai said a fire-breathing dragon lives in a Blazing Land. Tupai told him Tupai wants to tame the fire-breathing dragon. What kind of bait does the dragon like? Tupai wants to tame and give the dragon to Kusina.
  • The Goblins hit Mommy Wolf, making her feel bad. Mommy Wolf slept for a long time. Tupai came to Cor Village for food, and Kusina gave him a lot of delicious food. Tupai brought some to Mommy Wolf, but she didn't wake up. Tupai came to this village whenever he was hungry. Kusina always treated Tupai to delicious food. Kousai said Mommy Wolf went on a long journey. Tupai wonders why she didn't take him along. How many nights must Tupai sleep before Mommy Wolf comes to pick him up? Tupai stays in this village until Mommy Wolf comes back. When Mommy Wolf comes back, we'll eat a lot of delicious food.
Cor 7
  • Even garbage can be recycled nowadays. Why not life?
  • Damn, I didn't know they would chase after me to Iria across the ocean. Not only that, they offered a ridiculous reward for catching me. Every possible bounty hunter is looking for me. I was almost killed in Rano, but thank God, I escaped. That's when I met Alexina at the base camp.
  • She wasn't my type at all, but was very nice to me. She also introduced me to Courcle. I snuck some food from her belongings before I left Qilla Base Camp. If she liked me enough, I know she would forgive me.
  • Unlike Alexina, I didn't go to an institute to learn how to appraise artifacts.I was once a grave digger, and I learned a lot from that. mostly, though, my talent in recognizing valuable things is instinct: I know what makes good money instinctively.
  • I've been through hell and high water, wandering everywhere in the world since I ran away from home at the age of 8. I won't be here that long. As soon as I save enough money to pay off my debt, I'm going to leave this nasty jungle.
  • If it weren't for my gambling debts, I wouldn't be here breaking my back and getting bitten by mosquitoes. Thinking about the old days, I miss Emain Macha and the lady I've met in Bean Rua... Ah. That was the best time of my life, even if I did accrue that little bit of gambling debt.
Cor 7
  • My name is Waboka. As a warrior of Courcle, I fight the Goblins in honor of the Great Spirit of Irinid. As long as I'm here in Cor, the Goblins won't dare intrude this village.
  • Jackals never lose their calm, even if they are ambushed by their enemies. They observe and build a strategy to achieve their goal in the end.
  • When the Goblins attacked Lappa, they took the life of my brother Kunka. I remember Kunka as Iria's greatest warrior. I am tormented with remorse for my brother who died because of me. He should be the one that survived, not me. I'm still just a coward with big words. ...I hate myself for being helpless and powerless.
  • These red earrings are the only keepsake that I received from Kunka. Wearing them makes me feel like his sould is always there to protect me.
  • Legend says that a great hero will appear and command a giant bird to flap its wings to summon a great storm. I wish I were that hero. I may look as if I'm not afraid of the Goblins,...but in fact...I'm scared of them to death...
  • We have a saying: put one leg on the raft and the other in the water; and you will fall into the water. Warriors must know what to do at critical moments. Bravery is essential to keep calm and to commit the best choice at such times.
Filia 5
  • Even when a lot of time passes, traces of your fear always remain. You might say that it is like the sediment of sand that settles inside a glass of water. It might be quiet and clear but in a moment's notice, with a single movement, the water could turn all cloudy and muddy.
  • I've witnessed many deaths occur right before me and I remember clearly each and every one of those moments. But no, I don't get sad over the thought. The existence of death makes life that much more valuable. I know that.
  • No, I have never seen snow in my whole life. I mean, I'm surrounded by deserts, so I guess it makes perfect sense. But I have seen snow indirectly through the images left in Hagel's memory. He's been to a whole lot of places around the world as an explorer or so... The tiny ice flakes that fall from the sky, and the soft, cottony powder that piles up on the ground moves me, it's quite a feeling.
  • Bows, to Elves, are a very familiar object. Even to someone like me, who has never had an interest in weapons, the bow is practically like a toy to me since I was a child.
Filia 5
  • I've had to get intense training since I was very young, in order to become the leader of the Elf race. It was a very difficult road in which I had to face my own demons of loneliness and isolation. But I've always known myself the road I was destined to, better than anyone else, so I could never really give up.
  • I often end up feeling completely oppressed by it. Whenever I realize the difference between the work that I am given and the limitations of my abilities, I feel completely discouraged.
  • There are some old legends like this. Long long ago, in a faraway town, there was a contagious disease where people would keep having complete memory losses. Eventually, the disease affected the entire village to the extent that no one could remember the names of even the most common items. There was one young man who did not end up losing his memory and he did everything to minimize the effects by labeling every item with its name. The labels looked like this: 'This is a tree.', 'This is a sheep. Please shear its wool,' 'This is a hen. It can lay eggs.' And he put up a large sign at the village entrance. And on the sign, he wrote, "God Exists." I have my own thoughts concerning this story. Indeed, our thoughts are so incomplete and everything that we've learned and everything that we know can, in fact, disappear in a single moment, as if bubbles in the air. All that we know about how to make potions and various cooking recipes not to mention our closest friends and colleagues, and even the memories with our lovers will all disappear one day. But even if we are to forget everything, perhaps it won't make such a difference afterall.
Filia 5
  • Do you know what the worst illusion is in the world? It's the expectation that time will make things better. But honestly, that makes no sense, you know that right? If time were to make everyone look as good-looking as me, then nothing would be more unfair.
  • I just didn't feel up to doing anything so I went to the Rupes Desert all by myself for a few days and stayed there. These dirty hyenas circled around be dripping saliva out of their mouths. Surrounded by hyenas, all I could think was, go ahead you idiots. If you want to eat me just go for it. I'm just so sick and tired of all this. I can't deal with this anymore.
  • If your given time is short you should be concentrating your efforts to make it that much more worthwhile, right? Living as an elf is really a boring and weary way to live a life.
  • I'm sure that's the case for everyone, but I do find myself a bit of depressed at times. But it doesn't usually last very long. I just tend to look at myself long and hard in the mirror. Ahhh, I have to say, I look so great. I'm pretty handsome-looking lad. I just keep telling myself that and I'll feel a whole lot better.
  • Don't tell me you're expecting me to answer each and every one of these questions...
  • I don't believe in memories. Whether a memory is shared or not... In any case, it's just an imagined memory so memory can be made to fit the present me in any way that I want, right?
Filia 5
  • The stronger the sun's ray, the darker the shadows of the desert. As such, light and darkness must always co-exist. And the truth about us elves is the same. On the other side of the brightly revealed image of us elves are the unmistakable secrets hidden under the shadows of our past.
  • You may think this sounds strange. I was actually in an accident when I was very young and lost all of my memory up to the age of 10. I don't exactly notice any difference in my life as a result of that, though. But I am, perhaps, like a novel that you'd started reading in the middle of the book. I sometimes feel like there's a kind of dark box lurking somewhere, at some point when I'm suspecting, hidden in previous page which makes me nervous.
  • I ended up managing the Erskin Bank here because I wanted a way to more effectively transport artifacts that I'd discovered during my explorations. I needed to be able to quickly transport and store the artifacts that I'd discovered in Filia and other remote areas, so despite all opposition, I decided to take the plunge and open the Connous branch of the Erskin Bank.
  • Sometimes, when I'm deeply immersed in discovering artifacts of the ancient elves, I feel like I'm putting together some sort of a jigsaw puzzle. It's like I'm putting together thousands of pieces of a puzzle which is scattered in pieces throughout Iria. Of course there is no way of knowing just what the image will be on the puzzle until all the pieces are put together. Plus, who knows how long it will take?
  • Hmm. No, I don't want to tell you about what's happened between Castanea and myself. Not right now. I don't feel that you're ready for that kind of information just yet.
Filia 5
  • I was very very ill when I was a kid. I couldn't run around the way other kids do and I had to stay home all the time, in bed. I just couldn't move my body the way I wanted to. I felt so frustrated... So that's how I ended up getting into sewing.
  • I'm just not the type to concentrate very well, that's all. I like making clothes, which keeps me here for now. But I don't know... I'm not sure what's going to happen in the future. I'll sometimes feel all interested in weapons like Meles, then be attracted to the idea of quietly raising herbs and such like Atrata... Doesn't seem too bad... But honestly, it's not like knowing exactly what you want to do necessarily means that that's what you'll actually end up doing.
  • For now, I feel most at peace when I tie the final knot after sewing. There's nothing like the feel of a piece of cloth that is just about ready to turn into a piece of garment. This area is in front of the town square so it's always full of elves passing by. But I tend to be a bit picky about people so... It's just really uncomfortable being out like this. So I'm thinking about maybe moving somewhere, when I get the chance.
  • Whenever the sun is out, I get into a really good mood. It often reminds me of the way a soft shirt feels after being dried out in the sun.
Filia 5
  • Some people think that it is strange for someone like me to be making weapons. A lot of humans have this kind of a bias towards me, from what I've noticed. I'm a bit young to be handling such weapons, they say, and they think that the fact that I'm a girl doesn't exactly seem right... Anyway, there's the issue of culture and environment, so there's nothing I can say about the differences in perspective that people may have.
  • You cannot see wind with our eyes. But in the blowing sand storm in the Longa Desert, or a tree that is blowing in the wind, you know that wind is there. I think making weapons is the same thing. Even if you cannot see me, per se, you will see you will see the traces of where my hands have touched in weapons that I have made, and in that, I am able to find myself.
  • The idea of loving something probably means that you are remembering something about that someone or something. It's probably not so much that you are feeling that particular feeling in the present moment but that it is an emotion that is connected to a particular past memory.
  • When you really think about it, everything has some meaning. You never quite face a sand storm in the middle of the Longa Desert and get by it without thinking much of it, you know. I think, my life's work from here on will be about finding evidence of that.
  • If you want to know more about weapons, you should also know about wounds and injuries. You probably already know, but the sharpness of a weapons' blade is that way for the sole purpose of causing physical damage.
  • I often get my inspirations from dreams, where I'll see a weapon. That's why I make it a habit of sleeping with a small notebook right next to me. You might call it a 'dream journal' perhaps. I write in it every night, never missing a day.
  • Just because you can get around anywhere you want freely doesn't necessarily mean that you have true freedom. A Tikka tree with roots that have been cut will quickly fade, just as there will come a day when all will mean nothing.
Filia (Arena) 5
  • Fearful ones, facing death, will die a million deaths, but the courageous one will die just once.
  • People may easily shake off the sand that is stuck on their body without much thought, but most everyone probably never thinks that the very sand that you've shaken off may end up blinding your eyes later on.
  • The only memories I have are of aimlessly roaming around the desert. The slight desert breeze and the burning hot sun that felt as if it was going to tear my skin off. ...Such memories. Fortuneately I was able yo get out of the desert, thanks to Castanea. And getting to Filia didn't take all that long. ...You know that deja-vu type of feeling, it's such a strange feeling.
  • The reason I keep wearing this old, worn robe is because this may turn out to be the singe chain that connects me to my past and lost memory.
  • My vision is weakening every single day. According to Atrata, it's because my eyes have been exposed to the hot sun in the desert for much too long. Some say that staying around Arena can be helpful for people like me, whose eyes have been severely damaged like mine.
  • The heart is a surprisingly vulnerable thing. It breaks so easily, just like a defect sword.
  • Sometimes, I feel more comfortable being called a Desert Ghost than Yoff. Honestly, even the name Yoff didn't come from me. To tell you the truth, I hardly even remember what my name was, and how I'd gotten here, there is little left with me by way of memories.
  • Memories are always in bunches, and are vague. Sometimes, I'll forget everything that happened just that morning. Fear? That's right. That's why I'm always afraid. If I can't even remember my own life then...what do I become?
  • The only thing that's left with me smoke. And all I can feel in my hands are white ashes.
  • I really don't want to see... my face that has turned to such a mostrosity. Not that I can remember what I had looked like before. As much as I am wrestling with the terror of my present state, I am oppressed by the unidentified, unknown past of mine every single day.
  • When I look at the hardened skin on my hand, I think I had probably dealt with a lot of weapons. Not that I know anything about combat skills t this point any more. At this point, I'd be busy running away if someone were to attack. Haha...
Vales 6
  • Sometimes, I don't even know who I am. Somewhere in my body, there are these whispers constantly talking to me. When I start concentrating on those voices, suddenly, I can't find myself. It's like I'm buried, deep under the Physis snow.
  • CharacterName, at your age, you should understand that life never goes the way you want it to. Hope? I guess that's a good thing to have. But it's not like the sweet plans and dreams that you have tucked under your bed always end up going the way they should.
  • I don't think there's such thing as coincidence. Even seemingly meaningless events end up determining one's fate. Look at you and me, spending this intimate time together. Perhaps it was destined to happen.
  • My adorable Krug, sometimes he makes me feel like I'm on top of the world. But he can't satisfy me with that alone. I am more greedy than I look.
  • The gods placed a hidden light that will not fade in this desolate Physis Snowfield. This light is named Kirine. I don't know how long I've been waiting to fulfill my destiny, but now, it's like the seed that was frozen all along in the snow can spread its roots and blossom.
  • I don't know when it was, but there was a time that Krug and I were deeply in love. Maybe our love burned too fast and now, there is nothing but ashes. It's like a Physis winter with short days and dreadfully long nights.
  • You only get one chance to make a first impression. Once the moment is over everything becomes plain, like drinking water instead of liquor. Perhaps that is why people are constantly searching for something new to stimulate them...
  • When a person's heart is broken and they feel like they've fallen into a deep abyss, they have to slowly climb back out of it. Even as they are bloody and torn from the rocks and tree branches, they still won't regret the time they once put everything on the line for love.
  • I don't think there's such thing as coincidence. Look at you and me, spending this intimate time together. Perhaps it was destined to happen.
  • I know that people talk behind my back and call me the Ice Queen. Of course, I can find out who each one of them is and feed them to Waschbar for an afternoon snack. However, as the Queen of the Physis Giants, I have an image to maintain. I'm holding back right now... Where do you think the saying 'Giants always remember' came from? Haha, I remember everything. I'm just waiting for the right time.
  • Ever since I was young I decided not to live like other girls. I watched my mother when I was growing up, and I vowed never be like her. I never thought I was the most beautiful, but I always believed that I was stronger and braver than anyone. That's why I am standing here today.
  • Many people curse me. Haha, I don't care, though. Krug and I are related through marriage, but it's not like I exist just for him. I live, because I respect myself.
  • I get depressed and miserable pretty easily. In order for me to feel better, I need to see someone who is ten times more miserable than I am. Everytime I see the pain and sadness drip down their cheeks and hit the white snow, my smile grows brighter.
Vales 6
  • I am not an eloquent speaker. Before I learned to talk, I learned how to howl like a wolf, and before I could walk, I learned how to use a sword. Before I knew the warmth of my mother's bosom, I knew the stench of blood. I believe it will be my fate to end as I began... on the battlefield.
  • There has never been a time where my clothes have been stained with blood. Every time I came back from battle, I would be so drenched in blood that wild dogs near Nubes Mountains would come in droves, smelling the blood. But, one thing I'm thankful for is that my lovely wife, Kirine, loves the smell of my blood. As long as I can keep her happy, I will go out and fight my enemies until this sword becomes dull and useless.
  • Oh, my beloved Kirine. Her name is as pure as the shining moon above the whitest field of snow. Kirine is like my other half. It's like our lungs and hearts are connected, breathing and beating the same beat. I am willing to bet my right arm concerning my wife's fidelity.
  • I inherited the kingdom at an early age because my father passed away early. I had to defend my throne on several occasions against those who tried to overthrow me. The current Prime Minister, Weide, was by my side through it all. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here right now. I was barely able to escape death while fighting a revolt, and I realized that in order for me to live, someone had to die.
  • Before I became the King of the Giants, I was a valiant Giant warrior. A warrior must always have courage in his heart, and when it comes time for expression, his demeanor should always be sober and calm. Even in the midst of battle, a warrior must remain calm, regardless of the situation or circumstance. Even if an earthquake shakes the ground, his heart should not tremble, though a hurricane may come, he must be grounded. Even if death comes knocking at the door, a warrior's heart must be strong and brave.
  • Insulting me is insulting the Seebarsch family name, and worse yet, it is insulting the entire Physis Giant nation. If you wish to challenge my authority and power, you may take out your sword anytime. I will put my right arm on the line and gladly accept your challenge.
  • All you need to write is your own name. Magic disrupts soul and is not something you need to learn. One thing I know I can trust in this world is the strength and spirit I possess. Both can easily shake the Nubes Mountains to the core.
Vales 6
  • I feel like my identity is a small piece of ice that melts in the sun. I don't know when I'll turn to water and evaporate, but I continue to temper myself, so that the ice will always be crystal clear and my edges sharp as ever.
  • I no longer follow the Seebarsch royal family. That doesn't mean that I have betrayed my people. It just means that I don't understand the war that is being waged right now. Perhaps my aging body is a good excuse. They haven't bothered me since I left the army.
  • I believe that how you handle a sword is far more important than the type of sword you use. Even something as insignificant as firewood can have more power over the greatest sword, depending on how you use it...
  • A little baby boy was abandoned to the cold. The starving, dirty, seriously ill baby was miraculously discovered by an old hunter. Normally the hunter would've left the baby to the wild dogs, but for some reason, that day, the hunter didn't feel right doing so. It wasn't because he was a good and a decent man. If anything, he was a violent old drunk, his infamous cruelty comparable to that of a demon. Perhaps, his old age softened his soul that day. Either way, the baby escaped death, but what lay ahead of the baby was perhaps even worse than death. Time passed, and the baby's health slowly recovered. Soon he became a young boy, whose age couldn't be determined. He looked at least 2 to 3 years older than his friends. The old hunter treated the boy like an animal. He made the boy run barefoot in the snow to chase animals like a hunting dog. And, on days the old hunter was drunk, he would beat the boy severely. No one in town paid attention to the boy. He had to learn how to survive and take care of himself. Miraculously, the boy was able to survive. Then, one day, he was no longer a boy, but a mighty Giant warrior.
  • My eyesight isn't the greatest, but I can still handle a sword. Even if I went completely blind right now, I would still be able to sense an opponent's general location from the trace that my sword, Vastian, leaves. Also, locating a specific target by borrowing the eyes of the human riding on my shoulder would be a piece of cake. Holding my sword takes all the will I can muster, but my combat skills are still as sharp as the blade of my Vastian.
  • I didn't leave the battlefield simply because my eyesight grew weak. It's a decision I made long before my eyesight began to deteriorate. Everything started to become strange from one point on. It wasn't simply because of the greed of the Seebarsch royal family. The war continued to be covered up and terrible lies continued... It was an endless cycle.
  • Losing your eyesight means you have to start another life somewhere, far from this world. Even though colors have grown blurry, sound has become clearer. At first, I felt like I would suffocate, because of the strange and unfamiliar air, but after some time, I got to see myself clearly, slowly adjusting and getting used to it.
  • I began learning combat, simply because I wanted my own sword. At first, I was too weak to even lift up a sword, but many small steps later, here I am, a proud warrior.
Vales 6
  • You could call it a stress related eating disorder. The reason I'm so fat and bloated is all because of King Krug. We crown him as King, and now he's continued this war with the Elves for decades. He has wasted so many of our resources on that fanciful pretend talk about some ancient Giant artifacts or something. At this rate everything will be taken by those crafty Elves. I'm telling you, there isn't much time left.
  • When it comes to alcohol, I'm quite particular. Most people don't even know how to make a gimlet. A gimlet is just lemon juice mixed with gin, and then you add some sugar. Of course, the real gimlet is made with gin and genuine Physis lime juice, nothing else. A lime sling doesn't even compare to a true gimlet.
  • Listen, friend. They say that there are only two things you cannot hide in this world. Do you know what those are? One is the fact that you're drunk. The other is when you are in love, haha! Don't tell me you haven't experienced either... Judging by your face right now I don't know if I believe you, CharacterName!
  • As you can see, I'm not in great shape right now but at one time, I was a pretty skinny guy. I didn't have any real problems with that, until kids started to make fun of me and called me Elf man. So, I started eating like crazy just to avoid hearing that awful name. After eating nonstop all day and night, my body eventually reached this state.
  • Just because it's fermented for a long time doesn't make it good liquor. It's not how long you ferment it, but how it has endured the time.
  • A fair amount of women used to chase me back in the days. I even had a few serious relationships. But, I don't think I've ever been in 'love'. I had to think long and hard to figure out why that was. But the answer I found was right around the corner. The problem was my heart. Someone was already occupying it from the beginning. Like a little bird, this woman flew into my heart, built a nest here, and wouldn't leave. No matter how much time passed, no matter how many distractions there were. So, every time I started a new relationship, there was no way it could work. Well, as I'm sure you can already predict, she is married to someone else today, living a great life of power and wealth. I've been thinking about something as I get older, that no love in this world was ever good enough to save me from my pathetic destiny. Or maybe I just want to believe that now...
Vales 6
  • Ethics are not a virtue, but a duty, and for those who have the power to decide a groups fate, ethics are essential. When ethics are lost, so is the ability to lead. Leadership without ethics is like a snowball in the fireplace. It disappears to the point where it's unrecognizable.
  • The Giant race is truly the greatest race in all of Iria and Erinn. We Physis Giants, who are equipped with great strength and intelligence have always taken pride in our noble tradition. I wholeheartedly believe that continuing the pure lineage of the Physis Giants is the prime duty of this great race.
  • The rumor that I planned to dethrone Queen Kirine is simply not true. If someone ever mentions this to me again I will consider it an insult. I strongly believe that if there are weeds growing in your garden they'll have to be destroyed.
  • The reason I volunteered to be Zeder's guardian wasn't for any specific reason. Ha! These days, it would be more fitting to label me as his torturer, rather than his guardian... For the future of Physis Giants, and for the welfare of King Krug, we need to make sure purebred Giants like Zeder fon't go astray. This applies to you, too. Don't waste your youth. Squandered youth is probably the worst crime in this world.
  • It was not too long after the late King passed away, that a small revolt was staged by several feudal lords. They did not acknowledge the young Krug as the true King. We were still fighting with the Connous Elves, so it was a very difficult time, with enemies from inside and out. Of course, now I've become so weak that I can hardly wield a sword. But back then I was a Giant warrior who went to the frontlines and fought.
  • Ever since the failed Elf mission under King Gepard, we have been on a path of slowly losing our power. In order to protect ourselves and maintain our land we had to resort to our last option. That is why we decided to ally with the Humans. We were torn between our pride and reality, and King Krug chose reality over our dignity.
  • Several decades have passed since King Gepard requested that I guard and protect King Krug. I remember when Krug was just starting to learn how to use a sword... It's been really a long time now. He hasn't changed much... Even from a young age he had a fire inside of him. One time, he went to Connous all by himself, saying that he was going to avenge his father. Ha... It's funny looking back on it now, but then, it was a very turbulent time, with all of Physis on high alert.
Vales 6
  • Tada! My name is Zeder. The greatest Giant in all of Physis and Iria, with the quickest feet and power no one can match! There will never be a Physis Giant as strong as me! One day I will cut the chains of old man Weide's curse and become a great and might Giant warrior! Hehe! Sounds great just hearing it out loud...
  • Most of people know that Zeder isn't my real name. It's a name I made up, because it sounds more like a warrior's name. Doesn't it sound strong and fierce? Legendary warrior Zeder! Invincible warrior Zeder! Fearless warrior Zeder! Not bad, huh? Hehe... but for now, I'm stuck here at the General Shop... But, every warrior must suffer. I'll just have to endure it. Good things come to those who wait.
  • I'm going to tell you a secret... I might be one of the last offspring of the legenday King Shiarpe, who had his crown stripped furing a power struggle with the Seebarsch family. In other words, fate has decreed that King Krug and I are enemies... I bet you that's why old man Weide despises me and works me like a slave. But what can I do? Like every other hero, I'll just have to fight through it and fulfill my destiny. Ah, I feel so lonely today. I feel the cold wind blowing by me...It's a weird sensation, I'll tell you.
  • Sniff, sniffle... sniff... Look at my life! At such a young age, working two terrible jobs. From morning to night, trapped in those places, laboring away... sniff, sniffle... I swear, it's child abuse and slavery combined! And it's not like I can sue someone, like the Humans do. If it wasn't for that wicked Weide I wouldn't be so miserable...Wahhh! I'd rather die than be treated like this! I should go join the Elves instead!
  • What? How dare you ask the age of a Giant warrior! I may have a baby's face, but I'm old enough! My goal is to hunt a bear at age 10 and shock the world with my cunning. I just have to wait a few more years!
  • Most warriors try to hide their identity, working as a General Shop clerk, or a regular worker. It's kind of like my job here... Maybe the reason I run the Clothing Shop is because I'm a doubly important warrior. I need two jobs to hide my greatness! Shh! This is top secret information, so don't tell anyone! Got it?
  • Isn't there some kind of pill that makes you age faster? According to Wanst, there's nothing good about being old, but I still want to hurry up and be an adult. I know I won't know all the secrets of the world just because I'm an adult, but it has to be better than right now, right?
Calida Exploration Camp 8
  • The last time I saw Voight, let's see... It was probably back at Qilla Base Camp. Voight and I go way back. Which is why we even have a lot of similarities. I first met Voight when he was living on the streets, going nowhere with his life. At the time, I was interested in grave thievery business, going from place to place looking around... It was me who taught Voight skills like how to restore relics. I don't know if it was because of all the years he spent on the streets, but I have to say, his handy skills were quite impressive. Plus, he sure didn't lack confidence. I guess being extremely confident is necessary sometimes when you're doing something that could be very dangerous.
  • There was a time when we were both interested in the same girl. In some ways, that's part of the reason why we went our separate ways. I actually never got to express my feelings even till the end, but Voight, even though he knew full well, took her from me. That night, I just stormed out of Qilla Base Camp. I walked until I could hardly see the blurred light from the camp. Just like my past, I wanted to walk away until it became blurry and eventually disappeared...
  • I don't know when it started exactly, but my insomnia has gotten worse as of late. Last night, it was so bad that I even tried drinking hot liquor, as someone once suggested. It didn't really do much, though. I was wide awake the whole night.
  • If the devil paid in currency, I would've sold my soul a long time ago. That's the only thing in this world that doesn't cause me pain or betrays me... money. That's the only reason I'm able to survive in this hell hole... It's because I'm able to make money.
Calida Exploration Camp 8
  • Hmm...I'm assuming that you know enough about me. I am part of the Royal Geological Society and have been dispatched here for study of the volcanic regions. Sometimes, I go as far as Pera to check on the status of the active volcanoes, but I spend most of my time inside the exploration camp.
  • Hmm...When it comes to men, I don't completely despise them. If anything, I need most of them. They are like flint. You use them until they're no good, and once they're done, you just throw them away.
  • I know that many people find it quite interesting when they discover that I'm a Healer.
  • I currently enjoy my life here. I think I'm getting close to achieving what I want if I just stay patient for a little longer.
Calida Exploration Camp 8
  • I've lost almost all of my memory. But I still remember that my name is Kelpie. That alone gives me some hope. Although it's only a small hint, one day it'll lead me to the truth. I believe that day will come.
  • I didn't have anything with me that could remind me of who I was. But, I realized I had been carrying a letter with me the whole time. From the letter, I deduced that my name is Kelpie. Of course, there is a chance that this letter could have nothing to do with me and it could belong to someone else. Then, my name might not be Kelpie. Yet, something tells me to believe.
  • The reasons I continue to remain here with my memory as it is is due my belief that the answer to my questions lie here somewhere in Zardine. There's no doubt that I've lost my memory because of some unknown reason and ended up all the way here. I want to discover this unknown reason, the secret to my fate.
  • I withstood the constant attack of the Wyverns and continued to survive. It wasn't because I have some kind of exceptional survival instinct. I just happened to be lucky.
Calida Lake 8
  • The time belonged to the dragons. You can say that 'dragon' was almost like another word for 'time'. Of course, this was way before I existed. Not that my ancestors thought they could control time, but they never did anything for anyone else but themselves. It wasn't about taking ownership. It was because they were rather drawn to the idea of conquering everything. They chose themselves over the entire world and they were able to do this because only they could surpass the speed of time and still exist. Dragons could exist even if the rest of the world were destroyed. This is why Humans had no choice but to fight for time and take over the world. The heroes including Lann, Fiona, and three others will never be forgotten... Coincidentally, the five heroes didn't challenge the dragons with the intention of saving the world. All they really wanted at first was to live their lives to the fullest and welcome all challenges. It was fate that led them to fight the dragons. CharacterName, what does fate have in store for you? The choices you make will determine your fate. But remember, your choices will not only determine your fate and mine, but the future of Iria also depends on you.
  • The woman has been completed. Her bones, cooled like white icicles, suddenly displayed a new smile full of life.
  • As layers of dead skin builds up on dead children on top of the dry stones, the barren land, wearing a mask of bones with its eyes closed, had nothing to be sorrowful about.
Admiral Owen
Admiral Owen.png
Belvast 15
  • I was once a small, insignificant child who loved the sea. Now, I guide the fate of this whole Commonwealth. Surely that is a sign that anyone can reach their dreams.
Belvast 16
  • Well, you see... That's none of your business.
Belvast 15
  • Welcome to my pub, the finest establishment on Belvast Island. Sit down, relax, unwind from your voyage. If you're hungry, try my daughter's Seafood Dish.
Belvast 15
  • Thank you so much for visiting me. I know your journey must have worn you out. My talents are meager, but I can look after your health, CharacterName. Please let me know if you need anything. Also, feel free to look through my selection of potions.
Belvast 15
  • Welcome. I really don't enjoy chatting much. Please tell me what I can do for you.
Belvast 15
  • I don't know why I have to explain things like this to you. If you're trying to mess with me, it won't work. I'm rich, remember? Filthy, stinking rich!
Belvast 15
  • The city seems to get busier as the days go by. I think this is a good sign.
Belvast 15
  • It's nice to meet you. Have you come from the mainland? let me welcome you to Belvast Island. I'm a cook, but I also sell and repair things. Let me know if you need anything!
    By the way, this is my pal Hiko! I'm teaching him how to cook. Teehee.
Beach of Scathach 16
  • Quiet.
  • (at high Stress) Enough. We're not friends, and that's the way I like it.
  • (at high Intimacy) I worked the mines of Bangor when I was younger. I thought I could leave it all father, my brother, my family...
    One day, I dug up a strange mineral. I started writing a book on it, but I never did finish it.
    The book? I threw it away when I left Bangor.
  • (at high Intimacy) Believe it or not, my dear brother the admiral was once a cool-headed, intelligent leader. If it weren't for that damn witch... We were never that close, but it bothers me.
    Why am I telling this to a Milletian, of all things? Just forget we had this little chat.
Beach of Scathach 16
  • Don't get too many visitors this far away from civilization! Welcome to Scathach Beach. In this wonderful place, you can lose your life in the blink of an eye. Isn't it thrilling?
    Better make sure you're ready, or the local monsters will grind your bones to dust. If you ever need some First Aid Kits or an awesome healer, I'll be here!
Urman (unofficial).png
Beach of Scathach 16 -
Beach of Scathach (Witch's Cave) 16 (unknown)
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avon 14
  • I've practiced many a trade to hone my skill as an actor. I've been a bard, an alchemist, a merchant, and even a mage. Upon reflection, I find those sundry lives contributed to my thespian talents.
  • Once, when Erinn was consumed by a plague and the people fled like sheep to escape the dreaded disease, I took refuge in Ulaid.
    They say that light shines brightest in darkest night, and it was in such time, blackened with death, that I found the words for my verse of love.
  • Writing is, in many ways, like tailoring. We craft the puppets that appear in a play, thread the strings that connect their fates, and eventually put our knives to the strings that end their story.
  • Even if the entire world fall to sin and vice, all sins come to light in time. An actor must act truthfully unto the last breath.
  • On this stage called we call Erinn, many tragedies continue to unfold, beyond the imaginings of bards and poets.
  • Every rose has its thorn, and even the clearest spring has mud at its bottom.
    Dark clouds can blot brilliant Palala and Eweca, and even the most beautiful flower will attract the most hideous of insects.
    Darkness and destruction, anxiety and fear. These will always be with us. It is only when the actor recognizes the world itself is imperfect that he is truly an actor.
  • During the Mag Tuireadh wars, I fought alongside the companions of my youth. It was no small task to risk my life so, but I fought on to protect my friends from the Fomors.
    I fell, greviously wounded, and had to quit the battlefield. I read many books as I recovered, and I surmise this course grew me into the writer I am.
  • If the world is truly all a stage, then we be actors in a play with four scenes.
    The first scene begins as a babe in the arms of our mother. The second scene sees us as children, books in hand as we drink of knowledge.
    The next scene is love, a passionate, fiery love that all too often ends in small tragedy.
    And in the last scene, all memory disappears, sight begins to fade, and the story ends as all must.
Avon 13
  • Every rose has its thorn, and even the clearest spring has mud at its bottom.
    Brilliant Palala and Eweca can be covered by dark clouds, and even the most beautiful flower will attract the most hideous of insects.
    Darkness and destruction, anxiety and fear. These will always be with us. It is only when an actor recognizes that the world is imperfect that he is truly an actor.
  • I believe an actor's role is to be a mirror, reflecting reality as well as the hearts of others.
  • Writing is, in many ways, like tailoring. We create the characters that will appear in a play, thread the strings that connect their fates, and eventually put our knives to the strings that will end their story.
  • If the stage is truly a stage, then we are actors in a play with seven scenes.
    The first scene begins as ababe in the arms of our mother. The second scene sees us as children, books in hand as we eagerly go to learn.
    The next scene shows love, a passionate fiery love that most often ends in a sad song.
    And in the last scene, all memory disappears, sight begins to fade, and the story ends.
  • Once, when Erinn was consumed in plague and the people fled in all directions to escape the dreaded disease, I took refuge in Ulaid.
    They say that light shines brightest in darkest night, and it was in that time filled with death that I was able to write my poem about love.
  • Even if the entire world is full of sin and vice, all sins will be exposed eventually. An actor must act truthfully until his last dying breath.
  • During the Mag Tuireadh wars, I fought alongside the friends of my youth. It was difficult to risk my life, but I fought on to protect my friends and the Fomors.
    I was injured, and had to quit the battlefield. I read many books as I recovered, and I think this let me mature as a writer.
Beauty Shop 16
  • I can never decide what the best hair color is.
    You should look at all the options before you leave.
    A change of hair could be just what you need.
Female Blunt
Female blunt pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Female Bow
Female bow pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Female Cylinder
Ego Female Cylinder.png
Spirit Weapon 15 (unknown)
Female Sword
Female sword pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2
  • Spirit stone contains a spirit like me in the purest form. ...However, some of them are called spirit fossil because they've been inside of that stone for so long. That is another reason to learn the Refining Skill... Well, I'm just letting you know.
  • You seem to look down on me because I have a baby face. Although I look younger, I'm ages older than you. so show me some respect!!
Female Wand
Female wand pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Male Blunt
Male blunt pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2
  • I am a being that was originally an element of nature . However, as long as I am attached to a weapon, the owner of the weapon is my master.
    Therefore, you are my master. This will never change.
  • As you can tell, I am a Spirit. My name is... SpiritName. Just as you have named me.
    I gain knowledge through items you give me, and in turn grow the weapon I am residing in. Therefore, if you want me to be useful to you, give me many different kinds of items.
  • ...Master, are you interested in me?
    That's a good thing. I want to know a lot about you as well master.
Male Bow
Male bow pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Male Cylinder
Ego Male Cylinder.png
Spirit Weapon 15 (unknown)
Male Sword
Male sword pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Male Wand
Male wand pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Butler (Stoic) Partner 16
  • I enjoy our time together.
Butler (Friendly) Partner 16 (unknown)
Butler (Aggressive) Partner 16 (unknown)
Maid (Conceited) Partner 16 (unknown)
Maid (Warm) Partner 16 (unknown)
Maid (Clumsy) Partner 16 (unknown)
Commerce Partner Partner 16 (unknown)
Laighlinne (Partner) Partner 20 (unknown)
Another World (Tir Chonaill) 1
  • About me? You want to know all sort of things, don't you? I'm just a loser who was left alone to guard this town.
Another World (Gairech) 3 (unknown)